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Today is a H A P P Y Day

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Happy Birthday Fab5Freddy

I was happy to bed and happy to rise;
I was happy to breathe and open my eyes
to see another day not promised to me;
To revel in life and enjoy her mystery;
To stop and smell the roses and hammer out a blog.
I’m happy right now —> I’m a communication hog.

No ordinary hump is applicable to this date –
watermarked by the birth of Frederick Brathwaite.
Sheer legacy is in tact and his ART is crystal steady;
Toast some Dom or put one in the air for Fab 5 Freddy.

Be like Ms. DaBrat
you can put it in your rap.

I’m happy today because friendship is golden.
I’m a lover of gold, so to friends I’m beholden. lol!
Not a lover of jewelry or much for material things,
but I do love Mr. Brathwaite from his ART to his HIP HOP seams.

‘Ya know what I mean?
He wears intellect like oil sheen.
It’s all in his head and I like watching.
I’m known for LISTENING when F5F is talking.
Knowledge is heavy – only fools are squawking.
Among us today a LEGEND is walking.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y Dear Friend,
who consistently paints life NEW again. 🙂

Today is a HAPPY Day. Today has diverse meaning,
I’m Qui
Happy about Todays LIFE. To express it is quite FREE’ing.
What a wonderful feeling!


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FaceBook, WildStyle, Fab5Freddy & Charlie Ahearn

Whose FACE is in your social media BOOK? You do FACEBOOKdon’t you?

Sure you do. The place is filled with folks faces and status updates (many suited for personal diary pages), but overall it’s a recreational free fall of interesting faces in distant and near places. Facebook is perfect for getting “the message” out. Some posts may enlighten you while other posts may frighten you — am I right? I have a few family members that post anything that comes to mind, leaving the rest of the family feeling totally sure that NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE is ever on their mind and likewise we’re all wondering if they’d ever heard of the saying:

“It is better to be thought a fool – than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

Then there are those FACEBOOK’ers you can’t wait to hear from — for me, one of those V.I.P. persons would be Fab5Freddy. You know how I feel about the guy so I won’t go on and on about his ART FABULOUS’ity, but I will mention that had it not been for Mr. Brathwaite I would not have ever known of or personally met Charlie Ahearn. Charlie is a filmmaker and a REEL FaceBook delight. Charlie is also the WRITER/DIRECTOR of the historic (reasoning behind hip hop & graffiti) film “WILD STYLE” . Please tell me that you’ve seen the film WILD STYLE? Let’s reminisce::

WILD STYLE is one of my favorite pieces of reel history so imagine my excitement when Charlie Ahearn sent me a Facebook notification yesterday regarding the upcoming screening of “Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer & All City Short” and it read::

Back in the Days: REMIX

Part of BAMcinemaFest.

Thu, Jun 16—Sun, Jun 26, 2011

In conjunction with the world premiere of Charlie Ahearn’s documentary Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer and the June release of Jamel Shabazz’s latest book, Back in the Days: REMIX, published by powerHouse Books, BAMcinemaFest presents an exhibition of Shabazz’s photographs, some of which appear in the documentary.

Back in the Days documents the emerging hip-hop scene from 1980 to 1989—before it became what is today’s multi million-dollar multinational industry. Back in the days, gangs would battle not with guns, but by breakdancing. Back in the days, the streets—not corporate planning—set the standards for style. Back in the days, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, photographing everyday people hangin’ in Harlem, kickin’ it in Queens, and cold chillin’ in Brooklyn.

Jamel Shabazz has been documenting ‘urban life’ for over 30 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he picked up his first camera at the age of 15 and proceeded to record the world around him, drawing inspiration from the great James Van Der Zee, Gordon Parks, Robert Capa, Chester Higgins, and Eli Reed. He has published several monographs, including the bestselling photo documentary Back in the Days, and most recently, Seconds of My Life. Shabazz’s work has appeared in such publications as The Source, Vibe, Trace, British Elle, Jalouse, Dune, GQ, and French Vogue, as well as numerous group exhibitions.

Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer screens Sun, Jun 26 at 3:30pm and is followed by a book signing with Shabazz of his new book, Back in the Days: REMIX. Get tickets here.

— Natman Room

Nothing gets me going quicker than film spectating @ independent film productions. Unfortunately for me, I’m in TX and the event is going down in THE BIG APPLE, but that doesn’t restrict me from living vicariously through the writes, the research, or the historical insight that the film is sure to yield me. History tells me that Fab & Charlie do nothing for naught. I’m certain to hunt Shabazz’ new book & film down for purchase as soon as it’s available. Of course I already own an autographed copy of WILD STYLE. Next stop: Getting Jamel’s hancock on my show of support for his work, and getting his FACE in my BOOK.


I’m not much for random chatter out loud in a social forum,
I am much more for blogging and hogging my QE Magazine quorum.

I use FACEBOOK for its intended purposes indeed
to see whose talking straight & whose straight off the weed.

To see whose talking sense and whose talking dense.
FaceBook is the perfect outlet to vent — (at your global expense).

CNN is currently cruising FACEBOOK – incorporating “your thoughts” into “their views”.
CNN is also laughing at ignorance via FACEBOOK and doing so on LIVE NEWS…
and often times, the butt of the joke looks a lot like YOU.

Though there are a few diamonds in the pool that I relish each time they connect,
I’m Qui
to reside among Greats on social media sites, film screening events and everywhere else.

So what is your role in The BOOK of FACEs?
Are you airing your dirty laundry in social media places?

Of course not — that’s NOT YOUR FB status update on CNN is it?
I’d much rather see you star in a film that’s positive & independent.

SUPPORT:: The Film Screening of Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer & All City Short.

Click the link and be a positive sport:


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Quenching Dry'ness

MTV is not the only “G” filming parties — Qui Films is reeling “no forgetters”.
This weekend we filmed Crazy HYPE scenes at a Black Light Quinceanera.

You’ve never been to one before? They’re quite the ‘party hard‘ spark.
TEENS jammin’ – SWAG slammin’ and HIGHLIGHTER writing in the dark.

Graffiti ruled the walls, as did a bus load of dancing flirts.
We didn’t get lost (in the dark), the writing was on their T-shirts:

DaBrat wasn’t at the party, but she kept it ‘rock steady
No doubt we jammed her new joint: “FAB 5 FREDDY”.

Had you heard of it? We’re jamming it right now.
Click HERE (if it doesn’t auto play) – then bump it loud!

Norris J wasn’t at the party, but we still delight in giving him love.
Norris J went to Altanta last week in support of the FOX’s: DOVE.

He showed up and rocked the Pre Party and all in the building had to agree,
By the end of the night – comments did highlight: Norris J is “THE COOLEST” MC.

Oooo Wee!

How REFRESHING was my weekend? My weekend was dope,
I’m Qui
GOOD TIMES always come in three and not one sip of Coke.

Historical Future ART Mash

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Merging TIME into ART

Yep! That’s the best I can do to with the headline of this article: “Historical Future ART Mash”. For these are the words that roll off of my lips when I think of Fab 5 Freddy and his works.

Aside from being my mentor on a myriad of subjects, Fab5Freddy is a living legend documented in hundreds of art gallery databases including The Library of Congress. How proud am I of his accomplishments to our American, Pop, Hip Hop, and intellectual culture? 😀

Have you ever seen this man out of character or out-of-order? If you said “NO” – some would argue with you on that — and their immediate case in point would be Fab’s recent glitzy exhibition that appears to glorify violence (boxing) and sex (strippers on poles), [Crystal Punch Exhibition @ The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas]. However, it is clear that those who would make such an argument do not live in the real world. For sex, violence, water and love is what this country runs on. So please don’t insult my intelligence.😉

Click iMAGE to Enlarge

Do you watch THE BORGAIS? Do you watch the WORLD NEWS? Well consider Fab 5 Freddy to be guilty (once again) of Time capsuling albeit on cotton canvas’ & print.

Click IMAGE to Enlarge

The Huffington Post has a great photo line up about the same event. NETWORKING WORKS! I told ya’:
Click here to read the highlight feed @ ••► “ART in the Streets”: Bring Fire to MOCA.

Sharp, FAB 5 FREDDY and Futura in Los Angeles last week

ART NET Magazine also ran into Fab5 (at some point) during the week,
and gave literal props to the legends work in their piece on : “ART in The Street”.

Though one of my favorite pieces – written this time last week
was the one mentioning F5F’s expansive legacy – on HYPEBEAST.

You can catch Fab’s thoughts on “ART in the Streets” via youtube or vimeo.
Of course if you’re into “the audio thing” – peep KCRW & I AM RADIO.

If you’re wondering what the future will look like? Take a good look at today.
Yesterdays graffiti is alive and well in museum swells; human nature doesn’t sway.

Fab is a story teller capturing moments in time.
Fab got his famous mention for writing BLONDIE that line.

Look how he’s evolved – PURPOSE queries solved. He’s a vet @ what he’s doing.
I’ve always said, life is a lot like sex and Mr. Brathwaite is Fabulously screwing.

Ooo Wee I WORD PLAY with thee – but somehow you know that it’s true.
I’m Qui
GOOD FRIDAY to thee and by all means, make it a HAPPY EASTER too.

From the FLY tip to the VEGAS Strip

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Blondie told you what he said — I’m here to show you what he’s doing NOW:

Anytime is a good time to hump a legendary view
in association with the Where are they now hue. lol!

Fab is in Harlem, Fab is on the Vegas Strip.
Fab could be anywhere – he’s not shy of a trip.

Recently I received a few inquiries in search of the Hip Hop Statesman,
so I went on the prow for those Flip & iphone vids he be makin‘.

Fab and Technology equates to productive moving and shakin’.

Fab is in Jamaica, Fab is in France.
Fab is literally an ART HEAVY 1-Man-Band.

ART is what moves him. ART de-coagulates the blood in his veins.
Art was the reason why he spray painted those subway trains. lol!

When you don’t hear from this brother often, (via TV or on the NEWS),
please know that he is hard at work creating new and exciting views.

His cultural impact is ton weighty – He’s got the best knowledgeable flow.
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, he introduced me to the term: GRIOT. (pronounced Gree-OH).

Today I’m feeling a little artsy. Today I’m feeling rather FLY,
I’m Qui
on a Hump Day — but none more than Mr. Fab 5.

[He’s duly dedicated to keeping ART and HIP HOP alive].

The Linguistic: GRIOT

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Recognize the linguistic. Enjoy it's relativity.

My Kinfolk.

One of my main TAG WORDS is: GRIOT. I very much like being identified with the historic West African Linguistic. [Griot is pronounced Gree-OH. ]

It was July of 2006— I’d taken my first trip to the BIG APPLE. I stayed in the PARAMOUNT HOTEL and all was well with the world, (according to my fantastic TIMES SQUARE view). To make a long story short and get to the point…while I was there, among all of the things I did and all of the monuments I visited, none were as memorable as meeting Fred Brathwaite aka Fab5Freddy. We hit it right off and took a ride in his Mercedes to delve more into what seemed to be a never ending showcase of absolute & relative conversational rhyme…by yours truly of course. Fab was fantastic in encouraging me to do so and at some point during our spontaneous meeting he dropped knowledge on me and informed me of a historical West African Linquistic called: Griot. Griot is the art form of telling stories and/or passing down cultural information IN RHYME.

Had you ever heard of it? I had not.

Thirsty for knowledgeI always am— so at the first free moment I had (post my conversation with F5F) I researched the heck out of the word Griot and how this linguistic thing worked. I, like many African Americans have no clear record of where in Africa our families may have originated – so to be pointed to out of crowd and told that my style of conversation likens to a tribe in W. Africa…I am thrilled.

*´¨) ¸.·* ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.*·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸ .* ¸.·* )´¸.·*´¨) ¸.*·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸ .*

It doesn’t mean that’s where I’m from – nor does it mean that’s where I’m going,
but it’s good to know there’s historical documentation for the form of seeds that I’m sewing.

I’ve been talking in rhyme since my conversational begin.
I remember utilizing the skill & stunning my kin.

I remember my 2nd grade teacher “literally” telling me —
that I was a poetic genius for my versing scheme.
Ooo Wee.

I didn’t know what it meant, but I kept the encouragement in stride
then it all made sense once I met the HIP HOP Statesman Fab 5.

It’s been all good on a daily – I enjoy sharing my comprehended flow
I’m Qui
and I’m grateful to know I’m DNA gifted something like a Griotte.

[Griot is the term usually referring to a male story teller – Griotte is the term used for the female counter part]

Mr. Robinson Hosts The 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors

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Yep! Yep! On June 7th (2010) “The Honors” are going down
Bar for Bar, Pound for Pound in a ‘Southern districted round’.

Are you ready?

This years host is a fellow that you may or may not know:
It’s the funny man Craig Robinson with his “dry humor” comedic flow.

You may know him from “The Bernie Mac Show”, “The Office”, or the film “The Hot Tub Time Machine” – recently Craig has been crowned show host of next seasons “LAST COMIC STANDING“. His resume is extensive (check it out) — he’s a very funny brother::

He also has a die hard funny VH1 commercial about the 2010 Hip Honors:: Click Here.

The party will be broadcast via VH1 on the 7th of June,
I’m Qui
‘Looking forward to Jamming –RAW– and Laughing –HARDreal soon.

How did I find out about the shows air date and its side splitting host?
I read it on Twitter – it was one of FabNewYorks posts…
I stay connected.

The 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors airs on June 7th, 2010 @ 9/8c

Do You Know CRAIG?


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Life PURPOSE. What is your lifes PURPOSE? Some find out early in life like Fab 5 Freddy.

Fred Brathwaite is his birth name, but around the globe he’s recognized as the Graffiti Artist famous for the subway spray painting done in 1979 with LEE Quinones (a tribute to Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell Soup piece). ART was the PURPOSE. Fab 5 Freddy went on to aid the facilitation of HIP HOP into America’s mainstream pop culture when he hosted YO! MTV RAPS – the perfect global segway into black culture…through Rap.

YO! brought black people (and many other races) from every corner around the world onto one insightful accord through Saturday morning joints hosted by yours truly: Fab 5 Freddy. An impactful and historical vien was opened and Mr. Brathwaite was at the helms. What a PURPOSE. HIP HOP: A HUGE cultural watermark that still moves the world on a whole — to one beat. A Grafitti Artist, turned Rap Show Host, turned Music Video Director, Documentary Producer, Co-exec Film Producing, Co Exec VH1 Hip Hop Honors Producing and now a YOUTUBE Curator… ART. He’s ba-aack.

A recent email from the Legend lead me to a YOUTUBE Curator page hosted by Fab 5 Freddy. Check out his new ART Concept on the video. It’s a jewel of a concept. He can’t help but pioneer and “host”

I believe this young man started his career in his teens.
Time has graciously missed him completely by crease or seam.

Some are lucky to find one purpose while Fab has found many.
When it comes to pioneering opportunities – his name comes up plenty.

I’ve noticed that his eyes still gleam when he’s talking about his ART.
I fancy the Legends mindI’m a digger of deep intellect & smarts.

Heightened knowledge is sound and Longevity is key,
I’m Qui

PURPOSE‘ful in my Griot formatspost educated by Fab 2+3.

I bet’cha didn’t know that. Oooo Weee.
His Knowledgable PURPOSE has also influenced me.

LAST TRAIN TO PARIS: in Stores 12.14.10

Fab5Freddy Co-Signs

Click HERE then visit and see what’s really going on in the ART WORLD.

Unsung Exhibitions

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A Networking Conglomerate

Welcome to Gallery Qui is a magazine that focuses on honoring creative talents. Staple American Artist like Rembrandt, Michael Jackson, Spike Lee, Andy Warhol, Fab 5 Freddy, etc. have works that are readily available in upscale galleries all over the world –and they very well should . But what about that “artist dude” that you met when you had your portrait done in that little town on beach?

The finished product is still – by far – one of the most amazing works of art that you’ve ever seen, (never mind the fact the pic of you). With the exception of him signing the bottom of the canvas you’ve not ever seen or heard of his name again?

Well we’d love to share your experience with you and even yield some global EXPOSURE for that “artist dude too. So send us your stories and pictures of your “custom made art” ( your cd, your short film, YOUR PRODUCTIVE GOODS) to share with the wwworld. Local talent doesn’t have to be limited by the distance of physical relativity anymore. — ART IS GLOBAL — and so are we.

Welcome to Qui Entertainment Magazine,
Let the GOOD Conversation begin.