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Yoda and Yoga

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The two have more in common than just the sound of their name. Both are in a relationship with the force of the body and wisdom. I’m not a die hard STAR WARS fan but I do love Yoda.

When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.”

Yoda, Return of the Jedi


Very true that quote is, which is exactly why I’m on the chase to sculpt my body into
something fantastic this year. I’m quite excited fitness. I’ve been working out on an average of 6-days a week. I could probably stand to cut back, but honestly, it’s not strenuous workouts. I hone an elliptical machine for no less than 65-minutes straight each morning. If the latter of the day permits me time, I squeeze in an even lower impact 20 (+) additional minutes– (moderate walking speed). The elliptical machine works my arms and legs simultaneously and the caloric burn is unreal. So I wasn’t put off when I started to get a little lower back aggravation.
Working out 6-days a week is nothing to scoff at.
The lower back pain wasn’t persistent or too, too bad, but it was often enough for me to start researching stretches and things I could possibly do to alleviate it. Because the elliptical machine works both the upper body and lower, I’m also experiencing muscle tightness in my shoulders and between my blades. It doesn’t help that I naturally hold tension in my shoulders. There is no room for additional taut in my trapezius muscles.

It is wise to know thy body, Yoda is right. In search of non-medicated muscle relief (so that I can get back to my fun and awesome workouts), I came across many suggestions of muscle stretching and lengthening via Yoga. I’m all in!


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If wisdom is on the table – I’m trying to eat it.
Once knowledge is conquered, I’m down to seed it.

I’m glad you dropped by and decided to read it.
Yoda and Yoga are categorized wisdom. I need it.

Yoda and Yoga are my go-to’s when I’m looking to dimensionally elongate,
I’m Qui
Happy weeks end to thee – I’m excited about ‘the stretch’ of it – and couldn’t wait. 😀


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IMG_5482Good morning dear kindred, it’s already the 3rd day in
to our “workweek of grind fleek” and 2-days from the weekend.

I’m feeling good, I slept like a baby.
My cardio evenings are shaping this lady.

I usually put in no less than an hour a day.
I couple that with an apple to trace the fat away.

Fiber is necessary – grab an apple and plow.
I’m reinventing my body and would love to show you how.

I’m not on a diet, I’m not taking meds.
I simply changed what I was eating – the food I was fed.

Make this year your best year. Let fitness be the party.
Make this year your best year to sport your best body.


The picture in the center is my face with the help of 30 additional pounds resting on my frame –  March 2015.

Yep! Yep! And loddy doddy! 😀

And so today is Wednesday and I’m up to do it again,
to reign on that elliptical machine. It’s my new best friend.

I did not join a gym to achieve this win!
I just implemented 20-mins of cardio at every days begin.

I take off twice a week to just DO ME!
During one of those days, I have a day of CHEAT!

It’s good for me.
I be on that ‘pizza glory!’

I usually pencil in a cheat on Fridays,
though it’s no secret Hump Days are my high days.

I’m stoked about the weekend coming.
I’m stoked about the social & networking funning.

Hump Day Happiness is perfect for todays title,
I’m Qui
in it for the good let Thursday be a positive rival. ❤

Girls just want to have…

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funWell I don’t know if they even know that they want it, but those of us who posses it, know full well that they need it. The thing is, how do we get them to not only desire CLASS, but hone it?

I am pleased to say that most young women (that we  see reflected in the public eye on television) seem to possess the most awesome curves via natural DNA and then there are the mass of them that have enhanced their physiques via working out, cosmetic surgery and implants. Either way, the lot of them look fantastic. I kind of think of fitness and enhancements as art work. Fitness is the longterm solution and I think that commercial society is doing its part in pushing fitness centers, nutritional centers and even fit reality shows to reinforce how important fitness is. Perhaps it’s my immediate surroundings, (my college-age kid and her friends), but the youth are embodying and making FITNESS and LOOKING GOOD their own. I love it. I support it. However, beyond watching calories and understanding your metabolic burn how are you branding all of that physical awesomeness?

A classy look is one thing, but once the mouth opens, will the class still stand? You gotta think about it. What is your conversation about?


Please have something of value and substance to talk about. I know this is easier said than done. Great conversation could never be taught, but you can get in the habit of building it by conditioning your mind to not waste time when communicating. Say what you mean and by all means MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.

No conversation is for nought. Life is full of time that is not refundable, You can use it wisely or waste it frivolously. The line of those that love to waste time is long – please don’t add your two cents to to it.

Education is sexy. Invest in yourself and self educate, if  you must. Education is paramount in communication. Resist trying to BS folks in conversation or trying to wing it. Those of us that converse with the best of them will sniff you out the minute you start. Please keep in mind:

If you don’t have “the words” in the end you won’t be heard,
instead he’ll be thinking this:


Remember branding and marketing starts with mastering YOURSELF; building a stellar reputation of good character. Watch what’s on your mind and what comes out of your mouth. It all matters and ultimately leads to shaping who you are. Conversation rules the nation. Get some and don’t forget distinct originality.

Gaining and exuding class is attainable to us all; however, it’s not a one day course. It’s a lifestyle. Anything worth having YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK AT. Class is worth it. Nothing looks better on you, your journey and ultimately your legacy.


So when you do get his attentions, Dear Divas — here is the secret
be armed with GREAT CONVERSATION if you intend to keep it.

Men have short attention spans and new things can quickly snap their neck.
You’ve got to be the most interesting, rely on mystique and respect.

Oh yeah! We’re sure to talk about that next. Never say everything at once,
I’m Qui
A Classy Mentoring, she – saying “Don’t forego class just to have fun.”

Why settle for one without the other?


You can have both:

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