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The JAM was so good…

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News on October 3, 2014 at 11:34 am

I do love a good JAM.I’m a good ol’ girl, from the Dallas “Dirty” South
and goodness far extends the pallet of my mouth.

I do love me some biscuits with white gravy or jam.
I’m also a huge lover of music — Oh yes, I am.

There was so much JAM at the 2014 Plugged in Concert
that I gave it 5 biscuits – it was hicker than syrup.

1 biscuit translates to 1 star — I gave the event 5 in a row.
Jam the weekend with me to the PLUGGED IN show:

Qui Films PLUGGEDIN icon

There were 9 bands to interview, rock-out-with, get to know and feel.
In the process I made many more friends by the close of each one reeled.

I could list all of the band names and who exactly jammed what,
or you could just click the link and jam your ‘hand-picked’ line-up:

The PLUGGED IN Concert

The Chandler Center for The Arts and their events – go hard!
I’m Qui
Glad to reel it all. There’s nothing like substantial art.

The JAM was so good, I’ve given it biscuits instead of stars.