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About The 80’s

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80s MusicI lived through them. I remember the period like it was yesterday,
the span was 1980-1981 and I was in the 5th grade.

When Ronald Reagan was president and Richard Pryor was still LIVE,
when going to a Drive-In Movie Theater was still a cool weekend vibe.

Yes, I remember a lot ABOUT The 80’s and I remember it well.
When “Girls just want to have fun’ was an airwaves spell.
When MTV’s music was limit-free and the channel: revolutionary,
it’s breakout beginning lead us to Rap being introduced by Fab 5 Freddy.

I do remember – yes! I was there.
We rocked jerry curls and curly perms – I loved big hair;
it was a time when cigarettes lawfully burned amidst the indoors air.

It wasn’t fair, but the 50’s made it seem cool,
to request a ‘no smoking’ section then – was to be ‘acting a fool.’

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay would do it to the max,
and I was hospitalized for wheezing and asthma attacks.

Things have changed since I was a grade school adolescent lady,
I can’t help but break a smile when I think ABOUT The 80’s.

There was Boy George, Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam and Michael Jackson hype.
There was Salt n Pepper, Big Daddy Cane and my main girl MC LYTE.

I remember when a prerequisite for rapping was a unique vocabulary.
I was queen of words for all to have heard – things I loved ABOUT The 80’s.

Girls were popping and boys were girl-crazy.
Music was romantic and we dreamt of making babies.

Now that’s the part, I’m glad is gone – the music industry was crazy.
Sex stayed on our mind. Those darn romantic 1980’s.

YO! MTV Raps hit the scene in the 80’s and knocked a hole in the rock video game.
I was impressed with the Rap address, but the loss of rock and roll – I felt, was lame.

Yes I was a stone cold rocker. I liked it all. If it rebelled, I rocked.
But when MTV took on rap – it wound up rocks TV clock.

There used to be one commercial that would start my school morning beat,
where various music stars would decry: “I want my MTV”.

There was nothing like head banging music – MTV would call out to my eyelids.
Rock and Roll would wake me up – no coffee cup… I had the coolest of parents.

Salt n’ Pepa formed my high school years and of course I became a rapper.
My words so clean; intellect mean– screw fashion, my mind was dapper.

Dapper is a word yielded to men that are high end in their fashion style.
My mind crossed barriers so clean and so tough, even they admired my wields.
Oooo child.

It was all About The 80’s. I graduated from high school in 1989.
Bold in taste a literary in your face, I entered society and all was fine.

College followed immediately after, but not before I fell in love – yo!
For in 1990 cupid yielded my honey deep in love with my HS beau,
and so…

WhenI think About The 80’s. The Thriller of good music comes to mind,
fonder days that have passed away, still bear a brand new shine.

No matter where I am in life, or what I’m doing on my grind,
I’m Qui
and when I think About The 80’s nothing but good comes to mind.

If you missed the 80’s because you weren’t born, feel free to fashion the day.
Life is meant to be purposeful, sure, after a good run of love and play.

Speaking of re-living the 80’s, let it not involve politics.
While the music and cable shows were amazing – that other stuff was lame and sick.

Let’s get back to the days of surplus!
Let’s get back to EXPRESSING ART and free hugs.
You can start with big hair but most importantly let’s start with showing more love.
Me first:


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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Yes, before Qui Entertainment, I was a writer, a living room poet who evolved into a live-and-on-stage socio-economic erotic portress. I toured the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex by demand religiously. In 2003, I was honored to open for B.B. KING in concert at Crystals in Arlington [Grand Prarie], Texas. Me on stage in formal floor length robe, corset, thigh highs and boots, talking about life and paralleling it to sex was indeed a comical, enticing and informing good time. This just a decade after the birth of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and yet I knew not of them. I was inspired to produce the erotic poetry shows as a way to voice my views. In a sultry voice with titillating and witty parallels I would engage the audience on love, life and politics in story format and rhyme. I think I may have even sang a note or two. I commanded the floor. In 2006, Fab 5 Freddy found some of my work online and well, the rest is history to date. The latter part of December 2013 found me resisting the urge to write about life via the technique. Why? Perhaps it had to do with my pressing 2014 production scheduled. I have my hands in so many projects and so many irons are already on the fire, that I really didn’t want to lend my creative pen to tickle the outs and the ins of the format – at that time. However, with 2014 entering the scene, I’ve decided to continue to say exactly what I mean. Encompassing all, I’ll take to the pen and see what comes up. I, with writers block? Baby, that’s not my rut. corset divider

I’m a story teller who fancies sweetening the scene
with all of the tasty mundanes that lie in between.

With 2014 already in place
I think I’ll whip my wit into shape.

There’s nothing wrong with being versatile and no talents need die off.
Fashionably, I wear many hats: writer, producer and mom. I pay the cost.

Eve Ensler is inspiring. I own the book and agree with her Vagina Monologued view.
My name is Qui and it’s not all about ‘the cookie’ – but about life, me and you.

However, cookies are great and should be consumed in moderation.
Yep The Erotic Poetress is Key and she’s stirring up my writing relations.

2014 is going to be fun!
I’m going Full Qui
I’m barring none.

Dare you be Daring in 2014
Perhaps I’ll write a book…

Lets TALK About…

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Do you know how to get to The BLUE WAY?


Not only have I personally witnessed their broadcasting entertainment but I have had the pleasure of being a guest on the show and what a good time that was.

The hosts Duane Bluestein and Shelley Marie are a raw, funny and all-out entertaining pair. You could take my word for it, or you could watch the show: Peep the YouTube Channel.

I credit my being booked on the show to Ita – a genius Dr. of  special effects and editing whose also the mastermind behind VIEW FROM ABOVE Entertainment and the 1-man production crew (film and editing) behind The Blue Way Talk Show. I actually met Ita at GangPlank – and we were introduced by the awesome Derek Neighbors.

Do you remember that old film that Will Smith starred in called, “Six Degrees of Separation?” Well that’s how this town lives and thrives. I met Debbie Rubenstruck (Dir. of the Youth Advisory Council) through my 16-year old daughter. Then Debbie invited me  to serve on this seasons ‘entrance panel.’ There I met Debbie’s dear friend Rich Frazier. A couple of days later while sipping a cup a joe with Rich, Derek’s name came up, GangPlank, Ita and ultimately The Blue Way Talk Show.

You see how that happened?  That’s 7 hook-ups in line with six degrees of separation that all started with my 16-year old daughter…and life is good.

Correction, life is great! This weekend will find me mingling with some of Phoenix’s best at the International Alliance of Prevention of Aids. I’m very excited about the upcoming event. I’m very blessed to have been invited. God only knows who I’ll meet and connect with there and again, I’ll have Debbie to thank for it, because she’s the one who invited me. Debbie is queen of fundraising around here. If you’re looking to raise some serious cash for a great cause — she’s your girl.

And so fate put me on the path to The Blue Way Talk Show, that actually broadcasts from inside of GangPlank. I sat down with the hosts and we touched on what QUI FILMS has up for the future. It was the perfect opportunity to drop a dime on the new teen film production company that we are in the process of establishing appropriately called: Perceptual. We also touched on how I got started in the film industry and that inquiry led to us talking about my mentor and dear friend Fab 5 Freddy, (whose wisdom & artistic deeds have been priceless to me on my journey). And just like that we started to add on more degrees of separation — because you can’t talk about Fab 5 Freddy without talking about Debbie “Blondie” Harry or Andy Warhol. Blondie and Andy were very instrumental in setting Fab 5 on his current path of success. See — I told you, life is great!

So which way are you going? Where’s your career path taking you? Well if it ever brings you through Phoenix, AZ, then you’ve got to get booked on The Blue Way Talk Show and tell us all about it. Don’t sleep on Phoenix, in particular Chandler. It’s a young city,  it’s got great plans & ideas and I can’t wait to contribute to its youthful growth.

divider blk_south

Stay tuned for more out of this town – they’ve got a very easy and big hearted flow;
we’ve got professionals on the ground level building up a Teen Production Co.

The name of the group is PERCEPTUAL and you can find more information here.
Auditions started last Friday and sparked us with good reason to cheer.

There’ll only be so many positions available and this weekend we filled quite a few.
Chandler will birth tomorrows filmmakers of creativity, skills and reel truths.

The Blue Way Talk Show gave me the mic and a platform to voice what’s to come,
I’m Qui
Grateful for all that’s encompassed in GangPlank – Success looks a lot like fun.

Drop in if you have not,
The future is looking hot!

Reel Monday

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15-year old actress QuoQui C'mon

15-year old actress Dequota Wilson stars in WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS

So I spent the last weekend filming outdoor location scenes
then dove straight into editing – that Final Cut thing.

The shots I had in mind were reeled in with ease
The weather was seering – and yielded no breeze.

Arizona is boasting triple digit degrees.

The project is a teen film; pitching a humanity connect.
Via life, our teens are learning priceless wisdom and respect.

I wrote a script of points and checks to help jog the mind
of the importance of lifes journey; a purposeful find.

It’s a narrative piece; conscience streams and I am ready.
I got the idea from Mr. Fab 5 Freddy.

He’s a documentary man; he introduced us to hip hop.
He’s a man of constant creativity. The vein never stops.

I am like a radio, ready to receive and broadcast a purposeful joint.
And whenever I talk to Fab 5 Freddy, his responses are always on point.

My beloved Reel Monday will yield me more of the same.
My career is really too much fun; a creative & skillful game.

Real talk.

Script brief: Life is full of wisdom. Learn it and earn your respect.
Folks – thats the idea I’m reeling to render at the next film festival connect.

Our children are our future and I am a nourisher of,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee. Wish me and the crew some positive love.

Work and Play.
A Reel Monday

5-4-3-2-1 ACTION!
Drop in on QUI FILMS

All Black People Know Each Other

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L-R: Kelly Rowland, Billy Dee Williams, Sherri Shepherd, Wesley Snipes, Beyonce, Malik Yoba, Oprah, Qui, Fab 5 Freddy

Familiar like Family

No, we don’t, but I do like the fact that no matter where in the world we are, when we see another that looks like us, we speak and often times indulge in random conversation with no formal introduction, knowing full well, we may never see that person again.  I guess it’s a social/cultural thing.

Personally, I speak to everyone I encounter in passing. I smile and wave at strangers. Some are caught off guard by the gesture and wave back, while wondering if they know me, some grow stoic and just stare (like a deer in headlights), and some mean-mug me in response. However, 9 out of 10 times when I speak to a black person in passing – without pause, they speak back in kind. I love that about my culture. I do. It’s so warming. I also love it when  random folk of any race are cool enough to smile and wave back at me without reservation. It’s the coolest.

I have an awesome black male friend of 23-years who is married to a fantastic white women for about 21 years. Their interracial union is beautiful and quite productive , though he once told me that early on in their relationship he and his wife had a slight falling out because they had gone to the grocery store and as they entered the doors, a white couple exited the store. They made eye contact with the white couple. My male friend acknowledged their presence with a nod and a smile, the couple saw my friends and continued to walk their way. Once inside of the store my friends see a black guy nearing the exit, my male friend acknowledged his presence with a head nod and a smile and the black guy responded with a head nod a smile and said, “What’s up?”  Then while they shopped he encountered a couple of other social speaking black people and he even struck up a brief conversation with a brother about an NBA game that was going to broadcast later  on that evening. Once they were done shopping and had returned to their car, his wife stared at him curiously as he began to start the car. He asked her what the look was for and she said,

Wife: How do you know all of those black people and why didn’t you introduce me?
Husband: What black people?
Wife: In the store.
Husband: I don’t know any of those people.
Wife: Then why were you talking to them? I didn’t see you talking to any random white guys.

He hadn’t noticed the fact, but after yielding brief thought, he realized that he nodded and smiled at everyone that encountered him making eye contact and that many responded in kind, but only the black people responded vocally. He kissed his loving wife on the forehead and welcomed her to his culture. This was year one in their marriage. Culture is real and curiosity is cute. But…

All Black People DON’T Know Each Other – we’re just expressive in our social lovin’.
I’m of slave descent like Oprah, sure – but we’re not really cousins.

All cultures have uniquenesses as to what makes them hot.
Among rhythm and athleticism, Black folks talk a lot. 🙂

All Black People Know is that when they see each other in the streets
if one should speak kind to another – it’s common courtesy to return the speak.

Now that does not mean that All Black People do it.
I love smiling and speaking – So to social boundaries? Ahhh – screw it!

I speak to everyone I see.
Especially those who act like they don’t see me.

I wave at strangers I pass on the street
and known to hug a good soul at an introductory meet.

Life is short and hugs are sweet.
I smile and speak to most folk on the street.

Mean mugs don’t ever plague my face.
You’ll find no frown line or ill will trace.

Yes, I’m an extrovert. I’ve heard and I am aware.
I’m Qui
Taking the time to speak to thee, because I humanly care.

Are you a random speaker?
And would you ever dare?

You’re on the HUMP don’t give up NOW

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RandomNewsOkay, what’s really going on? Whatcha’ up to kinfolk?
Are you getting high off of life because her successes are dope?
When you’re at wits end – grip the knot in the rope.
To always win – is your objective quote.

Unlike this fella,’ who chose to meet his maker
At the doors of a New York projects elevator.
It happened a few years back,
but that doesn’t change the outcome fact.

Be encouraged, life is precious and you, yourself are great.
Pick and choose your battles and avoid overloading your plate.

Are you still letting your hair down and taking it easy?
Add this mixtape to your ambience to make it more breezy.

I’m happy this evening good people. I’m in AZ sipping margarita’s,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to thee. This southwest spring weather is a pleaser.

Embracing 9/11

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The OTHER SIDE of The Game

9/11 Birthday Babies

It has nothing to do with Erykah Badu’s rendition [The Other side of The Game], but more as it refers to the 24-hour display that September 11th reflects. Sure some exited on 9/11, but many were also born on this date. The astrological calendar calls them VIRGOs.

This is the month of the Virgo. Do you know any? They are by far some mystique folk. Their astrology icon is a lady packing wheat. Most astrology icons are animals, besides the duplicitous Gemini, but that’s another story for another month. The Virgo’s are friendly and out going to an extent. My sister is married to a Virgo whose birthday happens to be today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brother-in-Law. Their union is among the rare. I am friends to and related to quite a few Virgo’s that contently roll solo – easy. So easy, I couldn’t imagine them getting married and succumbing to the rules that clearly state ‘the world does not solely revolve around you.’ I think bro-in-law finds his shoe to be a bit snug, but by outward appearances, you’d never know — because he’s a Virgo.

Virgo’s are smart. Virgo’s are sexy. Virgo’s are great friends. Virgo’s are like that big square piece that doesn’t quite fit into the circle shaped slot that is for regular purposes. They are of a custom design.

Aug 23 – Sept 23

Virgo’s are awesome parents and great friends. They are also good at making something out of nothing and that something will likely become a big awesome deal to others who observe it. Like in the case of the sexy bachelor Fab 5 Freddy. He is all that and a dozen of 30 x 30 canvases, but not quite for general purposes. I’ve spent quite a few 1-on-1 days with the Legend and he is not “normal”. He is fascinating, exciting, creative, intelligent, witty, but not, silly, mundane, cool’less, or regular. Even in his bathrobe, he’s not regular. His mind is always in progressive thought and his actions are swift, (often leaving others behind). Not because Virgo doesn’t care for them, but because opportunity is at hand – at such time he realizes he can do more good going forward, than staying behind to explain his next step. The Virgo has foresight and more often than not, he has insight. It takes a special mate to pair up with a Virgo and keep a balanced measure.

God bless Jay-Z, because Beyonce is surely a Virgo.
And heaven knows how he manages the day to day flow.

Michael Jackson is a Virgo, as is Charlie Sheen.
We’ve watched them both through the televised screen.

They are not “normal” their shape does not fit
within lifes general slots – thus they are a hit!

They are that virginic icon packing a-bundle-of wheat.
They can be terribly rough – then unbelievably sweet.

Though without them, life would lack an exciting treat,
I’m Qui
And for the Virgo — I remain open minded & sweet.

The world would be incomplete
without the wheat packing V.
)))Happy Birthday((( to thee.


We’ll never forget

A young memory. We’ll never forget.

I remember the day very well. My now 21 year old and 15 year old were both in elementary school. We were getting ready to drop them off when we heard about the airplane hijackings. Once we reached the school and walked inside to deliver them to their classes, we heard an overhead announcement say that one of the planes had crashed into a high rise in NY and with my youngest daughters hand in mine , I fell on my knees where I stood, (in the schools foyer/entrance).

You know 911’s story. I know the wound is still fresh.
Somehow it hasn’t vapored off – not even with Osama’s death.

I still think of those children and nothing I can say will bring them back.
Here we are a decade past and our enemies are still …click here to contiue

When the LEGEND becomes FACT

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Everyone knows “When the legend becomes fact – print the legend“, and so that’s exactly what Ed Piskor did. He put Fab5Freddy, Blondie and Lee Quinones into print:

Ed has been cartooning professionally in print form since 2005, starting off drawing American Splendor comics written by Harvey Pekar. His winning beginning has lead him to comic’ing the beginning of a history best told in print: HIP HOP. From comprehending ‘spray paint tagging’ to comic ragging – Ed is already a legend himself. Peep his comic point of view.

Welcome to the Brain Rot INTRO: Hip Hop Family Tree, Bull99 Becomes Fred Fab 5

How cool is it for Fab5’s freshness to be so chilled
that Ed would comic about it along side of SUGAR HILL?

That Blondie and The Clash would also be in the same said print,
reiterates that Fab is still a staple in our HIP HOP rent.

Ahhh the life of a legend. It certainly takes one to print one.
I’m Qui
Enjoying Mr. P. & Hip Hop History — by a long shot it is not done…

In the Mercedes with Fab

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Wood grain, black leather, and chrome — is standard inside of his mercedes ride. However it is the music and conversation that brands the moment:

Riding shot gun with Fab 5 Freddy down 5th Avenue and across town…
Reminds me that this brother gets around more than “BROWN“.

He plays the dopest joints and his conversation is always tight.
I’m usually keeping my composure while thinking, “this is the life”!

His a.m. route sounds like jazz and his evening route sounds like a party.
All that is missing is a venue, a top shelf bar and few pining shorties.
The ladies do love FabOooo Lordy.

Me too.
Not many can pull off all that he’s known to do.

Joint Preview:


December 2011

Click the pic.

So I’m thinking about my mentor in black;
Mercedes on stroll – jamming DaBrat.

Music marks the moment. Music always sets the tone.
And it’s always first class when you’re in the legends zone.

Yes! It’s grown music – yield yourself to it, kick back and relax your wig.
Because he’s branding the grown and sexy, I will duly jam it big! lol!

Take a swig of his vibe and jam the line up in stride,
I’m Qui
Reflecting on the ambiance that was thick in his mercedes ride.

Who are you riding with?

Jam the complete G-Shock Mix [44:44mins] by clicking here: F5F Joints


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LIFE: it’s twists and turns,
it’s propels and near burns.
Yielding lows that end high.
Bright days – brief nights.

I’m happy about it all.
I get up quickly when I fall.
Time is opportunity & Opportunity is at hand.
I heard she knocks, but waits for no man.

I’m happy about the knocking.
From me, you’ll hear no squawking.

Time is non refundable – so swing hard when you’re up to bat”.
Coach Joe G of KSU & Gordon Sports told me that.

I’m happy about wisdom and people in my life
that yield me knowledge on this journey nigh.

Life is a game – that must be played“.
A witty bio line Fab5Freddy laid.

I’m happy about diversity and things not being the same.
I’m happy about the exposure being given to Herman Cain.

I’m happy with whomever the Republicans nominate and choose.
I’m confident when they go head to head with President Obama – they will lose.

Running a country isn’t easy; the last 10 years makes the case a hard fact.
And I don’t see a nominee in the top Republican 3 that can beat Obama in that.

I’m happy about it, because progress is in the works
and to change power now, could be a move that ultimately hurts
more than we’re hurting now, and could possibly yield more doom.
Please pay attention today- your 2012 vote is needed soon.

I’m happy that we have this online griot stoop,
where you drop in and peep my summarized view.
It wouldn’t be nothing without you. 🙂

I’m Crazy about you and you know it. It’s a bi-product of LIFE.
I’m Qui
Digging you from A to Z and glad to have you on my literal rights.

I’m in it to positively add insight.