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Riding with Diddy on the LTTP

In Griot, Music, Networking, TV Shows on December 14, 2010 at 12:42 pm

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Remember the FANTASTIC VOYAGE? Well this ride is much better! Diddy is the conductor and we’re headed to Paris. The CD drops today and you want to be in on it.

Why? Because there’s nothing like the power of unite, support, or utilizing music to bookmark moments in time. No matter how you see the economy, politics that don’t stick, or chemistries that don’t mix – All is well on The LAST TRAIN TO PARIS. Get lost in the ambience and make the most of your travel experience with LTTP in your CD rotation:


Hello and Goodmorning
Diddy is ba-aaack & he’s PARIS storming.
Sound the alarm and tell your moma ‘nem too
To go out and cop the CD — cause SUPPORT is what we do.

Support is a pretty hot sport – ’tis for every entreprenuer and artist.
‘Been waiting on a reason to show your support? Let Diddy ignite & start it.

Support him like you did OPRAH when she had that interview with BARBARA last week.
Jam LTTP and ride the creative beast. The prequisite to JAM does not include ‘the speak’.

Once in your ears – you’re in the clear;
No “sex preference questions” to adhere.

You either dig the hole or consume the elongated spear. 😉
However Your preference to good music is what we’re holding dear.

But you don’t care for rap music anymore; You’re done with the non creative blah-blah on a digital whim.
Well DIDDY has hijacked the video view too & is rendering his feel-good-joints like films.

Taking ARTIST INDIVIDUALITY to a whole ‘nother level in 5-star stride.
So if you want to score “Get your Ass On The Floor” – cop the CD and ride.

I’m already ON – Jamming the same songs as you do — today,
I’m Qui
On the LAST TRAIN TO PARIS. Get on now – the conductor won’t wait.
hey-eyy! Put it on REPEAT and let the CD play.