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Like Pompeii

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on November 17, 2011 at 11:16 pm

20111117-220253.jpgThe rise & the fall of ol’ Herman Cain
gives way to Newt & his poll numbers gain.

In second place – Mitt Romney religiously reigns;
Followed by the limp sexual harassments of Herman Cain.

All publicity isn’t good publicity & his once strong lead has gone astray.
Leaving me to think: he never wanted to be President anyway.

Not the way he’s behaved. Alas Newt is up to bat!
The new flavor in an old chamber of republican flats.

Splat! There’s plenty of egg to go around,
so Newt is on the rise like Pompeii –> to get down.

More scrutiny & closer looks – folks digging like there’s gold.
But Newt’s not concerned with that – he’s buying into “the polls “.

Drinking the cool aid?
Rule #1. You’re forbade.

Never get so caught up that you fail to see:
You’re the flavour of the month in the RNC.

The rise and the fall of so many –so quick,
And still no opportunity to “poll rise” for Mitt?
Ain’t that a glitch!

Pompeii was built therefore it could fall.
Ol’ Mitt’s party support hasn’t been built at all.

Michele Bachmann knows about the rise and fall of Pompeii.
She used to be the Republicans sweetheart and sunny ray.
Ahhhh back in the (not so distant) day.

Anyway for everything that goes up, it must come down.
At its due is: gas prices by the barrels and the pounds.

Or so I hope.
These gas prices ain’t no joke.

If they rise then they can fall & since Pompeii – ain’t too much changed,
I’m Qui
Watching history repeat itself – its latest victim: Mr. Herman Cain. lol!