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Not Weighing In

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The predictable pendulum swing of digital traffic is no true measure of business, foe, nor friend —
though I have found that I pull the most traffic when I griot my opinion in. 

Weighing in on “in house” stuff,
is what solid World traffic is made up of. 

When I was I a freshman in high school I rode the school bus —
and chatting it up was an innate must.

Can you imagine?
Me talking all the time before digital blog fashions? 

Ooo, child. It is true.
I was known on the bus as “Chatty Q.”

Every morning on the bus many were informed
about what happened last night, word on the street and/or the peoples plight delivered in a ‘girl next door charm.’

It was all-natural and I held nothing back.
I was “Dependable 411,” I was Barbara Walters-Black. 


Like clockwork, I started each day off with my mouth on move,
until a girlfriend of mine reported reverberated grooves.

She approached me in sisterly love
and said, “Girl you are making folk rich, per word on my bus.”

I found her conversation of high interest,
how was I making folks money on a bus coming from the West?

I rode a bus from the East —
so she broke it down for me. 

People sell their seat on your bus
because of all of the gambling fuss.” 

Gambling fuss? What does that have to do with me?
She replied, “They bet on when you are going to talk, how long and how deep.

Every morning that you broadcast and weigh in,
some kid on your bus is richer by the journeys end.” 

Interesting information, indeed,
still I wanted more data in order to believe, so I tested out her theory with a brief talk retreat.

On the next day I boarded the bus, I sat down where I normally do —
and the bus was quiet; its engine hummed like new. 

I’d never heard our school bus’ engine —
because once I board my Barbara Walter’s persona would begin. 

But not on this day,
I boarded and for 20-minutes I had nothing to say.

Once the bus pulled up to the school,
I hear a vocal outburst in the rear from a dude.

He said, “Bitch!” and there was an uproar of collective laugh.
Later on I was told that the jock passengers were mad

because a big bet had been placed
and the entire operation fell on its face

when I didn’t speak.
Not Weighing In rendered the betting world “weak.”

As a young scientist I did learn that day,
that people live and breathe, bet and progress on what others “say.”

That’s crazy-cray-cray, but it is exactly true.
That’s why 24-hour news stations are crafted just for you. 

Someone (likely a corporation of folk) yearn to weigh in –
on the ease and quality of your life’s spend. 

Me? I choose not to spend my say
on anyone, anywhere, on every day.

I chart to be more specific.
So, if you can comprehend my convey, please hear it.

Griot is easy enough; it facilitates community information through.
It sounds pretty and cleverly witty, but it bears truth like Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Theodor Suess Giesel did have much to say,
he conveyed via children’s books; elevating their “play.”

I was a child who read his binds.
Dr. Suess expressed life clues and shaped my mind.

Books are a clever way to chat among a group of supportive friends.
411 should not solely exist for a counter twist, thus many are Not Weighing in.

The authentic blogosphere is shrinking and quiet.
Folks lapse on URL upkeep then corporations buy it.

The authentic blogosphere is shrinking, and most have gone away.
Not Weighing In happens to be this era’s claim of day.

I think 24-hour news is struggling, too,
I’m Qui
Griot’ing with thee about Not Weighing In on World News.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

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