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Black History is Our Legacy

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on February 13, 2019 at 9:22 am


February is one of my favorite months
because it represents love so very much.

While it’s a giving month it’s not too long.
What it lacks on long it makes up for in strong.

Like black coffee, this month and I are strong.
I like to make my points quick and not take too long.

I suppose so.

I like life strong.
In such a short month my mentions go long:

Don’t sleep on MASTER P and his NO LIMIT legacy.
Since 1989 he’s been on shine for the world to see.
His dimensions have depth,
Peep his journey; peep his steps:



Percy is always a favorite subject of mine.
I like my men like my coffee; fresh in grind.

I am mindful that there would be no Master P if first he were not birthed a baby,
so I have to yield Black History Props to the all-encompassing Black lady.

Good morning, good morning:


Good morning to you.
Qui is indeed Black History, too.

Big props to your mom, your auntie, that Black woman at your job.
It’s okay if you LOVE ON US all-at-once; we can handle the mob.

I am a BLACK WOMAN and I love every stitch of my fabric.
I love Adam’s seed who confesses that he’s a femme addict.

Come with it – WE give it.


Education is a great foundation on which to stand,
please tell me that you still kick it with Dr. Umar, man?

An educated community has always been his goal and plan:

As far as my personal diet goes – I’m trying again. 😛

There’s an interest to pay homage to Black folks who are willing to evolve.
A fixed mind suits little, let an open mind be our collective find and resolve.

The task is not small and I see honing in progress.
To what the world is trying to hurl… I retreat and digress.

To remove thyself from the rigmarole – is always best.
Remain positively focused and you’ll pass this test.



Black History is good to me; truth it’s always yielding me,
I’m Qui
about Black History and Our Legacy.
THANKS for vibing with me.

Key BLACK HISTORY Subjects: Dr. Umar & Us

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement, TV Shows on February 10, 2016 at 9:01 am

I’d not ever heard of Dr. Umar until I took a closer look
at an un-LIKED video post from a kinfolks page on Facebook.

The post wasn’t even new when I LIKED it, in fact it was 8-hours old.
It wasn’t nonsense trash or something to make folks laugh but #LegacyGold.

The game,” we say, “is to be sold and not told.”
Thank God for Dr. Umar because the lack-of-sale is getting old.

Sometimes the people need to be told HOW IT ALL STARTED and HOW TO CATCH UP.
To replenish stocks of deficiency including COMMUNITY UNITY and SELF LOVE.

Good Twin – Bad Twin TV supplied the view.
I was taken and impressed – I had to share it with you.


Knowledge is good for the soul
Chicken soup is great – if you have a cold.

Now that’s good game that could have been sold.
But if folk ain’t comprehending – it all gets old.

Don’t get old. Be DIRECT and use no weak CABLES.
Don’t be a smaller version of you when living large is on the table. 😀

Get your savings on and do it for your future.
Poverty plagues our community, but #Knowledge is the suture.

Dr. Umar is on display and he’s talking to Us.
I’m Qui
On Black History Subjects – the LIFT therein deserves a )))HUG(((