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And then…

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And then THE NEWS

Larry King decides to leave his LIVE show,
After 25 years – CNN will let him go.

For familial reasons — and who could argue with that?
His kids are 10 & 11 now…years he’ll never get back.

Thus anytime is good time for Ol’ Larry to hang his suspenders
We’ll still be talking about his work for as long as time remembers.

As Larry kicks the mic, FIFA continues to kick the ball to many a fan – in losing disbelief,
That such an important event would be so out of touch with GOAL and SCORING TECHNOLOGY.

NY is being primed as California is up to vote on legalizing pot
and as long as Montel Williams lives (with MS in NY) – he won’t stop.

Hurricane Alex is currently acting up — fa’ sho,
Looks like he’ll be wetting up our Texas coast.

Today is HUMP Day – let us make it a DAY of WINS,
I’m Qui
Applying Griot to my World News flow – tis current until – And then

Who can refuse a good NEWS PERUSE? 🙂

South African Lingo

In Communication, Griot, News, Sports, Travel on June 19, 2010 at 5:46 am

Here are a few WORDS to keep you in step and hip during the FIFA WORLD CUP SOCCER events. I’ve long boasted about communicating in GRIOT which is a W. African Linguistic (including passing down stories & world news in rhyme), but during FIFA “JOL” will take you a long way.

Josh Levs of CNN and Nadia Belchek (CNN S. African Anchor & Producer) introduces us to “the hip talk”:

JOLSo we go on a Jol. That means we go to a party. You can either use the word as a verb or a noun. You and I can go JOLLING tonight”; which means partying.

ZHOOSH –means sharp as in a compliment to ones dress style. You look so ZHOOSH tonight.

GATVOL — means fed up. For example, I can be GATVOL of a situation or a person when enough is enough.

BABBELAS— means hang over. I have a BABBELAS…likely from last nights JOL. 🙂

Straight from the mouths of Nadia and Josh Levs – I have duly heard,
I’m Qui
saying “Happy June Teenth” ; always learn something new. WORD!