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The HELP – Aug. 12

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There’s never a dull moment in view
When reading the good ol’ E-W.

Obviously I’m a subscriber. The current issue [#1157/1158 June 3/10, 2011] boasts Jason Bateman on both covers, [double issue] and the two movies he’s starring in this summer, along side of other cool articles like BEST OF SUMMER 106 Things You Will Love. And then there was a short write up on a new film coming to theaters August 12th starring that crazy gal from Halfway Home Octavia Spencer. Do you remember Halfway Home? Unfortunately for me, there’s no footage of Halfway Home on YouTube, so I can’t share the view, though please know, Ms. Spencer is a fool.

So Octavia is mostly known for her comedy roles, however, from what I’ve read, (on the COMING SOON poster) her latest role in The Help — is more serious and touches on racism during the 1960’s. Octavia and Viola Davis play the maids to Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain. From all that the book indicates, this is a story of strength betwixt all of the women. In brief I understand that the reporter who gives the maids a media voice is white… So it’s not a hate story. I think its meant to be a historical reflection of our history while playing up the strength of the silver lining. I’m sure to catch in it theaters on August 12th. CLICK HERE to see the trailer then Peep what Entertainment Weekly said about it::

It’s a woman’s world in The Help, the adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s ubiquitous best-seller about some brave African-American maids daring to voice their experiences to a young white writer (Emma Stone, 22) in early-1960s Mississippi. Oscar nominee Viola Davis, 45, plays deep and deeply wounded Aibileen. Davis says the team of black actresses brought a particular sense of urgency to their roles. “These are the stories of our mothers, our grandmothers, our great-grandmothers, ” she says. “To the naked eye these characters could be full-out sterotypes, and it was our job to make them real.”

The pressure to tell a hard story with care brought out the loving best in the cast, according to Bryce Dallas Howard, 30, who plays Hilly, a wretched Junior Leaguer bent on humiliating her take-no-guff maid Minny (Octavia Spencer). “To be able to work with this ensemble of women,” Howard says, “it was like I was hanging out with all of my most supportive girlfriends and then all of a sudden there’s this movie that was made.” The cast’s camaraderie delighted director friend from Jackson, Miss. “There was an air of selflessness that you just can’t believe,” he says. “They were a family.”

It’s a common complaint that there aren’t enough rich roles out there for women, let alone women of color. So it’s material of this caliber into the hands of the aforementioned actresses, as well as Oscar nominee Cicely Tyson, Oscar winner Sissy Spacek, the formidable Allison Janney and The Tree of Life star Jessica Chastain. “The cast reminds me of the ensembles from The Color Purple, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias,” says Spencer, 39, “I’m so proud as an actress.”

Karen Valby

I don’t suppose I can say much more…
Our reflective history is never a bore.

I look forward to supporting the film on August the 12th,
Then duly come here and hammer out an in-depth: TELL.

It’s the beginning of a new week and my schedule is made.
Thank God times have bettered — I’m now ‘the reel maid’.

LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

What’s up with STACEY DASH these days

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Stacey Dash & Lisa Raye McCoy in SINGLE LADIES

From Clueless Teen to SINGLE LADY

Sixteen years after making a splash in the teen-com Clueless, STACEY DASH is finally getting her star turn — though she almost ended up on a reality show instead. — By Tim Stack

Another piece of INSIGHT into Black Sitcom TV…this time we focus on STACEY DASH and ‘what she’s doing’ these days. Did you catch the series premier of SINGLE LADIES? It was hot. It has all of the ingredients and insight as offered in SHOWTIMES “The Borgias”. lol! Tittilation in direct relation. Tim Stack authored the article in Entertainment Weekly [#1155 May 20,2011] to bring us up to date on STACEY DASH and where she is right now.

Enjoy the transcribed read.
QE loves Black Sitcom TV…

“Stacey Dash will probably always be best known for playing Alicia Silverstone’s BFF Dionne in the 1995 teen comedy Clueless. And that’s just fine by her. “It has been the best experience I have had in my entertainment career,” she says. “Nothing has topped it yet.”

While Silverstone went on to more big-screen roles in films like Batman & Robin, Dash stayed in character as Dionne for the TV adaptation of Clueless, which ran from 1996 to 1999. “I loved the character, and it was a good paycheck,” she laughs. “I mean, let’s be honest.”

The actress is equally blunt about how great her life is now. At 44, an age when most actresses struggle to find juicy parts, Dash has landed the starring role on VH1’s first hour long scripted series, “Single Ladies” (premiering May 30 at 9 p.m.). “When you enjoy what you do, you give the best that you can,” says the actress who jokes that she drinks unicorn blood to maintain her youthful glow. “I’m giving 150 percent.” Exec-produced by Queen Latifah, Ladies follows three best friends (Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea) living in Atlanta and navigating complicated love lives. “To me, Stacey is a staple in our urban community,” says Latifah. “She crossed over long, long ago with Clueless. But she’s someone who’s always been beautiful and talented and special for women and men. The trice-divorced Dash was in talks to star on a reality show for VH1 about her dating life when she went in to audition for the role of Ladies Val, a former stylist thrusts back into the singles scene after her five-year relationship ends.

“I saw the first cut of the presentation tape of the reality show, says VH1 exec VP of original programming Jeff Olde. “At the same time, I got our talent team and our producers saying, ‘Stacey Dash came in and read today for Val and she blew us away’.” Dash whose post-Clueless career has included the film I Could Never Be Your Woman and NBC’s Celebrity Circus, decided the scripted drama was the way to go.

“The angels were on my side,”, Stacey says. I feel like I made the right [decision] doing this show.” And though she’s currently a single lady both on and off the screen, Dash hopes to find love again. Says the actress, “I believe in happily ever after”.”

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So THAT’S WHAT’S UP with Stacey Dash’s bum,
Clueless was a big hit and Single Ladies is another one!
May she find happiness, love and reap a paycheck of worthy sums.

I’m Qui
VH1, Jeff Olde & Latifahs scripted fun!

BLACK TV Sitcom Stuff Pt.2

In News on May 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Entertainment Weekly pressed a great read
that Qui Entertainment couldn’t refuse to transcribe & feed::

“The Rise & Fall and Rise Again of Black TV”

Entertainment Weekly — Part 2. Let’s Stay Together debuted in January to 4.4 million viewers, and Perry’s shows consistently hover near the 3 million mark. Even the competition has taken notice of The Game’s blockbuster debut: “Those numbers were wildly impressive to everybody,” says Michael Wright, TBS’ head of programming. “We’ve done really, really well with Tyler’s shows, but [The Game] surpassed even Tyler’s ratings. That premiere number should’ve made everyone think, “that’s a rating anyone would be happy to have.'”

So far, the broadcast networks have yet to act on the trend. While ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW have made progress the past few seasons when it comes to casting diverse ensembles, the selection of shows in the pipeline for this fall once again lacks series with predominantly African American (or Latino or Asian) casts. “The world on television should look like the world I see when I walk outside my door,” says Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, developing of the fall season’s strongest contenders with a black lead, ABC’s Damage Control starring Kerry Washington as PR guru. And Queen Latifah, who starred for five seasons on Fox’s Living Single, sees African-American series as a way to represent a point of view sorely missing on television: “People live in bubbles and they perpetuate racism and classism. There’s still plenty of places they can go [on TV] that are as un-diverse as they could possibly be,” says the Ladies producer. “It’s just something that’s going to be a continuing fight, to try to keep making these things happen.”

Regardless of why the networks program for black audiences, viewers are clearly hungry for these shows: Not only are the few shoes doing well, reruns of long-cancelled series like My Wife and Kids and Everybody Hates Chris still top cable charts among African-American viewers. Says Charlie Jordan Brookins, senior vice president of programming for BET: “We’re not necessarily trying to say this is the new frontier. We'[re trying to super-serve an audience who has been underserved.” Adds Malcolm-Jamal Warner, “The black viewership is important. Black shows do make money. It seems like a no brainer.

[Entertainment Weekly Columnist: Jennifer Armstrong; Additional reporting by Archana Ram and Tim Stack]

How do you feel about BLACK TV?
I rather dig
those multi-ethnic gigs
that are reflective of you and me.

Who am I,
I am Qui
and I’m duly watching BLACK TV.
Oui! Oui!
Join Me.