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Monday Morning Goodness

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Wake up to it.

Good morning, Monday. It’s good to meet your before daybreak
I like to rise early, bat lashes and feel girly before I stand and receive my take.

Mmm, I’m in formation and I definitely want to connect with you.
Monday morn, for your good charm I’ll do whatever you want me to.

But I can’t lay on my back– for I have to get up and get right.
You know that I like to spend my day time hours with young A.I.

You afford me the good-good via 8 (or more) hours
to build upon the future of Nanorobotics power.

Don’t get me started. You know how I like to wake up…
footsies, motor boat, and hot joe in my cup.

Mmm, mm, mm. I do love a Monday. Do you love me back?
Monday is the covert word to I.D. a Black.

I learned that a while back as I watched a blockbuster movie.
I recall thinking, ‘Black’s have another nickname? Covert slang is unruly.

Last night was Halloween, did you invest in dressing up?
I did not costume nor candy swoon, but I did divvy a lot of love. 

Transient children didn’t stop by this year, but adults did gather in the streets
to swap old fables, future fairy tales, and eat from each others bagged treats. 

It was a good time had.
Any chance last night was the quiet tamping of an old fad?

It may be, still, any calendar day that we can play dress up will always be a fun day.
Which brings to mind, my fun career grind and how I do love Mondays.

Good morning Goodness, I am duly thinking about you.
As long as man lives, you have time to give and that makes you my Boo.

Ooo. It’s right early in my world — and it’s always good to meet you here,
I’m Qui
Monday Morning Goodness you are always worthy of a good cheer.

The roof, the roof, the roof

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Back-it-up, Pack-it-up, and Get Out of Dodge.

Do I need to complete the words to the phrase?
Good morning kinfolk, and what’s up LA?

Good morning California. I’m up early thinking about you.
I’m going to be Missy for Halloween, how about you be moist dew?

I am really respectful of Mother Earth; she’s pretty dry right now.
I know C-A’s hate the relocate. But you just may have to anyhow,

before it’s too late
and all of the good quality air has gone away.

Please don’t wait. Time is not yours to call when it comes to Mother Earth.
Don’t be like those in the past who were consumed by her fiery girth.

Some people waited around as if they had it on good authority
that “the fire will consume others but not mine or me.”

Many of them are not here with us today.
Cali is doing its thing and with you, – it does not play.

It’s imperative that you get out of its way,
I’m Qui
The hills are on fire and more is destined in its wake.



white house.jpg
Cali isn’t the only place that’s on fire.
The White House is blazing with no sign of retire.

A massive legal team must be employed or very soon hired.
This Fall is in the business of supporting horror fires.

Washington, DC is a very heated-up place,
still there’s a whole lot of love in these ‘here states.

Allow my country grammar to draw you in;
allow common sense and honesty to commence.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
and if you’re in Cali or the W-H:

Let it go, let it go, let it go.

Don’t worry about your connections; I beg of thee to only consider your life.
I’m Qui
Wanting the best for thee; flee energetic and tangible fires like they’re a spit-ire wife.

Ire is something that no one likes.
Let’s live mindful to subdue the heat of this spike.


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good-friends-knowledge-funGood afternoon Sweetie! Naturally, I ate too much candy last night,
though it was the fudge striped cookies that just didn’t do me right.

Did you celebrate Halloween last night? Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to.
No mimic-dress up for me – I was filming Roll B for a degree that I’m in pursuit.

I did dress “the part;” though, not quite one with bite, ghoul or ghost.
My fashion stroll was for the sake of the Cut Away roll – I stuck to the scripts wardrobe.

And not one kid knocked on my do’. That was truly the scary part.
I know Halloween isn’t my neighborhood’s scene – still I’m a kid at heart.

Oh! And of course, I was BOO’d UP.
I had a little something-something going on in the cut. 😉

But like I said no ghouls, goblins, or ghosts.
So, BIG UPS to the guy who held the boom mic pole.
Thank you, dear sir –  you’re a very kind soul. 😀

So then why am I just coming around, if I stayed in all night?
While I was asleep, my stomach and those darn cookies had a fight.

Those cookies are my favorite, el KEEBLER FUDGE STRIPES.
If those cookies are the culprit, I’m facing yet another fright.
I mean, come on man! I just bought those cookies last night.

I digress.
It’s not a must to consume cookies – I guess.
New comprehension; I accept and confess.

What about you, BOO? What have you got UP for today?
I’m Qui
I’m woke and ready to go post watching Oprah in the G-A.


COZY-UP to the Idea of Good coming for you, in your cut.
Then MARRY the Idea and you’re officially BOO’d UP.

Good Luck.
Much Love.