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The Daily APPLE

In Communication, Griot, News, Sports, Technology on June 24, 2010 at 9:02 am

So the Apple iPhone 4 hits stores today and will fly off of the shelves with no delay. I’m sure.

A Member of my Board of Advisors swear by it. Me? I’m a gadget girl, it’s true – but Im really NOT a phone girl. Computer girl? Check. Aspiring filmmaker girl? Check. Camera and Grip Equipment girl? also Check. IM loving girl? Check. I even like PS3, Wii, and any cool gaming apps I can get on my phone, but to actually use the phone to make calls —- ehhhhh, that’s not really something I’m into.

Recently Joe Gordon, (of Gordon Sports) offered to buy me an iPhone for my birthday (August). Sounds exciting, my eyes lit up but obviously not enough, because he quickly added, unless of course you’d like something else. He then went on to say that ‘he bets if I gave iPhone a chance, I’d never put it down’. Hm…that would definitely be different, since I’m hardly the one to have a phone penned to my ear. He swears the iPhone is far more fun away from my ear. Joe believes my thumbs will become addicted to personal assistant apps, the video conference calling, the HD web cam features and the hundreds of game apps (like Tetris & Jewels – because I’m old school)… He may be onto something.

So I got up this morning to see what the Apple iPhone4 is about and found THE STREET, a YAHOO FINANCE Report that highlights “5 Big Blemishes for the Apple iPhone4”. Check it out:

5) A Skimpy Camera
As smartphone challengers like HTC, Motorola (MOT – News) and Nokia (NOK – News) embrace the megapixel race with 8-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras, Apple’s new iPhone keeps it cheap with a 5-megapixel model.

This will be a bigger point of contention this week when Verizon (VZ – News) and Motorola unveil the Droid X Wednesday, the newest Google (GOOG – News) Android phone, which features an 8-megapixel camera. Android phone giant HTC has also been generous with 8-megapixel cameras in its Droid Incredible and Sprint’s (S – News) EVO.

Meanwhile, Apple, always the laggard in cameras, won’t enter the 8-megapixel class until next year when it debuts a sweet Sony (SNE – News) camera in its 2011 iPhone. But by then, who knows where the rest of the pack will be?

4) No Swype
If you’ve seen Swype or used it, you know why this omission makes the list. Typing on a touchscreen is a challenge as the flat glass surface offers few clues to where your fat fingers are precisely making contact. It’s an error-prone process that gives one a longing for the raised keys of the BlackBerry keyboard from Research In Motion (RIMM – News).

But the Swype keypad software helps tame the new medium. Swype follows the pattern of your finger movements to type words or predict words without the usual hunting and pecking.

Apple did wonders with the touchscreen, but Swype makes it more useful for those among us who like to type.

3) Video Calling
Okay, it’s not totally bait and switch, but Apple’s hot new iPhone video calling feature, FaceTime, comes with lots of asterisks and a limited applicability.

Say you want to video chat with someone using the Apple iPhone 4. That someone has to have a WiFi connection and he has to use the same application on his own iPhone 4. You’re looking at a small club of people — not exactly an application of global Skype-like proportions.

2) iPhone 4 Shortages
Strong demand is only half the story for Apple’s iPhone sales debut. Limited supply is the other. A shortage of in-plane display panels, the crucial part of Apple’s touted retina display screens, has forced Apple’s contract manufacturers to cut production rates in half to 1 million iPhones a month.

This means there won’t be enough iPhones on hand to meet the presumably high demand. Though it’s not a terrible problem to have if you are a gadget maker, sellouts and delivery delays will mar Apple’s big iPhone 4 debut. The frustration could push buyers toward other phones.

1) No VERIZON iPhone
A new iPhone is big. But a new iPhone at Verizon? Much bigger.

Apple’s exclusive partnership with AT&T (T – News) has been a point of discord among iPhone owners and it has tarnished the public perception of both companies. It also has done almost nothing for AT&T’s stock.

Investors have been waiting for the Verizon iPhone. But that’s apparently not going to happen until next year, if ever.

So Apple fans who want the new iPhone have to lock in for another two years with AT&T. This scenario is not particularly pleasant considering that AT&T’s new subscriber plans put penalties on people (like iPhone users) who happen to be heavy data users.

Well, I’m already an AT&T customer, (I have been for more than 12 years now), and they can nickle and dime you with petty fees if you’re doing more than talking on the phone, but I’m used to them and I call billing as often as necessary for discrepancies. Maybe it’s time….Maybe it’s time for me bite the apple. I’m on the verge of…especially now that they have HD web cam capabilities and video calling. I’m giddy in thought as to how that’s going to work out and change the way I communicate on my cell phone.

Just for the record:

My SAMSUNG Propel has been good to me,
I’m Qui
but today I’m eyeballing the Apples iPhone 4G 🙂
Oooo Weee

Gordon Jewels

In Griot, Sports on March 22, 2010 at 11:55 am

They’re not the kind you’d find in stock at any Gordon Jewelers warehouse, but you can find them on the GORDON SPORTS NEWSLETTER website. Do you know Joe Gordon?

Besides Coaching Sports at KSU he’s “The OFFICIAL TEAMMMATE of Todays STUDENT ATHLETE”. When walking down the aisle of positivity – it’s hard to pass this brother up. He’s coaching winners in the great game of life.

On his Gordon Sports Newsletter website is where we found Xavier & Isaiah — a couple of rare jewels by any standard. Anytime you have the youth quoting Dr. Cornel West, David Walker, James Baldwin and the likes — it’s definitely reason to get excited. The future is looking good via the YouTube hood::

Reciting Dr. Cornel West, James Baldwin, David Walker, and more
What an awesome & reflective positive role model score!

Gordon Sports isn’t the only future molder – RoLife and QuiFilms are ON IT too.
When it comes to shaping tomorrows leaders – we are The INVESTORS. Oooo! 🙂

I’m Qui
and ‘The future‘ is looking BRIGHT.