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The Encouraged always Encourage

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Empowerment is for everyone. Everyone should always feel encouraged to be their best and Tavis Smiley concurs by backing you up with Empowerment Cards. We revealed our first card of the empowerment card deck in 2013 – it encouraged you to KNOW; however, now that YOU KNOW – todays card encourages us to beware of the boomerang of WORDS:


Surely you know how it goes down,
What goes around surely comes around.”

So why ever resort to putting someone down
when you know the same derogative comments will come back around?

When you know better, then better is expected
and please know that karma will keep you connected.

You really do need your friends and to reap a good friend, you have to be one,
I’m Qui
Spewing Wisdom in the form of griot – it’s all knowledge, I just make it sound fun.

Be encouraged to speak well of everyone
…or say nothing at all. 😉

Words equate to verbs. 

Empowerment cards dealt prior:

Card#1: KNOW
Card#2: WHEN
Card #4: ASK & RECEIVE

The Encouraged always Encourage

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Empowerment Cards

Aha! and Alas! It is once again that time
that I drop on you – an encouraging dime.

Time is winding up in the year of our Lord 20 Tri-5 —
still good ol’ EMPOWERMENT is my default stride.

It’s fit for kings and queens; therefore it’s fit for you.
Goodness is surely yours – Encouragement is for you.

Without further adieu I bid you a deck from the heart.
This fuel comes from Tavis Smiley’s empowerment cards:

empowerment-ask-and-recieve-1 empowerment-ask-and-recieve-2

Click the pictures to enlarge script

Empowerment is necessary when you’re journeying this course that is life.
To know that you’re not alone is pertinent information – that’s nice.

You are not alone on your journey on the course to everything that is good.
Ms. Qui is journeying with ya, in fact Encouragement is my favorite hood.

Tavis Smile is the author of the cards, but the encouragement therein is yours.
I’m Qui
A win in life is yours for the taking, empower yourself with good — and score!

Here’s a list of encouragement cards that we’ve dealt before:

Card#1: KNOW
Card#2: WHEN

ENCOURAGEMENT doesn’t ever get old

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I believe it was January of 2013 when Dr. Jim Lehrman (Shim Dot Productions) presented these to my daughter as a gift for her philanthropy grip work on his WHOLE PEOPLE Reality Show/Documentary project.

Empowerment Cards

Empowerment Cards by Tavis Smiley is a 50-card deck of empowering affirmations. The first card among the deck is a letter from Tavis Smiley, and it reads as so:


Dear Friends,

I’ve written these cards to provide you with inspiring messages that will promote positive change in your life on a daily basis. You have the power in all of your interactions to choose peace, joy forgiveness, tolerance and success and many other empowering attributes. I encourage you to make that choice! You’ll find that you can live a better life, and your role in your family and community becomes more important and worthwhile.

These cards can serve as a reminder to stay enlightened, encouraged, and empowered and…

Keep the faith!
–Tavis Smiley

Todays card is encourages us to be conscious of the comeback. Todays card encourages the KNOW:

KNOW_Empowerment Card Reverse   KNOW_Empowerment Card

Always know what’s up and always know thyself,
then and only then – can you maneuver stealth.

Be concerned about your purpose – don’t worry about the wealth.
Always be in motion and be sure to mind your health.

I am an encourager, much like Tavis Smiley,
I highlight good deeds – and let few get by me.

Qui_2008LoveThere’s nothing better than helping someone else to live easy,
I’m Qui
Collaborate, not compete and make life’s production cool breezy.

[ #TBT – ThrowBackThursday: original QE post October 1, 2013]