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Good Morning Monday

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Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Good Morning Monday. I have missed you so,
I spent the weekend building bridges for future seeds to grow.

I know that you know it matters how your journey starts.
I’m so happy to meet ‘ya, and giddy to greet ‘ya; Day 1 has my heart.

Did you rest well over the last past days or did you remain in space “high day.”
It’s okay if you did, but I slept like a growing kid; all good things stem from GOOD FRIDAY.

Yesterday was EASTER. Did you eat any eggs?
I took mine fried and used the protein to work on my legs.

Watch my cholesterol, instead? I’m doing that too, young grasshopper
It’s just when it comes to whipping up a prize breakfast, I really can’t stop her.

Who is “her?” You ask without a clue.
I often speak in third person. Beloved, I am WHO.

Ooo. Let your humor be resurrected this morn.
I appreciate your presence and I love your digital charm.

Since we’re gathered in this place, let us be productive.
When it comes to temptations let us be reluctant.

I woke up this morning feeling good.
It’s an upgrade from the mundane, “I wish a buster would.”

Monday’s can easily own the plight,

But not this Monday.
This day is already claimed to be a fun day,

And y’all know how I feel about those.
Gamification will rule the day and that’s the way life goes.

Rise up this morning and ditch your woes.
Its a blessing to have the activity of your limbs and feel your toes.

Wiggle them
and then look to the heavens and thank Him.

So many will not wake up to see you Monday.
So many did not rise on Easter Sunday…

But you and I did.
Let not the goodness of life be hid,

DO YOUR THANG today. Let love propel the way
I’m Qui
Monday: I love thee, and I’m glad to see you today.

Today is poised to be good
in every country, in every hood.


Good Morning Monday

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Evolution is inevitable.

Good morning Monday, I’m so glad that you’re here.
My weekend was fair and yielded my thoughts clear.

The television did reign and sports did re-start;
baseball and basketball delivered with united heart.

It was good to see; team building & professional balling is great
but it doesn’t make a dent of difference against racial hate

or Portland, Oregon’s reality and fate. Their peace is on pause.
If we don’t support them – their issues may be the case of us all.

Music marks great moments; music inspires unity and a call to action.
New music is born for the #BLM, but Portland get’s Michael Jackson:


If we are not careful this will be the song across all 50 states.
Thank you Portlanders for pushing-back against hate. It’s not our united fate.

I care about you and what you’re going through.
Change is necessary; MLK did it too.

God bless New York, California, Chicago and other states
that have found that they are bound to jam Michael Jackson today.

It’s comparable to a black person’s historical and present fate.
Do unto others what you would have done unto you — is on the way.

Karma does not play. Stand strong for unity, civility and what you believe.
Tyranny gall will have to fall; protest until tyranny cannot breathe.

A new day yields a new breeze; resume your purpose after prayer.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, if you bent a knee, divine help will always be there.

Good Morning Monday

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good_morning_monday.jpegGood morning baby. How are you doing?
I’m over here in my studies, Bachelors of Science pursuing

and I’m doing good. My GPA is one that you’d agree with.
The curriculum load is heavy – but not too heavy for the kid.

Enough about me, I have missed you duly.
Did you enjoy your weekend? Did you ‘take it easy,’ truly?

I did.
Nothing bothered my wig.

I lived in the editing bay.
The fundamentals of production are in play.

I’m up a little later because I bed real late.
I spend 8-12 hours on production; my work is my play.

Hey! I’m into it and I’m also into you.
Good Morning Monday love. I’ve really missed you, Boo.

Any chance that you caught the finale of the TRUE DETECTIVE series?
I loved the entire production especially Mahershala Ali.

Ooo Wee, he and Stephen Dorff his co-star
spanned the ages of their character’s, by far.


Cicely Tyson played ALL OF THE ROLES

They took a page straight from Ms. Jane Pittman‘s make-up chair.
The way Mahershala moved in and out of era caused me to greatly stare.


Great work, good writing.
All of the composition was inviting.

HBO is on it; I duly aspire.
Having said as much, I’ll bid you adieu so I can go script fire.

Though you should also know that I have not had my a.m. coffee,
I’m Qui
Dear Monday Morning I love thee and the lack of caffeine has never stopped me.