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Protected: Feeling Good

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Feeling Good

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on December 2, 2019 at 4:45 am


“‘Feeling good,” is what I said
and thank God for the D-skills in bed.

After reading 12-Ways to Decompress,
I will not ever go to bed tightened or stressed.

This morning I arose refreshed after a good nights rest.
I fell into rim sleep early and passed the 8-hour test.

Yes! I am a fan of bed  & dream entertainment.
Dreams are vivid; I research the good and claim them.

How will your day let out and/or hem, per se?
Shall you make this a Monday of all work, or whilst thou play?

I pray that you do both and do them both swiftly.
Got none last night or this morn? Capitalize at lunch – quickly.

Eat your vegetable, peas, textured things, and all entree’d parts in between.
Inject in your day copious amounts of play; be responsible, and keep it clean.

“‘Feeling good,” is what I said.
I do declare that I am good in bed.

I’ll set lunch and dinner, much like the same.
I’m Qui
and A’Good-Time is my preferred surname. 😛

The fact that we don’t feel good often enough is a real dry shame.
Now whisper in their ear your secret-pet name.

Let’s get it started. It’s


Be hard @ work. Be hard @ play.

Nina Simone – as my own…

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Nina Simone Faces2

What if I said,

“My hi-fi’s waiting for a new tune
And my glass is waiting for some fresh ice-cubes
I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come on
Back home and turn me on.”

NinaSimone Faces1
Would you come ‘a running?

Good morning good people! I do love the works of Ms. Nina Simone. I always have and I always will, in fact her vibing essence had such an impact on me that I named my last child after her. I variated the spelling but yield all credit for Dakota’s middle name to Nina. Last night found me clutching the long stem of a wine glass betwixt my 2nd and 3rd finger on my right hand while my left was committed to the jazz hand motion. Oh yes! Ms. Nina Simone and I have a ritualistic thing going on in the evenings and while it’s quite early this morning and coffee is more appropriately in fashion than wine — I am still feeling her vibe. If you’re feeling good too, join me in a jam or few:

Here Comes The Sun
Love or Leave Me

It’s hump day baby and my glass is half full
I’m swimming up creek and it feels pretty good.

The water is quite cool with no taint at this early hour.
I’m FEELING GOOD with Nina, no forecast of sour.

Nina Simone as my own – I named my daughter after her,
she’s melodic in thought but her ‘vocal pitch’ is a blur. 🙂

My dear daughter isn’t a singer, she’s a writer on an adolescent throne,
My pitch when she was in utero was to have a Simone — as my very own.

Her inking skills are beautiful, her conversation is rarely out of tone…
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day
to thee, Let’s win day 3 — I claim this too, as my own.