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A Fabulous Day

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Break out the wine glasses and ring the alarm!
Today my friend, Fab5Freddy was born.

Life hasn’t been all shade and he definitely doesn’t throw any,
though when it comes to lending wisdom, he always yields plenty.

Every year at this time you can usually find me giving up plenty of dap
to the man journeying through his legacy plan – that dude from Yo! MTV Raps.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAB 5 FREDDY! May your new year be as Fabulous as yesterday,
I’m Qui
Heralding the moment, your parents got-on-it, to get you here today. Yay!!!

Today is indeed A Fabulous Day!
Join me now and CELEBRATE!

Happy Birthday FFF 2014

Celebrations of LEGENDARY Proportions

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Happy Birthday Fab5Freddy 2010

Today is important! Today I must mention:
Tis The Birthday of Fab5Freddy! Such a FABULOUS indention.
My Scholarly Mentor.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Legend.
You look good for 32.
Ooo! 😉

I’m Qui
I remain griot grateful and intellectually steady.
Feel free to Celebrate “THE DAY” – if you dig the LIFE of Fab5Freddy .