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Careful with what you wish for others, because it will be there to serve you.
Going to jail may be another man’s hell, as well as a layover spell for thee, too.

equals comparable fate dishing.

It is what it is,

The epitome of Griot composition revolves around arma-Kay.
You don’t have to speak Pig Latin to understand the energy of the day.

Karma rules your world and only your world; please be a lover.
What goes around comes around; you’ll sleep in the bed that you made for others.

And today is a new day to deposit new energy into,
I’m Qui
Doing my best me. What about you, karmic Boo?

Whatever it is that you do today in play and on your grind,
calibrate your intent for others, and keep Karma in mind.

Because she’s watermarking your moves,
your motives and interactive grooves.

“One way or another it’s going to get ya… KARMA.”

I am a Girl WHO

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GirlWho Photo by Qui

I am a girl who likes to read.
Words on pages are blockbusters to me.

I see story vividly within the confines of of a good bind.
I’m into action, fiction, drama for-your-momma, and history referenced finds.

I’m a hard nerd and I really didn’t know it.
Just recently a friend held a mirror to my face, and it did show it.

Now, I know it and I’m embarrassed that I never knew to “what degree.”
An over achiever who compared a Science Degree program to Six Flags, is me.

I kind of thought everyone vegged out on learning.
I spent my formative years seriously yearning

for what’s next.
If you said, “a thing was hard,” I was trying to chin-check.

Not much has changed, but now I know,
that I’m a girl who enjoys winning a challenge, yo.

I do. I enjoy a game of reach.
I like to chat-it-up but won’t say a word at the table of knowledge-rich teach.

I prefer to listen and lobe glisten.

I’m a girl who loves the morning, one who can’t wait to get up.
Peering through the window with eyes aglow I beck for the sun to come up.

It’s true.
Then I open my laptop and Griot with you.

How are you, beloved, do express your vantage view today?
What are your productive plans and is there room for play?

I’m all about the learn & the play.
We can start with footsies and end at A.I. relay.

What do you say?

Let gamifaction lead the way,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, Hump Day was made for inquisition & slay.

I am a girl who loves both, it’s true.
But not nearly as much as I

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash
RIDE with me

Make today another


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The Summer Season is a perfect storm for THIRST on a THURSDAY.
It’s real and something we all feel, so I let R&B lead the quenched way.

I love music with message; messages are good to go.
I’m quenching my THIRST on this THURSDAY with el sexy VEDO.

Join me.
Coin me:

I’m Qui
…and there you go.

Quench today the R&B way .