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Please don’t forget

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law-loopholesJust when it seemed like no one was aware or looking
Dylann Roof and his legal team has gone law loop-hole crooking.

Dylann, if you don’t remember,  killed 9 in a NC church.
He was apprehended and turned in ALIVE for all that it’s worth.

He faces 33 federal charges in the incident of killing those 9 church members.
The families of Clementa C. Pinckney and Daniel Simmon will always remember.

Now he’s seeking to have his 33 indictment charges dismissed.
Yesss brother man and lady miss, I literally “just read this.”

dylann-roof-charged-with-nine-counts-of-murder-03So I took a moment to sit back and think,
then I composed this piece, here’s the  BREAKING NEWS link.

That’s not good as this is new and active news.
I’m concerned with what I’ve learned and had to share it with you.

I will not share it on Facebook as a post on my timeline.
Facebook has enough company sharing the thoughts of their minds.

I have shared a few posts in the last few days – I’ve been among the chatter.
I am concerned about this countrys violent turn. I do believe that #BlackLivesMatter.

As much as I believe that Black Lives are beautiful, I am appealing to your soul
that if we want change in America, turn out to the polls to show #BlackLivesVote.

What happened in Dallas during the protest Thursday night
has the potential to change the gun narrative… well, it might.

Instead of the blame lets all feel the shame of cop involved shootings
and turn to those who have lost dear souls, and tackle this issues at the rooting.

Why was Micah Xavier Johnson vexed so, why did he set out to kill?
Pushed to the brink via racism’s stink – he leaned unto his own will.

He was only 25 and he put his life on the line for the deaths of many.
Apparently his view was LIFE or DEATH and never mind living in tyranny.

Such view puts the fear in me. I’m doleful that he resorted to such a low,
it is apparent he felt he’d die young involuntarily, so he chose his own way to go.

Whoa. Just 25.
He’d rather end it all than be alive.

God bless all of the families who have lost loved ones.
Tamir Rice’s mom knows that feeling isn’t fun.

Eric Garners wife knows the pains full sum.
Perhaps now we can talk about reforming the control of guns.

The pain is too real and no one should feel it.
I pray we start relating to each other and work hard through time to heal it.

Guns don’t care who you are and no one should be carelessly pointing and shooting.
If black communities can learn to deal – I pray our white fam won’t linger in brooding.

Dylann Roof is not being hated on by our race, but we do hate what he did.
He showed his ass and now wants a pass – alas! such request will not be hid.

My mention in writing is comparable to “lifting the lid,”
I’m Qui
I forgive easy but he must indeed pay for what he did.

Please Don’t Forget

Those killed by Dylann Roof in Charleston, NC on June 17, 2015

News Peruse: Baton Rouge & Minnesota’s views

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alton-sterling-philando-castle-dead-july2016The fatalities of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle
reassures us of the certainty that a black man is to be hassled.

I don’t have to mention that the killing of black citizens is grossly disproportioned…
Nothing is being done law- wise and the negligence is tallying up a renewable sum.

No one is charged with sounding the alarm to decry these crimes of race….
therefore both Alton and Philando have died in a long line of police disgrace.

These two men died just days apart.
In less than three days we loss two hearts.

Alton was 37 and Philando was only 32+2
Neither killed 9 in a church, so why was death their truth?

Both are deceased and now charged with ‘handgun concealing.’
Philando was licensed – so how’s his family feeling?

Alton’s firearm was found inside of his pants pocket after he was pronounced dead.
Cop body camera’s didn’t record all of it – a malfunction is the reason they’ve said.

Philando was a passenger riding in the car with his girlfriend yesterday
when a Minnesota police approached the passenger side and blew him away.

The video footage is raw, if the video doesn’t open below, here is a link.
The girlfriend taped it on her cell phone, please WATCH THIS and think:

There was a child in the backseat when all of this went down.
How on earth will her trust and feelings of security every come around?

The child was elementary age and while she didn’t understand what her mother was going through,
She consoled her mother in the rear of a police car say, “I’m right here Mommy…I’m with you.”

What are we doing America? Desensitizing the child?
What will our future look like if we continue on this mile?

Digest DERRICK JAXN’S morning video post on this topic:

These men were killed two days in a row: Tuesday and Wednesday.
How should the black community feel? We’re a targeted race.

Where are the troops? Why aren’t laws being put on the books?
I suppose it’s because the victims largely have a minority look.

Minorities have been marching and praying incessantly,
though I think our offspring are taking note and will approach things differently.

Tomorrow will sure hold more sorrow.

black-harassment-black-lives-matterWhere is the political conversation? Someone better tackle this!
This NEWS PERUSE has a bloody fuse – this isn’t a topic we want to miss.

The candidates have political laryngitis and have said nothing to the effect.
America can not be whole with this fundamental disconnect.



I posted this 2-years ago… unfortunately there have been many more killed since 2014

If white families were being ripped apart by “accidental shootings,” everyday
The national guard and the KKK would be out on the streets and in play.

This is not the case today; no such assistance has come.
I’m Qui
and todays NEWS PERUSE is for serious thought – not much for fun.

Savannah Hartman has spoken up for US and I love her.
Let the tears on my face be the acceptance that )))HUGS((( her:
She’s WHITE and she’s RIGHT.
Click the link to see the light.