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ENCOURAGEMENT doesn’t ever get old

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I believe it was January of 2013 when Dr. Jim Lehrman (Shim Dot Productions) presented these to my daughter as a gift for her philanthropy grip work on his WHOLE PEOPLE Reality Show/Documentary project.

Empowerment Cards

Empowerment Cards by Tavis Smiley is a 50-card deck of empowering affirmations. The first card among the deck is a letter from Tavis Smiley, and it reads as so:


Dear Friends,

I’ve written these cards to provide you with inspiring messages that will promote positive change in your life on a daily basis. You have the power in all of your interactions to choose peace, joy forgiveness, tolerance and success and many other empowering attributes. I encourage you to make that choice! You’ll find that you can live a better life, and your role in your family and community becomes more important and worthwhile.

These cards can serve as a reminder to stay enlightened, encouraged, and empowered and…

Keep the faith!
–Tavis Smiley

Todays card is encourages us to be conscious of the comeback. Todays card encourages the KNOW:

KNOW_Empowerment Card Reverse   KNOW_Empowerment Card

Always know what’s up and always know thyself,
then and only then – can you maneuver stealth.

Be concerned about your purpose – don’t worry about the wealth.
Always be in motion and be sure to mind your health.

I am an encourager, much like Tavis Smiley,
I highlight good deeds – and let few get by me.

Qui_2008LoveThere’s nothing better than helping someone else to live easy,
I’m Qui
Collaborate, not compete and make life’s production cool breezy.

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