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WORDPRESS is Pressing Evolution Again

In News on November 14, 2018 at 8:23 pm

Have you felt the new Editor that’s being introduced through the admin’s backdoor? I’m framing it as coming through the backdoor because at present using the new editor is an option.  But we know that the option period is for a limited time only and that eventually, the new editor will be all that is available. 

Me? I have opted to give the new editor a go early because I’ve been on WordPress for almost a decade and am no longer afraid of confronting the evolution that they serve up. It’s usually good. 

So what did I find?

Well, I found that I will now be building my article content in blocks. Which isn’t really so different from typing text onto a blank document, but they are calling the beginning of a new paragraph “blocks” and I’m sure that’s a reference to HTML coding. We code in blocks. I also noticed that the HTML toggle switch is missing at the very top of the new document. However, if you highlight the block, the edit toolbar will appear at the top. Not a bad deal, but definitely something to get used to. 

In order to continue to press out my Griot point of view
It’s best that I learn how to maneuver the new hue.

It appears that WordPress’ evolution is a clever hat
But poses some issues in my Griot format.

In order to write in Shakespeare verse, poetics and Griot slots,
I may encounter a continuance issue at writing in blocks.

Each new 2-line stanza seems to create a brand-new paragraph.
But it’s just 2-lines in a verse; nothing to start a new block at. [?]

In order to compose this Griot piece in format-fashion 
I had to enlist a Word document and pre-viz my passion.

I wrote out my piece, copied and pasted it into one block.
Then once I pressed enter, it made a new block forever 2-line slot.

The extra step of previsualizing rocks and saved me from being confused by the editing evolution,
I’m Qui
And WordPress’ Press of Evolution bodes well for me; t’is my early conclusion.

What sayest ye, o’ WordPress Kin?
Evolution is real and they’re at it again.

Oshea’s Tight Fade at the BARBERSHOP

In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Movies, Music, Networking, News, Self Improvement on April 18, 2016 at 2:34 am


Saturday was opening night for Ice Cubes BARBERSHOP.
I pre-purchased tickets online – early and attendance was hot!

Our show was to start at 6:45, I arrived at 6.
There was no seat for: Qui, party of 3 – in the mix.

So I changed my ticket time to 7:30 and found my seat early, by 7pm.
It was Qui’s party of 3 and a packed house of fans before the lights could dim.

I’m in Phoenix where black films don’t arrive on a whim, so I was glad that we all turned out
to see what Oshea’s Tight Fade at the BARBERSHOP was all about.

We loved ❤ and laughed outloud.
The audience was a 75/25 crowd.

75% of viewers were black and heavily family oriented too.
Behind me, (2nd to last row) was reserved for ‘every one’s offspring crew.’

Teens sat in the rear – a place that used to be reserved for ‘adult clout’
I thought they’d be noisy but their parents threatened to ‘bust their mouths.’

I snickered but I didn’t laugh out loud.
I remember when I was a part of the ‘young adult’ crowd.

Anyhow, back to the BARBERSHOP – I liked the direction of course
that Ice Cube took us on. #WisdomEvolved was on sport.

We’ve all seen BARBERSHOP before, this is Oshea’s 3rd tight time in the chair.
I loved the information dropped, the ideas sparked; relations made with care.

It wasn’t a “funny show” nor a show of “no substance.”
You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for “entertainment about nothing.”

Topics were running and though there was some brief gang gunning
the point in the end was “we’ve got to control” black violence hunting.

The BARBERSHOP is a place of honesty with very little sugar and honey.
And though the film was a good time to relate to – it was still very funny.

It was good. The theater was quiet.
No one objected the truth and there were no riots.

The crowd was largely black with a few whites – each person an Oshea fan.
We laughed and gasped in unity. We took our cuts from the BARBERSHOP’s hand.

Charlie_TelphyEve did a good job and Common showed up – again.
Charlie Telphy from Black-ish was there too. You know that’s my friend.

Nikki Minaj was in the film, and played a pretty important role.
She was the beautician who’s lonely and wishing — she was ’bout to sell her soul.

No, not to the devil, though her character could have used a shahman.
Nik was trying to come between the character union of Eve and Common.

It was cheap, it was real and it happens all of the time.
Common’s troubles at home was an inroad to roam and Nikki had a lonely behind.


Eve was looking to put Nik’s characters eye on shine when she caught ‘them’ [hubby + coworker] in a compromising position.
To make a long story short, Nikki wanted a feeling to court– but Common wasn’t up for grant within.’

Dirt dishin?‘  I sure am, but like I said the script was strong.
It was less about ‘a blaseh time’ and more about our current song.

Our current communal and social situation song; Topics were HOT!
I’m Qui
Rubbing my hands all over Osheas Tight Fade at the BARBERSHOP.

Have you seen it? Go on out and see it for yourself.
Oshea is trying to make a difference – in addition to getting that wealth!

I love it!

OBX early…

In News on March 17, 2015 at 6:38 am

FullSizeRenderI’m out here on the OUTER BANKS,
GOOD NETWORKING deserves all the thanks.

It’s St. Patty’s Day and we’ve got all the dranks…
Don’t you wish you were in the OUTER BANKS?

OBX is what they call it.
An exit out of the mundane squallin’.

Running not crawling, we took a flight to H-town
’tis a layover between our DC bound,

then we hopped a flight and road the cloud scene
that landed us safely into Washington, DC.

Anxious to be on grounded soil but not kissing the flo’
we hopped a shuttle to transport us to the condo.

Day one, two, three, fo’ — we filmed the day
People coming to and fro and, most had something kind to say.

The National Mall was all that you thought it was and I really can not say
how much my heart was overwhelmed in visiting the monument of MLK.

Qui n MLK

Tears void of fear but of legacy, history and love.
Diverse were those around me — I felt evolution in the ))hug((.

There were middle school children on field trips and non-black teachers doing the talk.
The kids were traipsing through the mall and peeping my ethnic style of walk.

They stared, but I didn’t squawk. I don’t know where they’re from.
They could’ve been staring, because they were curious or caring, and not being rude or dumb.

So I smiled at each one that was locked in a trance staring duly at me.
I wasn’t wearing shades and stared them back in the face, once they saw the eyes of me,

and then I smiled with all of my pearly whites between lips on show.
That’s when their stare would cease and no looking at me – no ‘mo.

It was fun – yo!, they were innocent, though I had a feeling on that scene,
that those kids hadn’t seen many black folk, beyond the memorial of Dr. King.

The beauty of Washington, DC squinted out of view
as I rode out for OBX with the traveling film crew.

That was Sunday, today is Tuesday and in case you didn’t see,
I woke up to this scene at 6:53:


It’s beautiful in the OBX early and I’m happy to be #Reeling the onset of Spring,
I’m Qui
Taking you along with me while I film, shoot-the-bull and the do the dang thing.

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Sip one with me...