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Fractal Theory in Progress

In Science on February 8, 2010 at 4:43 pm

I’m so attracted to Fractal Theory. Science is such a turn on. Are you still curious about Fractal Theory? Do you remember what it is?

Fractal Theory is a part of Chaos Theory. It describes a series of identical geometric patterns nestled one inside of the other into infinity.

Chaos Theory says the presence of chaos may actually produce order. Chaos may be necessary for order to develop, (not just order, but BEAUTY as well). Every fractal has a moment of transition – it can go one way or the other depending on which Strange Attractor it’s drawn to.

Strange Attractor is a set of points such that all trajectories nearby are drawn to it. No one really knows what it is – they can see the effect it has on what’s around it, but Scientist haven’t been able to figure out what it is. Some people actually think its final proof of the existence of God because like God we can see the effect as it repeats the pattern infinitely throughout time through beauty, and order out of chaos. But to define what it is…is not possible.

There’s usually two strange attractors in each pattern. Everything that happens around them is defined by that division. The greater the chaos the greater the beauty that comes out of it – assuming that everything follows the right strange attractor – because that’s what shapes the world around it.

The headline video shows a plethora of fractal theory patterns. Notice the two points at the top – those are the strange attractors. These patterns nestle one inside of another to create the world we live in depending on which strange attractor takes the lead. However, being that there are two strange attractors to every pattern and only one shapes our world – what kind of control do you think the weaker attraction has? Does it shape an alternate reality? Is there a parallel world out there beyond my SyFy channel?

Science can be sexy. I wonder what strange attractor is at work shaping our lives and our world as we know it? I wonder if we have any “pull” as far as which strange attractor takes the lead? I wonder if the warring chaos that our country is in will produce order and beauty in Afghanistan and Iraq? Which strange attractor is responsible for The New Orleans Saints winning SuperBowl XLIV? I wonder if the chaos that Haiti is going through will result in beauty and order? Fractal Theory is on my mind and it’s got me feeling strange.

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