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A More Meaningful Monday

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It’s Monday again, but what does it mean?
Are we to comprehend what others say and unravel at the seams?

Me think not.
The day is young and the seat ain’t hot.

Is it?
I woke up early to Griot spit-it.
What about you? TAG! You’re it.

the-gavel.gifWhat are your intentions to see this day through?
It’s a friendly question from me to you.

What sayest ye on this Monday, good fellow?
Did you sleep well last night; was your weekend mellow?

Mine was. Regardless of the relentless hug
that Congress yielded to us; I call it love.

I rested well; meditated and stuff.
That’s what I do at impositions marked “rough.”

And I do believe that history will recall —
this era to be “rough” without an inked stall.

The moment is trying.
But I ain’t buying.


Life is intended to be lived;
to love to laugh, receive and give.

What are you giving today?
No hardness or bubblegum focus on the play.

Me? I’m giving encouragement, compliments, and love.
Starting with myself; I will begin with a HUG.

Did you hug yourself today?
Go on and list-it-out followed by a bullet point to PLAY.
It’s imperative that you don’t forget. Okay?

Inject and acquire more Meaning today.
Voice your opinion and comprehend the say.
Be mindful in the moment: A More Meaningful Monday.
Get up, get out, and get something; let OUTKAST play:


Today is a fine day because you’re alive and good moves are within your reach.
I’m Qui
and this day would have little meaning without you – pray for the dude whose under impeach.

In the spirit of “more meaning,” call it a good deed.
Let a blanket of love be our collective response and release.

The perfect way for this piece to end —
is to request more prayers for the loved ones of:

Kobe, Gigi, and Friends.

Make it A More Meaningful Monday.





Oh, I’ve been thinking…

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As if I ever stop thinking.
For if I retreat from my thoughts, I may resort to drinking.

Who am I fooling? I am already familiar with the practice.
At the end of the day, my vodka toast to tomorrow is “I got this.”

sir ben kingsly toast.gif

Oh yes, Happy Friday! I insist on being such today.
I’ve got my scripts and a camera on my hip – I am ready to play

because I’ve been thinking… and a bit too much.
I’ve been busy with intellectualism and less with love.

For that, I apologize.
I’m a woman about quality and less about the size.

Good morning sweetheart. Open and focus your beautiful eyes.
The world is at hand, what doth this day hold in surprise?

To God be the glory and the limit is the sky,
I’m Qui
Up thinking about longevity, you and I.

Let’s prepare to go long.
Let’s pray that our love and compassion remain strong.
Pray for fam in the Bahamas, FL, and VA who’ve lost their homes.
Oh, I’m thinking that being united in love isn’t wrong.

Let’s focus on THE LORAX, i.e., HOME:


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Qui_Future Concentration Apr2014Did you ever play that child hood game called CONCENTRATION (not the board or card memory game)? It was a sing songy game that included synchronized hand clapping between two or more lads. The sing-songy words of the game are:

Doody wop! [clap-clap-clap]
Pick it up. [clap-clap-clap]
My name. [clap-clap-clap]
Your name. [clap-clap-clap]
People. [clap-clap-clap]

The moral of the game was name introductions.  Once it was your turn to speak, you’d say:

My name [clap-clap-clap]
Is [clap-clap-clap]
Qui [clap-clap-clap]

Then the others would chime in and say:

Hello [clap-clap-clap]
Qui [clap-clap-clap]

and we’d move on to the next person in line to introduce themselves. It was a great social ice breaker and charged each kid to concentrate on new introductions. When building upon a new foundation (adolescent mind or a business), concentration is key.

As an adult who owns her own business, I have very few friends in my career circle of whom I can clap hands with in a game of productive and creative concentration. I’m okay with that. Concentration is flexible. I spend a lot of  it on my reel journey, with the confidence that destiny is being served and that my work will be here to help propel you to the next level – tomorrow.

5-4-3-2-1 it’s all about ACTION with me! I’m focused on #The Future.

Concentration1 happy divider

Good people, I am concentrated and focused on my purposeful journey.
Every man should live out his purpose before resting on the gurney.

It’s good to embrace others, but not more than you embrace yourself.
Stay concentrated in your purpose and worry not about the wealth.

Your purpose is a good one, look at your actions and figure out what it is.
Then concentrate on self improvement and use your good vibes to build a bridge.

Concentrate on your purpose and put into it what you’d like to receive in life.
I’m Qui
Concentrating on my purpose, and the advice that I divvy via these griot writes.

I pray they yield you productive thoughts – for this is my bridge construction.
Concentrate on the good and brace yourself for the good eruption.

Me? I’m just a positive pushing Ms.
and there is absolutely  no toll to use this bridge.

I bid thee safe passage on your journey relation.
It’s good to mix and mingle but live in Concentration.


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Sweets for the Sweets and Sunday is a great day to partake. And I don’t mean in the ice cream sundae you see in the pic, though the recipe for it is at the bottom of the feed. Happy Sunday!

Today I’d like to focus in on the foundation of you
and encourage you to meditate on a daily to get through,
and encourage you to eat well – less carbs and less fat,
and encourage you to self preserve. Yes – we all need that.

Today I’m taking it easy. I am happy indeed.
Today my mission is to help someone and sew a good seed.
Send me a shout out – if you are in need.
Today it’s about humanity & philanthropy.

I’m a cheerful giver and a happy vibe spreader daily.
Some people receive me and some people think I’m crazy.

I’m open, I’m free. I wear my hair down.
Life is at hand, and I’ll wear this crown.

A crown of honesty, a crown full of love.
A nourishing crown — I give lots of hugs.

Today is no different from yesterday really.
I lived out a Happy Saturday, [though some might think silly].

I have a lot of energy and I’m happy to be alive.
When I enter a room, I ripple a good vibe.

Good energy is what you want. Is that why you’re reading this?
Well let me literally send good vibes via this electrical emit.

Did you get it? Did you feel it? – all the way in your hood.
Now take it and spread it. Be caught doing good.

Sweets for the Sweets. I’m fond of ‘the treat’.
Partake if you will in the Happy SUNDAE Recipe:

Click here for the vanilla ice cream recipe

I’m Qui and I’m Happy. I just couldn’t resist to say.
So even if you don’t eat the ice cream, have a HAPPY SUNDAY.