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Even Better

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Historic annals are in the progress of recording; refrain from being the one penned as ‘doing the farting.

You’ve got to do that for you. At Wednesday night’s debate, Senator Harris came through. Her intentions were forthcoming; her conversation is truth.

At the poll’s bare your souls and vote for the interest of you and tomorrow’s youth’s youths. Legacy will come through. What will history say about you?

If things are kosher for you now, you should strive to make them even better. Informed lobes shine like gold; they function best when knowledge is wetter.

Let this lesson that is upon our nation be a no forgetter. If you’re wiser today than yesterday — that’s even better.


Life is a script that each man makes on a fly. A foiled kidnapping of the MI governor was an excellent catch by the F.B.I.

Thank God for law and order; we remain safe during this by-and-by. We’re living out a series not scripted – well at least not nigh. Please believe history will rely on footage archived from this era of our lives. Oh my.

Do we want our names on that? We can change the narrative and punch COVID until it’s flat if we go to the polls and form our vote to frame up like a bat.

It’s what we need to do to insert the facts. With a little unity between you and me, we can get our country back.

To the goodness in our history, we should all strive to tether. To achieve unity across our national community is key and even better.

We can do it. I know that I want it. Let’s run this thing on in; no need to punt it.

Debates are dangerous because airborne viruses can make people sick. Further in-person debates must be for entertainment’s sake –because you and I – we got this.

No more “hot mess” or debating b.s. – this moment is a no forgetter. I’ll see you at the polls; the tallies won’t be close, because you and I can do better.

I vote PEVL then I drop my ballot off at the poll. I appreciate the community love and every clerking soul.

You are a front liner, too – your efforts are gold. Thank you, thank you. May God bless you, 100-fold.

100-fold, in terms of an investment, would mean that you’ll receive 100 x’s more in return. To give unselfishly yields the brightest returns in history; selfish calculations always burn.

I believe in you and me; I believe in the American go-getter,
I’m Qui
If you believe that we can do it too, well now — that’s even better.

Tamron said it, I just sipped

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Tamron said it - I just sipped— I generally start the morning off sitting upright in bed
while I sip on a cup of jo and come alive in my head.

I have plans to dance gracefully through the weekend, as if it were a ball,
so I started out my day to the tune of Tamron Hall,

and in-short, she said:

President Obama is under fire for his inclusive remarks
at “My Brothers Keeper,” — but he spoke from the heart.

I’m not mad at him for trying to encourage and relate
to a younger generation who are questioning their fate.

Tamron’s note took flight in sharing American Airlines’ view
of ending bereavement fares; a courtesy they used to offer me and you.

I read up on the headline and it basically came down to this
with UA they’ve merged and now they’ve purged. Truth is – it’s all business.

divider blk_south

I am grateful over here in Ocotillo Lakes
that Jan Brewer vetoed 1062 yesterday.

An interesting interview with Susan Zalkind
lead me to read her piece on the Boston Magazine vine.

The Murders Before the Marathon” is an interesting piece
Three men, slit throats, and a slow investigation release.

9 films are up for Best Picture, per the OSCAR BUZZ,
I wonder which one will take home that statuesque love.

Including Sandra Bullocks GRAVITY and 12 YEARS A SLAVE.
Which one will take home that Oscar love and reap that reel praise?

Good luck exceptional artists who were lucky enough to get invites.
I’ll be home nourishing new seeds to grown. I’ll be sure to tune in that night.

It’s the weekend baby I’m energy-charged and ready to ball,
I’m Qui
Kicking out news headlines while watching Ms. Tamara Hall.

Beauty is ON THE AIR 
Tamara’s genes are not fair!
Are you watching her on the TODAY show?