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The Economy’s LAME – Whose to BLAME?

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on December 9, 2010 at 12:14 pm

The way I see it is…The President IS NOT SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for our united understanding or our voting turn out/results. WE the people gather our own individual understandings (and/or relate to a party collective). WE the people vote based on our understandings (and/or party affiliation +/-). Based on the voting results casted by WE the people, a politician whose stand is reflective of what “the people” VOTED for – is then appointed into the position. The appointed official then takes the views of “the voting public” with him to represent them on Capitol Hill.

The President is like Congress’ Supervisor. Indeed he is “commander in chief”, “the president”, “the leader of the free world”, but he’s not a dictator. The voting voice weighs heavily with him. President Obama was voted in by: WE the people. He stands for the people and the good of the country. In fact, he ran on CHANGE (for the people in 2008), and vowed to get middle class America back on its feet. We celebrated the idea of someone “looking out for the common man”, rather than looking out for the rich, (like GW Bush did over the last decade).

The President must find it increasingly frustrating that WE the people VOTED him in to change things and then VOTED in a band of party opposers to hinder him from doing so.

How CONFUSED are WE the people?

That’s like getting into your new car and putting one foot on the gas and the other on the break then complaining that the car won’t go. WE voted the president in to work for us. WE voted for the party that will oppose him, (whats worst — some of us didn’t MID TERM VOTE @ all), and WE wonder WHY nothing is getting done.

SIMPLE, however, it makes no sense at all.

So The Economy is LAME — Whose to to BLAME?

WE the people
should be at the top of the steeple.

What kind of dung are WE on –
further weakening what’s left of the strong?

This reads like a bad TWILIGHT script:
Bella wants to be ‘vampire bitten’ AND ‘dog kissed’.
(what a CONFUSED little twit)

Do you want to move up & forward or continue to decline over time?
WE the people desperately need to be on one accord, the same vibe.

For UNITY we should strive – anything else is uncivilized.
Imagine how our home front looks in a foreign country’s eyes…

The Wiki Leaks debacle has been executed and is still breaking coveted ground.
The whole purpose of the classified leak is to bring America down.

WE the people are divided on how we collectively feel
today it is your choice – tomorrow we’ll pray Gods will.

You think times are bad now? Oh mole – be still.
Come up out of the dark & lets unite on ‘the hill‘.

The HUFFINGTON POST is good for disclosing
a lot of information WE should COLLECTIVELY be knowing.

A lot of folks aren’t interested in watching the media’s lows. Stand strong. Your position is hot.
So I hit the wires, with griot fire – to educate the News-Follower-NOT.
Magazine relations are the best tool I’ve got. 🙂

Entertaining, Informative and a whole lot bolder,
I’m Qui
and WE the people have put this LAME on our own shoulders.

Let’s shake it off.
Education & Unity is a better than fair cost.

Volcanic Education

In Communication, News, Science on April 20, 2010 at 1:55 pm

The Mauna Kea & An erupting volcano

KNOWLEDGE trumps “the don’t knows” & LEARNING can be fun.
1. ‘Big Ups’ to Mother Earth and her volcanic eruptions.

For 5 Days strong she’s been seriously kicking it out
So let us take a moment to learn what her ash is all about:

Hamari News –After five days of intense, ash-spewing activity, the eruption of the Eyjafjoell volcano (also known as the Eyjafjallajökull volcano) appears to be entering a new phase that produces more lava and less ash, according to those monitoring the eruption in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. This is good news for the thousands of travelers stranded by ash-related airport shutdowns across Europe. It appears that air traffic is again being allowed over Europe and the logjam of stranded travelers and cargo should start to ease soon. If you are not busy being re-routed by the ash cloud, you can enjoy some extremely cool images of the eruption taken by astronomer Snaevarr Gudmundsson from just a few kilometers away.

Information from the Institute for Earth Sciences Nordic Volcanological Center at the University of Iceland indicates that the Eyjafjallajökull eruption actually began on March 20, 2010. The initial eruption was lower on the volcano than the current eruption, and caused more lava flow than ash plumes. That phase of the eruption appears to have stopped on April 12, 2010, followed by earthquake swarm near the volcano and then the beginning of the second phase of the eruption on April 14th.

During the second phase, material was ejected from the top of the volcano, at the caldera. The caldera of the Eyjafjoell volcano is under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The heat from the eruption melted the glacier, leading to meltwater runoff and flooding in the valleys below the volcano. The University of Iceland reports that everyone living in the flooded areas was evacuated before the flooding and there were no casualties. The second phase of the eruption also created a massive ash plume. Winds carried this ash cloud over Europe, shutting down air travel for several days over safety concerns. Apparently jet engines and volcanic ash do not mix well, and since jets and ash travel in the same layer of the atmosphere (at about 30,000 feet) it is not a safe situation for passenger or cargo aircraft.

According to researchers in Iceland, even though the ash-spewing phase has slowed, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is still erupting. The eruption appears to have entered a third phase, with less ash and more lava flow from the caldera. How long this phase will last, or if there will be more ash production in the future is unknown.

Hamari News is all up on it – ’tis where I lifted the prior information. 🙂
I just couldn’t pass up knowledge & it’s direct correlation.

And just in case you’re wondering about the impact of this volcanos birth
on the surface of the land as we know it here on Mother Earth…
Visit the forementioned link — they’ve already laid the 411 out.
KNOW her, RESPECT her – HISTORY proves what her emissions are about.

The Mauna Kea is an underwater volcano currently resting in Hawaii.
I am Monja Qui
My name was inspired by the “century erupting” – volcanic she.
Ooo Wee and What does that say about the parallels of me?
Golly Gee…‘Gotta love education.