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Getting Back To It

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Getting Back To it 2014

Good Morning Arizona! I know you wonder what it is that I do?
So in an effort to keep you in the loop, I wanted to run this by you:

Our Teen Film Production Crew is moving into production:
script reads and rehearsals keep good vibes eruptin’.

My kid is a Producer, a confident filmmaking kid from Texas;
She’s doing all that she can to rustle up a roster of good looking Extras.

She can’t help but be on the ball, if she intends to keep her dressing room star,
because another crew member has racked up 40 interested Extras alone – so far.

It’s a business of swift moves and you can’t take your eye off of the ball.
We’ve also had to move our rehearsals out of the comfort of Gangplanks hall.

I’m dealing with 7 teen filmmakers and their volume can effortlessly rise,
and what I’ve found in the open park round is that ‘it’s all good‘ under the skies.

Besides, 2 of their scenes will be filmed in the park, so I’m taking the opportunity to block.
Our SUMMER SIZZLE Concert scene – must be shot on the playground green, before it gets too hot.

I’ve already made contact with the folks that are supporting our MASQUERADE BALL scene,
I’ve got to give it up for Deb Hoogestraat and the Ocotillo Golf Course team.

Today I meet with the filmmaking teens at about 6’o clock.
Our outdoor meets are perfect, the sun’s dock has ceased to be hot.

I’ve got two new teens showing up today to add to the spice of the script.
I’ve got to sew up my kids favorite pants, because last week they ripped.

I’m also courting a realtor, because I’m looking for a new place to lease,
I’m sending out positive vibes. The Secret encourages my release.

I’m sending good vibes to you. I pray the good of your week is just starting,
I’m Qui
A lover of fresh beginnings and melancholy at scene partings.

Lets TALK About…

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Do you know how to get to The BLUE WAY?


Not only have I personally witnessed their broadcasting entertainment but I have had the pleasure of being a guest on the show and what a good time that was.

The hosts Duane Bluestein and Shelley Marie are a raw, funny and all-out entertaining pair. You could take my word for it, or you could watch the show: Peep the YouTube Channel.

I credit my being booked on the show to Ita – a genius Dr. of  special effects and editing whose also the mastermind behind VIEW FROM ABOVE Entertainment and the 1-man production crew (film and editing) behind The Blue Way Talk Show. I actually met Ita at GangPlank – and we were introduced by the awesome Derek Neighbors.

Do you remember that old film that Will Smith starred in called, “Six Degrees of Separation?” Well that’s how this town lives and thrives. I met Debbie Rubenstruck (Dir. of the Youth Advisory Council) through my 16-year old daughter. Then Debbie invited me  to serve on this seasons ‘entrance panel.’ There I met Debbie’s dear friend Rich Frazier. A couple of days later while sipping a cup a joe with Rich, Derek’s name came up, GangPlank, Ita and ultimately The Blue Way Talk Show.

You see how that happened?  That’s 7 hook-ups in line with six degrees of separation that all started with my 16-year old daughter…and life is good.

Correction, life is great! This weekend will find me mingling with some of Phoenix’s best at the International Alliance of Prevention of Aids. I’m very excited about the upcoming event. I’m very blessed to have been invited. God only knows who I’ll meet and connect with there and again, I’ll have Debbie to thank for it, because she’s the one who invited me. Debbie is queen of fundraising around here. If you’re looking to raise some serious cash for a great cause — she’s your girl.

And so fate put me on the path to The Blue Way Talk Show, that actually broadcasts from inside of GangPlank. I sat down with the hosts and we touched on what QUI FILMS has up for the future. It was the perfect opportunity to drop a dime on the new teen film production company that we are in the process of establishing appropriately called: Perceptual. We also touched on how I got started in the film industry and that inquiry led to us talking about my mentor and dear friend Fab 5 Freddy, (whose wisdom & artistic deeds have been priceless to me on my journey). And just like that we started to add on more degrees of separation — because you can’t talk about Fab 5 Freddy without talking about Debbie “Blondie” Harry or Andy Warhol. Blondie and Andy were very instrumental in setting Fab 5 on his current path of success. See — I told you, life is great!

So which way are you going? Where’s your career path taking you? Well if it ever brings you through Phoenix, AZ, then you’ve got to get booked on The Blue Way Talk Show and tell us all about it. Don’t sleep on Phoenix, in particular Chandler. It’s a young city,  it’s got great plans & ideas and I can’t wait to contribute to its youthful growth.

divider blk_south

Stay tuned for more out of this town – they’ve got a very easy and big hearted flow;
we’ve got professionals on the ground level building up a Teen Production Co.

The name of the group is PERCEPTUAL and you can find more information here.
Auditions started last Friday and sparked us with good reason to cheer.

There’ll only be so many positions available and this weekend we filled quite a few.
Chandler will birth tomorrows filmmakers of creativity, skills and reel truths.

The Blue Way Talk Show gave me the mic and a platform to voice what’s to come,
I’m Qui
Grateful for all that’s encompassed in GangPlank – Success looks a lot like fun.

Drop in if you have not,
The future is looking hot!

Walking the Plank

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Arrrgh! I’m being blessed to walk the plank 
and I have Derek Neighbors and Rich Frazier to thank.

Yes, I’m a pirate but I don’t wear a patch,
for reel creative vision isn’t something I lack.

A chance to collab and give back – thus I’m building a scene
of talented crew members, none above the age of teens.

I’m feeling like Janelle Monae‘, I’m on a futuristic thing.
I’m looking for the next Spike Lee, John Singleton and Steven King.

I’m looking for the next Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey too.
I’m looking for those future creative minds; does one belong to you?

I needed a place to house future talent in
that’s when GangPlank stepped up and called me ‘friend.’

Therein is collaborative work space shared by many minds;
Collab not compete – what a productive environment find.

The awesome studio that has been given to me to use
cost me nothing in paper – so how could I refuse?

So I put on my pirate wardrobe and joined others at the plank.
My heart is grateful – to my mission I’m faithful & I have Rich & Derek to thank.

The Law Of Attraction

Who knew, that when I offered my help to this seasons Youth Advisory Council that I’d be paired up with one  of Chandlers hottest fundraisers whilst we interviewed incoming members? During a brief intermission in our interviewing process I mentioned to Rich Frazier that I wanted to bring back those awe inspiring ABC After School Specials of yesterday (1972-1997) but produce them with a full teen production crew. I figured I was just airing out my thoughts, my wishful thinking, however, by the end of our interviewing session Rich reached into his pocket and pulled out a card and handed it to me, asking, “Qui, do you ever need a producer for any of  your Qui Films projects?” A producer? Who doesn’t need a producer? I can’t tell you how long Rich stood there with his card in his hand waiting for my response, because I was in my mind pondering, ‘Does he really mean a producer? Does he know the hard work that film producers do? Is he pulling my leg?’. None of that actually came out of my mouth, but then suddenly as if a switch inside of me overrode my internal pondering, I turned to Rich and said in my (honest to God) Scooby Do voice, “Well yes I do.” Rich’s facial expressions did not respond to the voice I answered him in, he just smiled and continued to extend his hand to me with his business card. I snatched it from his fingers – quick – and put it in my wallet, saying nothing more. As we exited the interviewing room, Rich said to me, “Qui we should get together and grab a cup coffee or something.” I, (still stunned a bit), replied “Absolutely Rich and we shall.”

connecting people and professionsI emailed him a coffee date inquiry that same night and he responded within 8 hours with a date. We met. We sipped the bean (for an hour and a half) and by the end of our sip Rich contacted 3 of his associates that he thought could be of help to me in establishing my dream.  4 hours later Derek Neighbors  emailed me and offered studio space inside of their downtown GANGPLANK building. I’m still stunned.

What is GangPlank? Wow! It’s an awesome concept for the creative types, like myself. They introduce their mission as:
“Creating quality jobs and opportunity by focusing on people. GangPlank provides the physical infrastructure for those entering the new economy. We are a space for innovative ideas to spawn from new collaborations, existing businesses to grow and established companies to support future entrepreneurs. We have more than 25 mentors specializing in operations, finance, legal and design/marketing volunteering their time to move these companies forward and increase the retention rate of smart minds in Arizona. By providing mentoring, educational opportunities and connecting people, GangPlank supports those considering starting companies, as well as those already in business, to be more successful.”

And so, in my effort to help YAC, Rich ended up helping me.
I told him, I’d charge the kids nothing – and he found me a studio for FREE.

You get what you give – be it add or subtraction.
I’m always giving my best – The Law Of Attraction.

There’s no other way in the world I could have come across such a blessing.
I’m Qui
Thanking God for providing for me – with absolutely no corporate stressing.

And now I’m a creative pirate of sorts – and I have the Law of Attraction to thank.
I’m also grateful to Rich Frazier, Derek Neighbors and those creative collabors at the plank.

Arrrrgh! Walk it with me
as we make REEL teen history.

It’s time for ACTION that equals reel fun.