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It feels good

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Reverse Care…

Remember that I moved Dad in a few weeks ago?
Well the speed at which I operate has amp’d up, yo!

I’ll  tell you something that  I did not know —
all of my dramatic talent came from ‘The DAD GENE Show.’

He’s a hee-haw and a ho-ho-ho! I haven’t had a break.
I’m the parent, he’s the kid – I’m on the give, he’s on the take.

For goodness sake, I am indeed a “Daddy’s girl.”
And I don’t want to imagine a day when he’s not in my world,

though he is getting older.
His “golden days” are propped up on my shoulder.

Arizona is quite warm this time of year, no longer is he colder.
Dad’s clarity of mind is fading  though his personality is bolder.

Yes, honey. He has the withall to yell “Quiet! I got this.”
Then order me off to make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

He’s now, the oldest and the youngest.
I laugh a lot because he’s the funnest.

If I didn’t laugh at some of lifes revelations – I just might cry.
No need for tears, Dad is reason for cheer — the golder years of life.

I’m glad I decided to move him to this dust and sun-driven hood.
Sure, Dad’s a major handful but It sure feels good

aging-parents-forgetfulnessTo have him in the metroplex, to be there to make him smile.
To confir that he may be getting older and that I’m here to assist with the mile.

It’s a way of living, a lifestyle – that we choose to do for others
who aren’t just our kids and pets or our chosen and beloved lovers.

It’s not “a given” that we’d default care for our sisters and brothers.
Nor do we live in a society that demands elderly care of our father and mothers.

I’m so very glad that Obama Care was not nixed.
My father was about to get in line. My father is sick.

My father is a USAF veteran, but VA care is not enough.
He wanted to file for Obama Care, but heard it would be rough.

While my fathers income is insufficient to be considered “baller status,”
It eludes being sufficient for good care. Red lights were thrown at us.

He couldn’t afford this and couldn’t afford that…
He’s grown short patiented and easy to make mad.

dont-forget-the-USAF-vetsI’m the flip side of his coin and I’m not so easily moved.
I’m always up to change the low altitude of any hero’s mood.

I’m patient with my Dad to make all understood…
Dad is sound is and usually quick to come around
Woop-woop! and It feels good! 🙂

I like the feeling of today and I’m looking forward to tomorrow in various hoods,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, come and sip coffee with me, I’m up early and It Feels Good.



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silverliningIt’s THURSDAY, Again and Hump Day has passed,
believe it or not, I’m still rejuvy’ing my ass

from the last two weeks. Did I tell you of my latest life spin?
I went to Texas a few weeks back, returned to A-Z and moved my Dad in.

Had you heard?
Yes child, this is WORD.

He’s no happy camper, but what was I to do?
He was sick and wearing thin – I couldn’t sleep not knowing the truth.

Did he have enough to eat? Was the water, lights and gas on?
Thousands of miles away, I couldn’t sleep comfy – in my comfy home.

Not coping, thinking my dad was all alone. What happened to senior quality?
He’s a USAF Vet, seems like “appreciation” did forget,
so I brought him home with me.

He’s no happy camper, but what was I to do?
HumpDay seemed like our steady for while –
Thank God Thursday has come through.


Therein the GOLDEN YEARS…

Dad’s doing better health wise
but surroundings aren’t familiar and he’s missing his wife.

My stepmother remains in Texas with her son; he’d have missed her the most.
Dad understands this and carries love for his Ms. – but is pretty lonely. You know?

Getting old looks like it can suck. You can never tell where the cards may lie.
Yesterday Dad was a vibrant stag and he rode life pretty hard and up high.

Today, he is a frail man, with a big heart and bigger voice
Who isn’t shy in telling me ‘Arizona wouldn’t be his first choice…’ 😀

I’ve been in Arizona with no neighboring DNA going on 6 years –
so it’s good to have family in town. The cheers outweigh the jeers.

It’s THURSDAY Again fam, and I’m deep into revealing the silver lining,
I’m Qui
and there’s gold in compassion and caring. I’m simply “Paying It Forward” — doing the mining.

How’s your today, how are you spending your time?
No time for mudane moping – peep the silver line.

I’ve found it and I’m making it mine.