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Life and Love

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on April 23, 2020 at 5:25 am

life and love.jpg

I was on Google Trends the other day researching what you’re into,
and I realized that the words life and love continually bled through.

I really dig that about us; that we still yearn for them both.
I’m glad to comprehend as much – learning you, while being remote.

It’s already midweek, do tell how you’re feeling today?
Assure me that you’re into Life and Love – so home is where you’ll stay.

Pray tell that you’ll say as much. Much still needs to be said.
Please don’t fall for the okie-doke, return to socializing and catch ‘dead.’

Remain on Life and Love. Remain isolated a bit longer.
Be sure to tend to diet and exercise to be stronger.

bikeriding-girl-with-dog.gifWorry you not, I am definitely speaking to self first.
I am days from graduation and ready to fitness swerve.

Going to the gym is still on the curb, perhaps I’ll play outside.
I’ve got a video resume to shoot; I feel like Go-Pro’ing on a bike ride.

I wear masks and gloves everywhere, including in the car on necessary runs.
Good morning beloved, if life’s good hug it and submerse yourself in love.

Self love. Let’s do give it.
Our best lives are waiting for us to live it.

Today rise and operate in high spirits and wisdom. For “our collected good” is my cheer.
I’m Qui
Up early feeling refreshed and girly. Actually, it feels like a new year.

I’m in Love… with Life.


Thursday’s Technical Tea

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on April 2, 2020 at 3:19 pm


It’s Thursday sweetheart; it’s Thursday dear kin.
Let’s inhale the freshly grounded aroma of Luckin.

Google Trends told me about Luckin as I sipped jo’ from my personal tumbler.
Printed details of their high propels has invoked chatter of inflated numbers.

Are you a innovation watcher? I certainly can be.
World trends are a nosy girls epitome.

Today is Autism Awareness Day
and an app is trending – to lead the way.

Ali Wentworth is trending; on IN LIVING COLOR, she was a hit.
Unfortunately today Ali is headlining because Ali is sick.

God bless Ali and all others who are in a fight.
Please know I am pulling for you to come out of this alright.

What does “Shelter-in-place mean,” — it’s a popular question among friends.
This is also number four on the list of worldwide Google trends.

Then there are RIGOR pains associated with the virus fight.
Chris Cuomo said rigor pains makes him feel like
he’s being beaten-up from the inside.
He also chipped a tooth during the viral ride.

Here are 5 trendy topics that span the worldwide, according to Google.
I’m Qui
Sipping Technical Tea while composing this Griot doodle.