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What’s in the Kitchen

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You can say a lot of things about the FDA institution,
but you don’t have to eat fast food when there are better food solutions.

Lean burgers that won’t dry out
In an effort to cook healthier, I’ve been making burgers with lean beef — but they just aren’t as juicy and succulent as my usual recipe. So I was happy to learn this trick: Mix 1 cup of plain yogurt and 3/4 cup of bread crumbs into each pound of meat. The yogurt’s lactic acid will tenderize the beef while the bread will retain moisture. Now my burgers are healthy and delicious.
–Julia Harnischmacher,
Test Kitchen Associate

Tasty way to prevent grilled fish from sticking
The trick to fillets that easily release from the grates every time: mayonnaise. Simply brush a very thin coating of the condiment onto the fish before grilling. Mayo’s thick consistency will adherer better than oil, creating a nonstick barrier. Bonus: The condiment’s subtle, savory flavor will perfectly complement the seafood without overpowering it.

Baker’s tip for a crisp, flaky piecrust
When baking a pie on a hot day, wrap an ice pack in a dish towel and leave it on your work surface for 30 minutes before rolling out the pastry. This will keep the butter in the dough from melting as you roll it out, making the task a breeze and ensuring a flakier crust.

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Keep chopped herbs fresh
To enjoy the convenience of pre-chopped herbs without taking away their vibrant flavor, try wrapping a handful in a damp paper towel and storing the bundle in a zip-top bag in the fridge. The moisture and lack of exposure to oxygen will help the herbs retain their color, texture and flavor for up to three days.

The secret to a sweet pineapple
Slicing into a whole fresh pineapple can be a gamble: The flesh often looks pale and tastes tart. That’s because the fruit constantly stands upright, so its natural juices settle on the bottom. The save: Cut off the leafy green top and turn the fruit upside down (so it’s standing on the cut end); let sit for an hour before slicing. This will distribute the juice evenly throughout the fruit, making every bite delectable.

I like to cook in the kitchen and I love to eat.
I like my beef: tender and my pineapples: sweet.

I like not eating out and knowing exactly what’s in my food,
I’m Qui
Doling out better food solutions
to aid you in your kitchen mood.
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