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Make it a GREAT DAY!

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on July 22, 2013 at 8:06 am

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It’s Monday. Yay! Another opportunity
to conquer and win in the course of a week.

To start off on the good foot and end with a rest;
to know ahead of time, it will present me with tests.

Nothing will catch me by surprise, I’ve got one brow up.
My objective is to be positive – even when others cut up.

It’s Monday. Yay! I am happy indeed.
I will take this opportunity to sew a good seed.

I am early to rise and plan to be early to bed.
I’ve got editing to execute – creativity in my head.

Today is the first day of school in the Chandler neighborhood.
It’s an opportunistic Monday and with that – I’m all good.

I’ve adopted fitness as my reality and 23 pounds down – I’m no rookie,
even in the face of my kids freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
What a will power goody!

I spent $400 on groceries – so this week I’m the cook.
Taco salad for lunch will render us all a slender look.

I’m really happy about today, reason #1: we’re all alive.
It’s another opportunity to smile, shoot the bull and shuck & jive.
Give a head nod, a fist bump and perhaps a short girls high 5.
I’m full of happiness and will radiate a strong positive vibe.

What are your plans for today? Are you in for the full win?
I’m Qui
Saying Make it a GREAT DAY at this beautiful Mondays begin.

I’m all in!

Reel Monday

In Communication, Movies, Self Improvement, Technology on June 10, 2013 at 9:22 am
15-year old actress QuoQui C'mon

15-year old actress Dequota Wilson stars in WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS

So I spent the last weekend filming outdoor location scenes
then dove straight into editing – that Final Cut thing.

The shots I had in mind were reeled in with ease
The weather was seering – and yielded no breeze.

Arizona is boasting triple digit degrees.

The project is a teen film; pitching a humanity connect.
Via life, our teens are learning priceless wisdom and respect.

I wrote a script of points and checks to help jog the mind
of the importance of lifes journey; a purposeful find.

It’s a narrative piece; conscience streams and I am ready.
I got the idea from Mr. Fab 5 Freddy.

He’s a documentary man; he introduced us to hip hop.
He’s a man of constant creativity. The vein never stops.

I am like a radio, ready to receive and broadcast a purposeful joint.
And whenever I talk to Fab 5 Freddy, his responses are always on point.

My beloved Reel Monday will yield me more of the same.
My career is really too much fun; a creative & skillful game.

Real talk.

Script brief: Life is full of wisdom. Learn it and earn your respect.
Folks – thats the idea I’m reeling to render at the next film festival connect.

Our children are our future and I am a nourisher of,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee. Wish me and the crew some positive love.

Work and Play.
A Reel Monday

5-4-3-2-1 ACTION!
Drop in on QUI FILMS

and everything

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And Everything
This morning I drank coffee and downed a glass of v8.
I initially ordered an omelette – but it had too much salt for my taste.

And everything is great. I went to the doc yesterday
and she reports, I’m a thinner sport and BP numbers @bay.

I said “YAY!!!

I’m not a high BP kind of gal. I rarely stress over any scene.
But last year the doc said, based on data she’d read – high bp is in my genes.

And everything is alright still – I beat the train again
so I woke up this morning, real short on yawning and began to walk this win.


Morning affirmations – I spoke my piece
and I’m still smiling, (a positive release).

I’ve been thinking of taking a dance class.
It wouldn’t hurt if I tightened up my leisure’ful sash.
Oh what? You thought I was going to say “ass” on this topic scene?
Not today. I’m on PG play, less profane and everything. 🙂

There are editing notes on my desk, of tasks needing to get done.
There are a few sales at the mall that are screaming “Qui! Come!
There’s a bank account budget, that’s pretty slim and mean.
I ain’t saying I’m going to blow it on clothes and everything.
I am not about about that low-bank-balance thing.

And everything is being sorted out in Boston as I speak;
the marathon explosions on yesterday linger on MSNBC.

Today President Obama said justice will be sought.
No one has stepped forth to claim it – as if it were done for naught.
Resources run deep; the perpetrator(s) will be caught.

Gun control laws are up for reform
and Newtown families cause cold hearts to warm.

And everything will be taken into consideration – I hope.
Your heart has got to ache for the gun-violence-surviving folk.
Their burden is not an easy yolk.

I am reminded to live each day like it is my last. To laugh and to sing.
I’m Qui
Loving the day
and the fact that you’d drop my way – and everything.
You see how I worked that in? 😉