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Off of The Wagon and Onto The Horse

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I’ve ridden the wagon long enough. Follow me.

I am a “ride high on life” kind of girl,
who loves all of the chocolate in the world.

And just like I learned several years prior
my beloved chocolate doesn’t love me anymore.

It tastes so good but makes me pretty sick.
Oy and oh boy! I’m chocolate allergic.

Thank God this doesn’t extend into my taste in men.
I am to my core a true chocolate-man fan.


The horse is a challenge and I like it.

Other than that —  I am back with the diet & fitness band.
I’m off the candy wagon and onto the horse again.

Walking is important, it’s the opposite of run.
I’m engaged in both of activities  under the hot summer sun.

Each is free and I need it.
Leisure keeps calling – but I can’t heed it.

The agile moves that I am making in my life
would be best be executed at a “fitter” size.

So off to the journey – I do oblige. Are you down to ride? God bless us.
We’ve the capacity to change our reality – let us start with lettuce:




1 head of lettuce
2 cups of ice cubes
juice of 1 lemon
2-3 tbsp of honey

Per my doctor, I am consuming 2 of these (or similar) a day
over the course of 6-weeks to help facilitate excess fat away.

I will also consume one solid meal.
One that’s well-thought-out for detox & heal.

My health is A-Okay but my tummy isn’t quite so fit,
in fact, I can tell from a side profile that I eat biscuits. 😛

great-biscuits.jpgI picked biscuits up when I put donuts down.
Texas wears the ‘tastiest donut’ crown.

I am letting go of all packaged processed foods.
Chocolate, biscuits and donuts — will no longer do.

Not anymore.
Child please, I’m about this lettuce score.

I don’t really consider my targeted choice to be a diet.
Life is full of game and getting fit (to me) is a riot!

It’s all in your perception and how you look at a thing and approach to right it.
Me? I’m re-molding self and reviving my health; for opportunity, I am excited.

So much so, that I had to write it. Life is so much fun!
I’m Qui
Care to walk with me to the park for a run? Last one to the swing
is the unfit one!

Let it be not me nor you.
Care to sip some lettuce juice?

Give me your foot (o’ fit aspirer) and I will hoist you up onto the horse.
It doesn’t taste great but fitness can’t wait. I have duly made a choice.

See you on the weigh-in scales in a minute.
Challenged @ fitness? Perceive: “watch me win it!”



He’s all in your ear

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The "other guy" has all the answers?

The “other guy” has all the answers?

I love you men – I really do,
but I’ve got to share a few missed truths:

Wisdom ladies! Wisdom! Please hear and understand
He is running game, If he’s “bad mouthing” your current man.

He wants to get into your pants – so he’ll say what he’s got to say.
It’s okay if you’re cool with that, but remember a “game” is in play.

It is not okay to let him think that he rules the panties,
because He’s all in your ear talking about “being a family”.

Listen ladies! Listen, you do not want to call him your own,
not when he’s just looking for a place to rest amidst his roam.

Wisdom needs to be yours. You deserve a quality life.
Please don’t think he’s without bags, if he comes with an ex-wife.


Something made him “the ex” – which is the same thing he’s trying to make your man.
He doesn’t care about you and yours – adding nothing to your future plans.

He’s talking about taking care of you and waking up to your pretty face,
while he’s in-between pads – doing bad – living at some other chicks place.

But he wants to take care of you?
Think it through.

Ask your momma, ask your sister —
he’s a common trifling mister.

Wisdom ladies. Wisdom! Please do not be in a rush
to say “it’s love”; moments later “it was” – and end up looking dumb.

Love is not that complicated. Please do not panic. Do not fear.
Please know that you’ve got to double check that yay-ya he’s putting in your ear.

He’s all in your ear, telling you that your man ain’t this and he ain’t that,
I’m Qui
and he’s heard those words before, himself. Wisdom says, it’s likely a fact.

Don’t be so quick to settle. Be patient, be prayerful and listen.
God hasn’t forgotten about you, I promise, so lean back on good wisdom.

You have been served.

I appreciate a STRONG RAP

In Movies on May 15, 2010 at 4:38 pm

As laid out in the barber shop scene of “FIVE ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE“. Remember that?

Today is a good day to kick it with FUNLOVING (the principle in the video scene). Did you find yourself digging his philosophy?

and I quote

“I’m The baby maker and the cradle shaker…

I’m the bed tucker, the milk shaker,
the record breaker and the population maker…

I’m the judge, the sludge…
The womens pet – the mens fret…

I Crossed the burning sand and shook the devils hand…

I walked 49 miles of barb wire
and used a cobra snake as a neck tie…”

Now THAT’S Game!

I am Woman.
I’m Qui.
…and I appreciate a STRONG RAP. Can you dig it?