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ICE-T on The ART of RAP

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Music, Networking on July 25, 2012 at 8:54 am

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It’s still lunch time in the life of RAP MUSIC and while reading Ebony Magazine [July 2012], I came across a caption that read, “Where’s the beef? Finally, a documentary focusing on the process of Hip-Hop”.

Sounds interesting enough. It caught my attention – so I read on:

t would be a mistake to consider Ice-T’s first foray into the world of the documentary as just another hip-hop film. it’s different: It doesn’t care about beef’s or why so-and-so broke up or which rapper doesn’t like such-and-such. Rather, “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap discusses the elements of hip-hop, how rhymes are made and how rhythms are born.

Musicians, hip-hop aficionados, and casual fans alike will appreciate Grandmaster Caz and Eminem’s description of how they make their rhymes and why they select the words they do. Rakim, Q-Tip, Immortal Technique, KRS-One and other granddaddies of rap explain their inventions. Here’s what Ice, now 54, had to say the latest endeavor, which is in theaters now.

“If your favorite rapper isn’t in it,
he ain’t in my address book.”

Why do this film?
Hip-hop started to dilute itself and [became] pop. I know I couldn’t get my point across in an interview or in a record I always wanted to direct movies. It was for me to interview my peers and break down what rap is to them and why it’s an art form that needs to be respected. It took two years to get everybody on film. Our only goal was to get it to Sundance. Now it’s coming out in theaters.

Although there are many big names in the movie, some are conspicuously absent, most notably, many rappers in today charts.
I didn’t interview anybody I didn’t know. All the people in the movie came out of my address book. This movie isn’t about seeing your favorite rappers; It’s more about seeing my favorite rappers. If your favorite rapper isn’t in it, he ain’t in my address book.

You’ve been in the game for a long time.
If you’re 18 now, then when I started on Law and Order: SUV, you were 5 years old. You don’t know about N.W.A. You don’t know about RUN-DMC. But there’s always that person who knows me from “Cop Killer” or gangsta rap, but it’s beautiful because that’s one of the reasons I’ll always be Ice-T. Even as an actor, I want people to know, I think that’s why Queen Latifah kept the Queen [even though she’s now primarily an actor]. I’m Ice-T till the wheels fall off.


I haven’t seen the documentary yet, though please believe I will within the next few days.
I’m a connoisseur of GOOD HEAD and for too long “sufficient rap” has been on-the-stay.

It used to speak to my mind and occasionally speak to my soul
and made me feel that WORDS were a pleasure to behold.

But nowadays, the radio’s constant rotating play
Is lack luster, a dream buster – yielding loads of verbal nays.

I eventually ditched the lyrics and opted for the instrumentals instead.
Then I realized I was missing the heart of proactive verbs in my head.

So I began to free style, constructing my own bars in Griot,
I’m Qui
and now that the documentary’s out – I’ll happily fare the reel ‘GO’.
Ice-T has the GOOD HEAD —>ya know?

Hello Valentine

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Qui Audio Byte, Self Improvement on February 1, 2012 at 5:23 pm

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I’m watching the news,
painting griot views
and staying in stride with you.
I’m loving you more
for your visiting score
and for “feeling me” – the way you do.
It’s true.

And so now we’ve come to the month of love.
Boys buy girls candy, to cop a feel and a hug.
I’m up for receiving – I’m a valentine thug.

Hello Valentine. This is the month made for kissing.
So please expect
to hear me not vexed;
I wont even be politic dissing. lol!

I’ve got my arms wide open and my neck smells like Amarige.
I’ve got plenty of hugs and kisses for the supporters of QE.
Ooo Wee.

You have no idea how much
I dig your vibe to my blogging touch.

Don’t stop now. Not now. We’re early on our roll.
I love good head.
You heard what I said.
I like wrinkled brains on swoll. lol!
Please believe – I’m attracted to the goal.

Goal Oriented folks do it for me.
Dining on a good mind supersede chocolate treats.
And it never leaves calories on me.
I’ve always got love for my good head peeps.

Hello Valentine. Today is a great day,
I’m Qui
Sweet on thee
, for even dropping my way.
Hey-ey. Do it again.

This Birthday Weekend

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on August 11, 2011 at 6:29 pm

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Omg! Omg!
Whose The Birthday Girl? — I am she!

So the weekend is fast approaching
and the triple digit temps have been encroaching.

But that won’t stop me from birthday celebrating;
Gathering with friends, breaking ends and relating.

There’ll be some red wine, good conversation;
Chopping up future plans about game elevation.

There will be lots of good head in the house – because I cannot resist.
There will be GRIOT rhymes on a fly and on a dime – for I’m the GRIOT Ms.

This Birthday Weekend will find me flawless and fly.
Breaking ends with stylish friends, will surely get me by.

I’m sure to hit the MAC Counter and divvy funds to paint a prettier she.
I’m sure to stock up on shades of matte, because the lips are important to me.

I plan on cutting the rug – oh yes I do like to express through dance.
I plan on hitting as many scenes as I can, for celebrating is my entrance chance.

I’m a workaholic. I really don’t go out too much.
So this weekend will be spent, reaching out and keeping in touch.

I won’t be spending it on Twitter or by watching CNN.
I’m the birthday sheOoo Oui! Ooo Oui!
I will spend it on friends.

Not to be compared to Jennifer Aniston and that ivory casted show.
Because most of my friends have deep melanin skin & can conjur up an afro. 🙂

Not to exclude any of my white friends and fam, for they too are good to go.
They don’t deep tan, but in my heart they stand – and we’re working on their afro’s.
I just have more brown friends than whites – YO!

This Birthday Weekend will find me partying at home, at the mall, and letting loose at the pub,
I’m Qui
Approaching four decades of birthday celebrates — and looking forward to this one with love.

is a
please believe.
xxxx –KISSES– xxxx


In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on October 14, 2010 at 8:16 pm

I’ve been reading (and audio booking) “Change Your Brain – Change Your Body” by Daniel G. Amen. It’s not a diet book, it’s a book about taking control of your life, starting with a healthy brain. You know how much I do appreciate GOOD HEAD. Mm-mm-mm. I could go on and on…however, in the book Dr. Amen suggests that you practice writing down 5 Things for which you are grateful for everyday (ie..psychologically highlighting your positive points early in the day) . I’ve taking his advice hence…

There are several things I rise and thank God for right off the back,
These are the reasons WHY my daily outlook rarely positivity lacks.

I am grateful for::

I. Life and Good Health.
This alone out weighs Warren Buffetts wealth.

II. Unconditional Familial Love.
Worth that is divvied in the show of strong wordless hugs.

III. A Creative Mind.
Amidst inspiring low tides – I yield to no boring finds.

IV. Enduring High Energy.
Its a part of the DNA structure that God put in me.

V. Ill Will Repellent.
I wish no bad towards any fella’.

SELF PRESERVATION is my word – it’s solely good for self
You must often recharge if you intend to help someone else.

A Good Deed
Renders a feeling money can’t exceed.

I’m grateful each day, for my internal riches,
I’m Qui
my humble outlook keeps me from outgrowing my britches. lol!

What are you grateful for?