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FRIDAY NIGHT: Grown Folks Hour

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Good evening and welcome home, already.
I get lonely without you; I’m so solo-steady.

Here’s a drink to curb your edge; tonight, call me Becky.
Let’s play a game of “Percale Chess;” tonight you can ‘check me.’


Come on and affect me. By all means be effective.
I’m Queen, you’re King.  Let’s intertwine our collective.

Connecting dots of intentional deeds,
drawing lines and reaping seeds.
Your majestic vision supersedes the weeds.
Thrive in the moment of you and me.

Who, me? You know my spin.
I’m categorized in the “Writers” bin.

Shakespeare, Langston, Paul Dunbar, and Dr. Seuss
nourished my poetic roots; thus, I bear a similar fruit.

watermelon-tasting-kitty.gifThough, mine is much juicier and sweeter.
A connection with me, means that you’re a reader

of grown content… and that’s good.
because I’m all about the water the wood.

How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?
My name ain’t Chuck but I chuck much. I’m a southern girl.  It’s understood.

This Friday’s chuck, by all accounts is 100% Grade A.
I’m Qui
flirting with thee, via a little tongue & cheek Grown Folks word play.

I pray thee tell me, how was your earning day?
Lean in close and whisper how you wielded a slay.
I root for you daily; Yasss Bae. Hooray!”

Now, put down the telephone –
and commitment to being grown.
I’m so very glad that you’re home.


What about FLIRTING

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Everyone does it differently – I personally love FLIRTING a lot.
I can go from talking about winter to making the listener hot.

I’m a speaker of encouragement – please know I yield compliments easy.
Guests feels good in my presence and retreat saying, “Qui is cool breezy.”

I flirt with everyone, because I see their silver linings showing,
I usually approach rendering my view and leave them wow’d and glowing.

Shy? That’s not me. I’m the talker in the room.
I can find the silver lining in a crowd of hopeless gloom.

I seek out the sunny and forfeit the gray.
Flirting is a part of my happy everyday.

Mechanics love flirts. I do it to them all the time,
and in return my car is repaired for a very little dime.



Yes, of course this post is inspired by MTV’s GIRL CODE. I love that show! Have you been watching it?

Ladies – you should. The female panel and situational responses could lend you a little girl-friendly advice. Men – you should watch it too. Sure there’s the occasional man on the panel juxtaposing and striking a balance but the number one reason you should watch the show is  because you can learn a lot about a womans mind – your womans mind. Episode 19 is great, but let us fast forward and hone in on the FLIRTING parts of the show.  They’re a hoot!

Ep. 19:  Morning After, FLIRTING and Decorating

All it takes is a little flirting…

Girl Code_Carly AquilinoCARLY:  If a guy tries to hook up with you in the morning, don’t even think about it. Morning sex is never a good idea. Last nights sex wasn’t a good idea either.

Girl Code_ Nicole ByerNICOLE:  You tap once at night, you can’t tap again in the morning because I’m disgusting. Because we were probably drinking and dancing or whatever the night before, so I’m sweaty and kind of grimy down there.

Girl Code_Alice WetterlundALICIA: No, it’s awesome. That, like should validate the entire thing – if you have morning sex. Again that’s what I came for and I’m getting more of it.

Girl Code_Alesha ReneeALEESHA RENEE’: I definitely think woman should not be staying. DO NOT STAY and linger on throughout the day [saying] ‘So – what are we doing today?’ We just did what we were doing today.

Girl Code_Andrew SchulzANDERW:  Get out of there before he has to ask you to leave. So if you wake up at 8 in the morning, just give him a kiss and then leave – don’t hang around.

Girl Code_Jamie LeeJAMIE LEE:  No guy is going to ever say, ‘Huh! I can’t believe she didn’t say bye.’

Girl Code_April RoseAPRIL ROSE: If you’re trying to get a guy out of your place, just call him a cab and tell him it’s showing up in 5 minutes & to go downstairs and wait for it.

GIRL CODE – Rule #1234
[If a guy stays over at your house]

Girl Code_Jessimae PelusoJESSIMAE:  Tell him you have to wake up and go to work, walk out with him, and the classic line to get him away is, when you come to a corner, say, “Which way are you going?” Always say ‘the opposite direction’ – take a walk around the block and go back to your house and sleep off all the shame.

It’s not a morning after, without the walk of shame…

Girl Code_Jamie LeeJAMIE LEE:  The walk of shame is proof that you got some last night. So you own that moment – Girl Code.


Girl Code_Shaylah Evans SHAYLA: Boyfriends friends are potentially a whole bunch of new friends for you but they’re also potentially, like the cause of all of your problems.

Girl Code_Chris DistefanoCHRIS: All of my friends cheat on their girlfriends; they’re all involved in illegal activity – I don’t want my girlfriend to think ‘Oh, does he do that too?’ [Whiney mock female voice] ‘Is that what you do when you’re with your friends?’

Girl Code_April RoseAPRIL ROSE: Your boyfriends friends are a reflection of who he is. He chooses who he wants to be surrounded by and if they’re all pieces of sh-# — you’re dating a piece of sh#@!

It can start with innocence and in lust, we’re

Girl Code_NessaNESSA: Flirting is just a way of life. For us girls it comes naturally. It’s just like a sexual attraction and the we talk to a man (or a girl). It’s just that it’s natural game.

Girl Code_Carly AquilinoCARLY: THE TECHNIQUES to being a good flirt: Lean in when you’re talking to him, laugh at everything he says, even though you know it’s not funny and maybe whisper something in his ear very playful like, “How big is your d%#k?”

Girl Code_NessaNESSA: I Never know I’m flirting until a guys says, ‘Hey, you know – I think you’re feeling me. You wanna go out?’ and I’m like WHAT? Why would you say that? ‘Well you know earlier you were talking about how good I look.’ Yeah, because I needed you to move some boxes.

Girl Code_ Nicole ByerNICOLE: REASONS TO FLIRT – I’ll flirt to get a drink, I’ll flirt to get a date, I’ll flirt to get a screw driver and sometimes I’ll just flirting to get a new wig.

Girl Code_Jessimae PelusoJESSIMAE: When a dude flirts with you, sometimes you don’t even realize it, because you’re too self conscious – and he really likes you and you’re like, “How can he really like me?” He likes you. If he’s always touching you – he likes you, unless you’re bleeding and he’s touching you because he’s trying to help you.

Girl Code_Jordan CarlosJORDAN: If a guy is talking to you – he is flirting. That is bar none, okay. It’s true.

Girl Code_Alice WetterlundALICE: Tips on how to find out if a guy means it when he’s flirting – You can look for,  like stammering.  If he’s making like awkward attempts to touch you, if he has a full on erection [in the the movie theater], I feel bad for that guy, but he probably means it.

Take away from this production only what you can use and discard the rest. Learn the flirting rules (to your benefit) and have  fun at relationship tests.

Let the flirt in you shine – stop by and flirt with me.
I’m Qui
Happy Thursday baby. You’re looking good today. Ooo Wee.
(…the natural flirt in me.) 😉

PS… I’m not a sexual flirt – I’m attracted to your good and your skill.
I don’t ever calculate my genuine say, it just comes up – the flirtatious will.



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I love em! Please tell me you are getting a kick out of watching this show on TNT?

You’ve never heard of it?

Ohhh –you’re just familiar with the term because you [or your mate] are currently living in it [a certain age], but you didn’t know there was a show about it. Well okay. lol!😉

And Wow! TNT is absolutely flirting with us and I’m an avid spectator – cheering them on [both TNT & the men].

Hey! What can I say? I’m a flirt… especially on the weekends. Ow!

However, TNT airs their view of distinguishable males on Wednesday nights & I’m usually front and center LEARNING and laughing. I’m not quite at “a certain age” but I’m honest when I say I’ve always been attracted to ’em.

Attracted to who? Men in their 40’s and 50’s. I’ve always been sparked by their seasoned knowledge and era mannerisms. I’ve been this way since (at least) the age of 27. I wonder if I’ll still feel the same way when I’m 50-60?

Likely so, since my other favorite shows are COUGAR TOWN and MODERN FAMILY [ABC]. Cougars are definitely defining the new modern family and stimulating’ly so (might I add). Ask Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon. They know exactly what I’m talking about.


As of current, I’m the YOUNGER FLOWER to those MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE.
Though I duly find them sexy in their distinguished day to days.

I dig their manner’able ways and invisible insecurities – because they’re still little boys.
I dig the way they take in the view, a hands-in-pocket hue – barely yielding breathing noise.

So cool, so calm, so sexy…and all of this – is a show on the outside.
Ambitious, aware, and sexily seasoned, among other attributes reside on the inside.

I love it! I love it! I love it! I want more of it – and cable is showing it.
I’ve got a list of gf’s who’d say best: they love the way TNT is throwing it.

Wisdom is the biggest characteristic that I find sexy inside of any age.
I’ve got a thing for “wrinkles in my brain” as knowledge is all the rage!

I’ve got a thing for a fit man: from his mind to his physique,
I’m Qui
Fan of of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE – they absolutely bring out the FLIRT in me.
Oooo Wee & Oui! Oui!

Wednesday nights @ 10/9c
Get to know the cast: