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Turned on by…

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Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash
Photo by Sean on Unsplash

The little miracles that add up to a heart beating all day – strong.
I’m turned on by “the freedom of will,” to choose right from wrong

I am turned on folks! Because life is exactly what you make of it.
If good is your base, continue the chase – you’re certainly going to make it.

I’m turned on by knowledge! So I consume it everyday.
I’m always smiling, and question wilding to good minds that come my way.

Hey-ey. How you doin’?” I’m using my Wendy Williams voice. ❤
I like the way it feels. Turned on by life is my choice.

Good morning, dear beloved. If you’re breathing, then you, too, are good,
I’m Qui
Glad to be here on Day 3 and turned on that you stopped by my hood.

PS. Every stimuli is not a sexual one, for my nipples did not perk on cue.
I’m turned on because you’re healthy and strong. I’ve nothing but good love for you.

Inhale on one and exhale on two…


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Good love, good kissing,
the last hug from a beloved that you’re missing –

these are the things that are not easy to forget.
I consider these to be energy tokens; Things That Stick.

If life was a video game, and energy is masked as velcro balls,
you’d want to wear a suit to attract them, like a velcro wall.

To attract a better life is an honorable plight.

Stick to it and make it stick.
A quality life is not a schtick.

Put your energy into a worthy sum; think quality & rich
and when you find the perfect fit, be available to make it stick.

Things that stick to your life will shape and influence you for the better, I pray.
I’m Qui
At the weekend crest, adding seasoning to the progress of the day.

Let wisdom and creativity stick to your ribs like a good meal.
Be that ingredient in the lives of others to experience another dimension of appeal.

Manifest your dreams into reality. Circumstances are yours to choose and pick.
Pre-visualize what you want your life to be then journey ISO THINGS THAT STICK.

Protected: Good Love

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