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I don’t know what you’ve seen and heard,
but it’s 4:30am and I’m up jamming this! My word:

It’s nothing like waking up and feeling beautiful.
This throwback [looking] vid is purposeful and dutiful.

I found it on Facebook and to the poster – I did not block.
In fact I immediately shared the post of Shavina Peacock.

Her #FIT ways are progressive and ‘don’t stop.’
Then there’s this HOOK that my mind has on lock:


The words! The words! They speak to me.
I think this is the theme hook of Qui.

When I further researched the video that caught my eye on Facebook,
I learned that this joint is tribute to The BLACK PANTHERS look.

I ain’t mad. In fact I’m glad that someone is heralding me pretty.
Diversity needs no rehearse and Division is a real pitty.

Oh well. If you choose to miss out by diss out —
My perfect lips won’t bend to pout.

I’m feeling A-OKAY as I jit up to go.
I’m digging on a dude with a cool afro.

He’s looking after me and I’ve got his back – YO!
It’s Monday morning, I’m done yawning and I’m good to go.

Black is Beautiful and this video inspires me to keep on singing!
I’m Qui
Take time to love, hug and kiss. RUN THE VIDEO AGAIN -it’s sweetening.


The REEL Players

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Every now and then I fancy the BOOK of FACES, and the month of February thus far has proven to be awesome in finding cool video bytes. I’ve watched what seems like millions of them, I’ve seen cat videos, kids throwing tantrum videos, folk throwing blows videos and a few other that made me say ‘my God and Oh-ohhhh!‘ but none got me lit more than this piece. They are students at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) and it’s obviously no secret that the word-of-the-month around campus is #BlackExcellence. In the spirit of the very meaning of the #hashtag meet Terry, Terrance and John… I love these guys. They lead todays highlight of The REEL PLAYERS:


Sometimes it’s not enough to just be suited  up, proper and proud,
sometimes you have to go primetime and say it loud:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.33.40 PM.png

Like Beyonce did at SUPER BOWL 50.
The meaningful comprise of FORMATION is quite nifty.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.33.50 PM.png

Love her or hate her – she means business and I am most convinced
she qualifies to rank in file among #BlackExcellence.

You know how I feel about those who serve up that “tactful real”
and Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance took the cake in “historic appeal.”

But she’s not the only one in this game to win it. She’s not the only one who dares to be bold
so let’s bring back this young dude whose got  fitness in the sack at 70+ years old:

You heard the man. You heard what he said,
get off of the couch, “too old” is ONLY in your head.

Me? I’m just getting started.
A lifestyle of fitness isn’t for the faint hearted.

But whose really fainting? Certainly not you –
so get on up and take a 20-min walk… maybe two.

It’s good for you, in fact take the selfie stick and film through it,
I’m Qui
A REEL PLAYER and avid observer – so when you DO IT get into it.

They’re not online – They’re on an app! [me too]

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teens-textingMannnn they [your kids] left the book of faces generations ago.
The book is now filled with grade school children and more mature souls.

Most lack wisdom and few yield it like gold.
Many are stuck in the book because they’ve nowhere else to go.

Oh no! Is that you?
Taking one more picture – sharing one more hairdo?

Aw shucks. Look at that. You’ve got grandkids too…
This is what my timeline looks like most times I roll through. 🙂

I ain’t mad tho – in fact I’m glad. People need
a place to gather that’s not serving liquor or feed.

We eat too much on a whole, and if you drink you still have to get home.
So I’m glad the book of faces is a place for the global homebody to roam.

I really am.

However, and so very clever, the kids are not there “with you” but still in the home.
They have abandoned their glaze into the computers face, for a cooler app on their phone.

Home sweet home; they are physically not out in the streets.
Halelujah! Thank you Jesus – but they’re also not here with me.


Technology. It’s a give and a take. It’s a win across the board
but what exactly is that app about that doth so “constantly time hoard?”

It may be Tumbler and/or Pinterest — these apps yield a photo stimulation jam
but if they’re the interactive type, they’re likely rocking Instagram.

Don’t forget about Snap Chat. It’s turns quicker than the neck.
The vid is there one minute and the next — data forgets.

Vine? I love vine. I’m on it all the time.
There’s always a fool who makes it look cool.
Yes I do dig that app called Vine.

I’m on the book of faces less and less with each passing day,
tho when it’s time to “crowd chime”, it’s a nice place to convey.

Everything has it’s place and your children have found theirs!
I’m Qui
And don’t worry about me, I’m with the kids — a technology nerd. #Word.


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FaceBook, WildStyle, Fab5Freddy & Charlie Ahearn

Whose FACE is in your social media BOOK? You do FACEBOOKdon’t you?

Sure you do. The place is filled with folks faces and status updates (many suited for personal diary pages), but overall it’s a recreational free fall of interesting faces in distant and near places. Facebook is perfect for getting “the message” out. Some posts may enlighten you while other posts may frighten you — am I right? I have a few family members that post anything that comes to mind, leaving the rest of the family feeling totally sure that NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE is ever on their mind and likewise we’re all wondering if they’d ever heard of the saying:

“It is better to be thought a fool – than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

Then there are those FACEBOOK’ers you can’t wait to hear from — for me, one of those V.I.P. persons would be Fab5Freddy. You know how I feel about the guy so I won’t go on and on about his ART FABULOUS’ity, but I will mention that had it not been for Mr. Brathwaite I would not have ever known of or personally met Charlie Ahearn. Charlie is a filmmaker and a REEL FaceBook delight. Charlie is also the WRITER/DIRECTOR of the historic (reasoning behind hip hop & graffiti) film “WILD STYLE” . Please tell me that you’ve seen the film WILD STYLE? Let’s reminisce::

WILD STYLE is one of my favorite pieces of reel history so imagine my excitement when Charlie Ahearn sent me a Facebook notification yesterday regarding the upcoming screening of “Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer & All City Short” and it read::

Back in the Days: REMIX

Part of BAMcinemaFest.

Thu, Jun 16—Sun, Jun 26, 2011

In conjunction with the world premiere of Charlie Ahearn’s documentary Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer and the June release of Jamel Shabazz’s latest book, Back in the Days: REMIX, published by powerHouse Books, BAMcinemaFest presents an exhibition of Shabazz’s photographs, some of which appear in the documentary.

Back in the Days documents the emerging hip-hop scene from 1980 to 1989—before it became what is today’s multi million-dollar multinational industry. Back in the days, gangs would battle not with guns, but by breakdancing. Back in the days, the streets—not corporate planning—set the standards for style. Back in the days, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, photographing everyday people hangin’ in Harlem, kickin’ it in Queens, and cold chillin’ in Brooklyn.

Jamel Shabazz has been documenting ‘urban life’ for over 30 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he picked up his first camera at the age of 15 and proceeded to record the world around him, drawing inspiration from the great James Van Der Zee, Gordon Parks, Robert Capa, Chester Higgins, and Eli Reed. He has published several monographs, including the bestselling photo documentary Back in the Days, and most recently, Seconds of My Life. Shabazz’s work has appeared in such publications as The Source, Vibe, Trace, British Elle, Jalouse, Dune, GQ, and French Vogue, as well as numerous group exhibitions.

Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer screens Sun, Jun 26 at 3:30pm and is followed by a book signing with Shabazz of his new book, Back in the Days: REMIX. Get tickets here.

— Natman Room

Nothing gets me going quicker than film spectating @ independent film productions. Unfortunately for me, I’m in TX and the event is going down in THE BIG APPLE, but that doesn’t restrict me from living vicariously through the writes, the research, or the historical insight that the film is sure to yield me. History tells me that Fab & Charlie do nothing for naught. I’m certain to hunt Shabazz’ new book & film down for purchase as soon as it’s available. Of course I already own an autographed copy of WILD STYLE. Next stop: Getting Jamel’s hancock on my show of support for his work, and getting his FACE in my BOOK.


I’m not much for random chatter out loud in a social forum,
I am much more for blogging and hogging my QE Magazine quorum.

I use FACEBOOK for its intended purposes indeed
to see whose talking straight & whose straight off the weed.

To see whose talking sense and whose talking dense.
FaceBook is the perfect outlet to vent — (at your global expense).

CNN is currently cruising FACEBOOK – incorporating “your thoughts” into “their views”.
CNN is also laughing at ignorance via FACEBOOK and doing so on LIVE NEWS…
and often times, the butt of the joke looks a lot like YOU.

Though there are a few diamonds in the pool that I relish each time they connect,
I’m Qui
to reside among Greats on social media sites, film screening events and everywhere else.

So what is your role in The BOOK of FACEs?
Are you airing your dirty laundry in social media places?

Of course not — that’s NOT YOUR FB status update on CNN is it?
I’d much rather see you star in a film that’s positive & independent.

SUPPORT:: The Film Screening of Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer & All City Short.

Click the link and be a positive sport:

Preacher trapped in a rappers body…

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Meet Norris J.

He sho’ makes positive rap sound cool. In fact, he’s “THE COOLEST” inspirational rapper I know and his swag is easily comparable to Will Smith.

So if you’ve found as of late that you’re driving music has been reduced from: jamming the latest rap song in it’s entirety -to- only jamming the instrumental – you are not alone. I’ve even taken to freestyling (making up rhymes about me), because I refuse to be a held hostage to “lyrical trash” over dope beats.

I just wont do it.

However, thanks to Norris J, LeCrae, Common, Mr. Pointman, and a local (DFW) cat I know named Groovy — I too can jam a rap joint in its entirety during my road transitions.

I learned of Norris J last winter through an internet shopping executive and she absolutely couldn’t say enough about him. She immediately googled him (on the spot) to make an informal introduction. I’m not easily impressed when it comes to rap – you know this. I like WORDS. They matter to me. I like them to make sense.

Words don’t seem to be of much value to the fad rapper, and the moral of the story is usually: GARBAGE (pronounced gar-bahj).

However, Norris J is on something entirely different. The beats are jamming and the chorus hooks are easy to get stuck in your head. In fact, the ONLY DIFFERENCE between Norris J’s raps and say those of Jay Z or Drake, is simply in THE WORDS he chooses to use – especially in his hooks.

It’s minor adjustments like these (new trends), if caught onto can make a huge difference in our culture and the comprehension of value in our youth. Think about it. They repeat everything they hear…

Norris J is cooler than a fan on HIGH.
Though I won’t lie –
I was NOT looking for another rapper to come nigh…

Then all of a sudden:

This weekend I had the pleasure to network in a little fun,
that’s when I met VeniceMr. Norris J’s mom.

She’s his No. 1 fan. She’s honest in her bias view,
but she was in good company, because I’m an INJ fan too.

After listening more intently and being inspired by every spoken sentence
I knew I had to tell you about Norris and work his mom’s name all up in it. lol!

Norris J is a lyrical beast overlayed on beats and his swagger does deem him a hotty!
Not to mention his insides are good, he’s a “Preacher trapped in a rappers body”.

That last line is a quote from “THE KINGDOM”kin to the headlining video joint,
I’m Qui
CONVERSATION RULES THE NATION and this brothers rap lyrics are on point.

PS — This is good news for me and my youthful intellectual kin,
Thanks to an elite few we too can jam rap in our cars again.
Let’s support positivity & we’ll POSITIVELY WIN.
Hit up REVERB and get your Norris J order in!

Of course he’s spreading good vibes on FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.
Befriend him and “LIKE” his pages —you know how we do. 🙂

REELing in “For Flow”

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So you were wondering HOW TO break into the film industry? What to do and where to go? How about starting with a little schooling and formal education and then straightaway to the film festivals?

You’ve got to support the festival of events that will eventually support you. Right? After all support begats so support, so you know I was all too excited to hear that my “reel brother” from NY Kesav Murthy Wable was bringing his film “FOR FLOW” to last weeks 5th Annual Texas Black Film Festival to be screened along side my own submission. I was ecstatic!

I met Kesav/DeeGrand on Twitter. Yes – I said Twitter. As of late, I have met more than a few people who profess to be “networking guru’s” but they’re not connected to TWITTER. I don’t know about them, but with no budget for major mass marketing, I rely on free networking through sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as mass emailing to get my message out.

Let me clarify: I don’t use FACEBOOK as much as I used to, back in the day (2006), because now my Mom, and grandma are on it and well let’s just say it’s not the same.

Back to Kesav (actor, writer, TWITTER follower): He won the 2006-07 Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC) inaugural South Asian Playwriting Fellowship at the Lark Theatre and Play Development Center for the piece, “For Flow”. Wable, with the help of co-producers Randall L. Sawyer and Stephen L. Smith (together, “25 to Life Productions, LLC), staged “For Flow” at Theater for New City — for a successful three week run. Kesav then adapted the play into a short film, shot and cut by Jason Camp, ( which was an official selection at the Texas Black Film Festival and is nominated for best short film, winning an honorary Award of Excellence from the Canada International Film Festival. One of the actors in “For Flow”, Vladimi Versailles (Kane), can be seen in theaters across the country in the film “Mooz-lum”.

Wable’s first play, “Ashoka’s Wheel”, was selected as part of Chicago’s Rasaka Theatre’s reading series in 2004 and the next year, featured as a finalist in the Chicago Dramatists’ “Many Voices Project”. As an actor, he appeared as ‘Darius’ in Yong Soo Pak’s film Antigone 5000. He has performed in numerous stage productions including King Lear as ‘Edmund’ at the Underhill Theater, Brooklyn; as ‘Hossein’ inKhaddish in East Jerusalem at Theater for the New City and Murellus in Julius Caesar at Harlem’s National Black Theater. Kesav is also a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, ’08 and a practicing attorney.

It’s obvious Kesav has talent and can REEL’y blow…
He’s also pretty versed in script skills thus presenting: FOR FLOW.

You know SUPPORT is my thang and Kesav was right up my ally;
I’m a #Networking Queen and Twittering is on “my daily tally”.

If you missed “FOR FLOW” at the TBFF strut,
perhaps you can catch it in Vancouver, Canada.

This brother is on the move and his reel skill is making its rounds.
I had to “PUT HIM ON” because his go getter spirit deserves a pound!

My short film “THE CAUCUS” was composed like a PSA – I’m bound to educate,
I’m Qui
digging Kesav
for Twitting me out to network support and reel relate.

Stills from FOR FLOW

PLOT SYNOPSIS: Shot on location, in the birthplace of hip-hop. Two MC’s (rappers) wait for a record producer on a lonely street corner of the Bronx. Their meeting will change that corner forever.