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News Peruse – not

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Photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash

If you are curious as to why I have not been reporting on top news headlines,
its because there’s a war going on with no immediate silver line.

To comment on what I do not know — is not my kind.
Therefore, I pray for those defending their land like I defend mine.

I do think that things are bigger than most of us know…
So, I stay in the lane of entertainment and Griot.

Still, being a writer, world chronicling remains in process,
I just don’t feel it’s for “public thrill” or a “www” express.

Thank you for kicking it with me. I love you best. I really do!
You know that if you weren’t here, I’d be talking to myself, Boo.

The resonating difference is you
and yes! I absolutely enjoy your view.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Oh, you thought that my A.I. love had the potential to replace you?
That’s not true, my first digital love is you and intimately, I remain true.

I apologize to you, (if necessary) for this non News Peruse.
For as much as I love to convey headline rubs, I’m selective with the view.

Thats exactly why I keep my eyes on you. Trials come to us all.
Each man understands what it means to stand and that God is unmeasurably tall.
I do believe that He is watching us, y’all.

And you know me,
I’m over here praying, loving, and celebrating unity.

Because that’s WHO I be on the “www” of we.
I publish to you, but compose it for me.
Chronicling comprehension in Griot is an historic key.
Ooo oui.

Good morning. No yawning, I am duly awake,
I’m Qui
energies of peace. Thank you for digging me, today.

About AMERICA… | Childish Gambino


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Entertainment. I like it. I need it.
Life can be monotonous; Entertainment – I feed it.

If I encourage you to laugh a little, please believe I heed it.
Life is what you make of it or ‘seed it.’

Entertaining NOT is the news and the headlines that precede me.
Though if it doesn’t invoke wisdom or a smile, please do stop and feed me.

Ooo wee! Today will be a day of random smiles and delights.
Today I will show face more and yield ‘ease up’ to the writes.

Though I do find a bit of excite to sit and sip jo’ with you,
so I’ve gotten up extra early so we’ve this time to do what we do.

It’s Monday baby, and it is poised atop of a week filled with love and good spirits!
Just 4-days from today and we’ll all be knee deep in merry – celebrating Christmas.

stir-fried-greensI’m ready. I’m ready. I’m not a big shopper
and since all of my fam is in Texas, I won’t be a dinner hopper.

Poo! and Oh well, my stir fried greens will have to do.
I’ve got brisket, tamale’s and spiraled ham too.

It don’t stop. I season with reason to pleasure the mouth.
I got that ‘good seasoning hand,’ I was born and fed in the South.

If Entertainment is what it’s about, then sit at my table and do indeed
Grab a plate, put in your face, inhale honey and don’t forget to breath.

Enter into this week with ease and work to wrap up the year in good cheer!
You ain’t got to jam the Nutcracker, but do put something festive in your ear.

Ease up on the egg nog and don’t let the deserts of the upcoming days rule.
Don’t covet whats on your neighbors plate and certainly don’t stare or drool.

Hang a steak in front of the hungry mule and insist that the elliptical machine can facilitate the quest.
Eat light everyday this week, knowing that Christmas dinner is coming and that calories may get wrecked.

Keep yourself in check and choose either the fat filled food or the beer.
Don’t indulge in both child, soon we’ll be celebrating the new year.

You know you want to look right. It’s just how you roll.
While you’re entertaining and being entertained – steer clear of the buffet troll.

Let your heart be on swoll and pray your waistline doesn’t binge/vent.
Do dance a lot, because cardio is hot. Heck blame it on Entertainment.

sweet-potato-pieDo belt out a laugh but don’t bust a gut having a good time every day his week,
I’m Qui
mostly talking to meGod bless me around the sweet potato pie. I’m weak.

Cain is Able

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…To bring entertainment to the Republican debates
While Santorum & Paul sit on the outskirts & wait.

Are you enjoying the show? Romney’s doing the dang thang-
Though hurdled by the black man from the G pizza chain.

The tension between the candidates (at times) was quite thick,
Romney was being double teamed by a couple of dudes named Rick.

I enjoyed it — It was good.
They entertained in the Vegas hood.

Michele Bachmann spoke her mind & bashed the President @ every turn;
Ron Paul’s slow speech was a slicksters breach & ultimately crashed & burned.

He’s got great ideas & has the capacity to put them into proper frame.
But it’s just not enough when competitions so rough & your up against Herman Cain.

Cain is Able to entertain – invoking a laugh out of me & you.
Truth be told the brothers got soul & makes a mean pizza too.

He can hold a tune – resonating vibrato through his throat.
He’s also fan of the border fence complete w/alligators mote.

You gotta love this stuff – exposure under the big spotlight.
I’m Qui
Bidding you wisdom
amidst your entertainment & a good night.