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Read The Fine Print

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In putting together where I want to go from here…
a writer, a creator, being of love – without fear,

I do like to read.
Dr. Seuss was an author whose info laced me.

I was born to read in-between the lines.
Every publication in print is an insightful find.

You can always learn something, well most of the time.
Even if the learn is the measure of the author’s mind.

I am early in my homebuilding journey and I am mindful to read —
every standard on the topic and what its theory has born-out to be.

Recently, I was out and about in a shopping court
where a vendor at display was a salesman sport.

She approached me with a smile and begin to lark sing
about a technologically advanced flat iron with a lifetime warranty.

Oh my, oh me! I began to pre-visualize a new flat iron in my space.
One, that when it breaks, the warranty guarantees a “free replace.”

Hey! I smiled back at the salesclerk and purchased said product.
For less than $100 bucks I am guaranteed good grooming luck.

Once I was home, I opened the well-secured box,
to find a well-engineered flat iron that looks like it rocks!

Also, in the box was a tri-fold brochure,
that reinforced its lifetime warranty cure.

All my mind was resting on is, “Could it be true,
that this is the last flat iron I’ll ever buy?” Ooo.

As I read the brochure, I quickly realized its fodder,
the lifetime warranty can be accessed for a $25 Money Order.

In order to replace your flat iron in the event that it should break,
mail customer service $25 with the broken flat iron — you’ve now thrice paid.

#1. You bought the flat iron new.
#2. You must mail it back & pay shipping dues.
#3. In addition enclose a $25 money order to them from you.
And in the end, my dear friend, you’ve become “a subscribing, Boo.”

I was excited about the flat iron, but the future would have been hell,
had I not read the brochure that led me to the websites warranty detail.

At which time, I boxed the flat iron back up and took it back to the store,
with a note that said, paying you to replace your product is no “warranty score.”

We are all consumers, and we know what we like,
I pay up easily for a more convenient life.

Read the fine print. It almost will always get ya,’
and read those warranties in detail, they don’t always fit ya.’

My hair is naturally curly, and I most prefer it like this,
but if there’s a flat iron with a human lifespan – I just might buy it.

I’m an avid doer of changing up my mane,
and honest customer service would be a welcome change.

I am sure that the lady at the kiosk meant well,
but that lifetime warranty had its own story to tell

and I didn’t see myself in it.
Story has structure; comprehend it and win it.

So, I’m building a new home and a lot goes into it.
If technology is conveying convenience – I’m almost certain I want to use it.

F.Y.I. This will be my first tech-home and it’s a doozy of a custom build.
I’m up late every night composing script writes and thanking God for what is real.

I’m reading the fine print of the rules and the schematics.
I’m focused on the details to quell future panics.

I read and re-read, so that I understand it.
The fine print is my jam; spare me nothing, I demand it.

In everything that we do we ought to delight in knowing the details,
I’m Qui
Kicking wise conversation with thee; any other convey would result in a fail.

Happy Monday to you – may you be delighted in every second that is spent.
Life is a ball, take flight and don’t fall; all that’s required is to:

Read The Fine Print.

Word of The Day

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Good morning “ami!” How in the world have you been?
Our 1st new word is “ami” and it is French meaning friend.

Dear Ami, I have missed you. Did you acquire much work and play
since we last spoke, 2-days ago on the hump of a mid-week day?

I’ve indulged in much reading, comprehending and analyzing views…
What I have not been doing – in the least, is watching local or satellite news.

I’ve nothing against Chuck Todd or Velshi & Rule
though to inhale that on a daily will make you the fool.

auto-cash-counter-gif.gifI’m not a good fool, so I’ve been reading and investing in self.
I’m a writer. Reading is fundamental and contributes to my colleague’s wealth.

Enough about me, let’s get back to the Word of The Day,
Are you being “perspicuous” when you speak your say?

Perspicuous means (of language) transparent and clear; easy to understand.
This is the charge of every orator, writer and book binder in the land.

Clear and concise is best. It is true.
Therefore “perspicuous” is word #2.

I’m parable-simple, still perspicuous in my writes of convey.
Don’t let the griot hold you up, yo’ – like a good sonnet, digest the say.

the-cat-and-the-hat-michael-meyers.gifI think you can. Dr. Seuss and the longevity of rap have paved the way
for the comprehension of griot; story telling via rhyme did pervade.

Before there were any Dr. Seuss books or one track of Hip Hop/Rap
griot masters were passing down news in rhyme – no shine, just the facts.

Surely you knew that before reading it here today,
Therefore your 3rd new word must be “pervade.”

Pervade means (especially of a smell) spread throughout and perceived in every part of.
The griot format indeed permeated; tho credit-wise it was underrated. Today let it be dug.

Last but not least, I’ve found another interesting word that I’d like to share with you,
I don’t know if you have room in your vocabulary for it, but the word is “moue” (moo).

moue-face-poutingMoue is not new and is seen most on a fixed-minded face;
Moue is the word for that pouting expression used to convey annoyance or distaste.

Word of Advice: Don’t moue.
It doesn’t look cute on you.

My “Word of The Day” title – seems to convey that there would be just 1,
I’m Qui
and I chose 1 + 3 because 4 new words will yield more vocabulary fun.

What on earth will you talk about tonight?
A new word or two will sew you up tight.


POWER Moves & A Couple of Fools

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donshea-hopkins-power-rainaYes, I saw it all and yes it was purposefully sour.
Before I spill the beans please tell me that you saw POWER?

Bean spilling is about to commence
Tariq isn’t slick and Raina reaped consequence.

Kinfolk, I was sick. I truly thought I would throw up.
I was enjoying watching Donshea Hopkins grow up.

And now this:
The death of a child is hard to dismiss.

FOOL 1: Ray-Ray really messed up when he pulled that trigger.
Raina was just another nobody, the crooked cop figured.

Did you see the eyes of her brother as he stood over her last gurgles of breath?
Tariq looked up at Ray to see him running away then to Raina as she embraced death.

florida-evans-damn.gifCrooked POWER got her.
In specific it was horrific and Ray-Ray shot her.

Florida Evans said it best: “Damn, damn, damn!
Where’s that Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham?

If only Tasha could read her little girl another bedtime story tonight.
The femme sibling role lost its soul; the writers will no longer write.

Raina St. Patrick has met her scripted demise.
But did you see her brothers eyes?

I did. They were charged with new and calculating views.
It just didn’t appear that his soul felt dear about bidding Raina ado.

In other devilish deeds
spawned from Sundays POWER‘ful seeds:

power-dre-smokingFOOL 2: Dre is definitely smoking but it ain’t weed.
I’m weighing this by the size of his recent misdeeds.

He orchestrated Julios death
And has the Toros Locos walking to the left.

They are under suspicion and now being watched…
Warehouse distributions for Tommy are up in smoke – shot.

Tommy is the one eyeballing the Loco’s and feeling a big testy,
He has duly reached out for help from his dad,Tony Teresi.

The show yielded to credits after Tommy fist bumped snow.
He was still on his vent at the episodes end – but of Raina’s – he does not know.

Eh yo! It was emotionally pulling to say the least,
I’m Qui
On these POWER Moves & a couple of Fools. The entire production is beast!

As for the host, the black and gold STARZ:
Take care of this series – its relativity goes hard!!!