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News PeruseΒ 

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The Dapper Gent in the middle is MY DAD – William Joseph Gordon, Sr.

First up and out of the box I want you to know
My Dad crossed over Wednesday – yes, the credits did roll.

I cried quite a bit – my eyes are still on swoll.
The love I have for my Dad could never be measured in gold.

His story is a majestic one of fun, misplaced love and good.
We called him Redd – his life was taller than Majestic Redwood.

I’m a DADDYS GIRL. I’ve been one since I was a baby.
And nothing has changed for this grown lady.

Today is Day 2 of journeying in Phoenix without dad,
And while my spirits are still high I won’t lie I’m a little sad.

Darn human feelings and emotions… I feel like I should write a song,
After I get on with business of living, pull my straps up and move on.

I have to, we all do. We all are born to die,
As I say hello to Friday to Redd I’m saying goodbye.

For now…

I’m concerned about The House and THE ACA vote
I’m concerned we don’t care about the poor no ‘mo.

My dad was a USAF Veteran during the era of the Vietnam war
He didn’t have much strength or cash with which to buy insurance or spar.

He had awesome Veteran benefits and that’s how we largely made it through
Though we were prepping him for the expanded Medicare situation too.

Because hospice home care isn’t cheap
Folks don’t take care of the sick and elderly for free.

I’m concerned for the application process for which my dad was about to be approved
For an ACA expansion program because of the things that he could not do.

He couldn’t walk anymore to the potty, bathe or cook food for himself
So what the hospice folks afforded us would have killed most of our personal wealth.

My dad is gone now – he left the other day
And yesterday the Republicans voted to repeal the ACA away.

What about people like my dad? Aging and/or in bad health?
What about new babies born to parents with no savings or monetary wealth?

I’m saddened about having to let my Daddy go
I was also sad to see the Congress on the White House patio

Celebrating and taking selfies to exactly commemorate
The day they voted to take fair (incl. pre-existing) healthcare away.

This is way too cray. Hardly any of them read the bill
But the majority voted for it yesterday on the hill.

They know it’s no good so let us not forget
They’ve just kicked a bad bill into the court of the Senate.

I didnt understand the high-school group photo tho. What a louse!
I wonder how many of these representatives in 2018 will be kicked out?

At least they’ll have the photos
To frame and hang and take with – when they go.

Re-election is not yours to assume, ( Dear YAY voters) in the house.
Your poor consideration and judgment does make you a certified louse!


Believe it or not when I sit too silent and start feeling sad about Dad
I surf satellite news to peep the views and then laugh.
Suddenly my circumstances aren’t so bad.

At least I’m not an orange, well fed, elderly lad
Who threatens party members with “you better have my back!

Black-Girls-Shopping.jpgWhat about you? It’s the weekend baby!
I’ve got plans to kick back and spoil THIS lady!

I’m just human, just a Daddys Girl, I was bound to go bad
when hearing about the repeal of the ACA from folks like my dad.

God bless me, God bless you, God bless the USA,
I’m Qui
Bidding you an awesome end-of-the week. Live loud, Love, Pray.

Cowboy hats, boots and Dallas

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Cowboy hats boots and Dallas
I like cowboy hats.

Whether the hat is silver with a respected blue star
or just creased and tall enough to be seen from afar.

It doesn’t have to be a Stetson – please do know
It works for me if it’s good for the rodeo show.

I like boots.

I admire heavy starch on the denim – increasingly sharp
topped by a pair of firm tipped boots known for kicking arse.

I love Dallas.

I like that city that is kindred to mine. I give it a lot of metropolitan love.
I’m from the last two letters in the tri-abbreviation that is: DF-Dub

D stands for Dallas, F stands for Fort and Worth extends the W.
The metropolis is filled with a whole lot of love, but you can find trouble too.


I love Cowboys.

I never thought of myself as being country, but I now I surely know,
I’ll forever love a cowboy – no matter where I go,

because he is the one who embodies all of things that I like.
Ladies: Losing faith in men? A cowboy will do you right!

Hop on one tonight
and enjoy the chivalrous ride.

PS. He doesn’t have to rock the hat, but the boots are a must.
I’m Qui
shooting-the-bull with thee; Β in a good time – do I trust.

Happy Weekend baby!
Go two-step…


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Steelers vs Packers SUPERBOWL 45

So I hear The Steelers are in FW & the Party is in Sundance Square.
I don’t know what you’re up to tonight – but me? I plan to be there.

Wave if you see me smiling about –
and I’ll be sure to mention you in my updated #shout.

I’m that chic that’s feeling good on Super Bowl Weekend,
I’m Qui
& long after the moment passes – I pray “this feeling” won’t end.

I’m that always HIGH [on Life] Ms.
Let’s do it! πŸ™‚

‿↗⁀◕ β–‘ U β–‘ P β–‘ D β–‘ A β–‘ T β–‘ E β–‘ β—• β€β†˜

The Steelers rocking SUNDANCE SQUARE in Fort Worth, TX 2.5.11

Last night was wild. Last night was fun.
Big ups to HB, Lady E & the ‘SUNDANCE Run’.

I’m a native of FORT WORTH also known as ‘The Funk’.
Where the bartenders are always giving and the scene eludes bunk.

The strippers were in full force – causing green to rain hard on the land.
I didn’t strip, I was posted up in the chauffered whip –
with ‘the leaders of the band’
networking necessary business at hand and embracing late hours with no sorrow,
because we know hard work today will pay off in big dividend/dollars tomorrow.

Last night was a delight!

The Super Bowl is in a few more hours & we shall soon see,
which one of the conference winners will take home the trophy.

Oooo Wee! Yes siree – I’m happy & all too pleased
to see the sun shine bright and warm up life properly in ‘Big T‘.

It’s a beautiful 41 degrees
the high [@ noon] will be increased
by a radiating degree of 3. πŸ™‚