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Your “I” Contribution

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Birthed of the Earth you have been nourished and loved
you’ve heard of connective-tales of how you were sent from above.

Good morning dear Father – Good morning beloved Daddy.
I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed; I’m so glad that you had me!

Good morning male child, who is mono in this world,
Today it’s you and your family – tomorrow it’s you and your girl.

For those who are “in their tomorrow or are actively procreating,
this day was made for your male awesome’ness. ‘Tis no debating.

You are rigid, you are solid, you are true.
Folks say I look like my dad and my mind goes straight to you.

Thoughts like, “He is rather good looking – isn’t he?” and “Gosh he’s so cute.”
Then I look in the mirror and thank God for good fruit. I am your reflective suit.


Dad’s way of showing love…

We are all very similar, just different version of,
so when that little one acts up, like you used to — give them more love.

They are part of you; 50% is what you put in.
They are not disrespectful varmin; they are your kin.

Fruit is good; your fruit especially.
Mason them not in a jar like sacred jelly.

What grows in woman’s belly is a contribution to life.
Behold the man who seeds her; making the two of them “thrice”.

If you have a jewel of a father in your sight or midst,
I pray thee rise, with wide eyes, and make him breakfast.

Are you an “I” contribution? Have you made an “I” contribution of your own?
Either way, celebrate today – you’re beloved whether child or grown.


Hug dad more!

Males are  born with the weight of strength on their shoulders; per the structure of societal nature.
And though many may take your shoulders for granted – not your Dad, because he made ya.’

Are you a dad? If you are – then you know what I’m talking about.
You are “all of that” to your children; believe that —  with no doubt.

We consider you to be strong, much like Superman.
We often think “all will be well” if Daddy holds our hand.

You are amazing in every scene of our lives when you are not away at work.
You’re so amazing that we all need a day to celebrate your necessary worth.

This morning is beautiful, starting with its early morning dew.
Good morning to every “I” Contribution alive – I am just like you.

Thank God for our parents; our fathers DNA came through.
My “I” Contribution to the internet rests in this view.


Your daughter will always remember the first man she ever loved. XO.

I am a Daddy’s girl, too;
a birther of poetic hues and intellectual dues.

Man: I love you sincerely, like only a mother would.
I compose griot/poetry/sonnets to chronicle your good.

I think it’s okay for an “I” Contribution to parallel flesh.
I compose Qui Creative Content to keeps the lobe wet. check-mark

Don’t ever be dry.
This is my Contribution of “I.”

For the withal to nourish, I yield thanks my Father’s way,
I’m Qui
Wishing every Dad in history a HAPPY FATHERS DAY. 

Please put POP LYNN in your ear.
He’s Common’s father and he’s no longer here,
though his words on wax will remain historical wise and dear:

Allow me to clarify, so that there be no confusion,
our beloved Common is Pop Lynn’s “I Contribution.”


EASY Sunday

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Happy Fathers Day – to all of the GO GETTER Dad’s in the world.
For those WHO know me “literally” – I’m sooo a Daddy’s Girl.

Today it’s all about HIM – Adams distant offspring.
A life without knowing a Dad – is a sad familial thing.

My parents divorced when I was in the 5th grade
But Dad kept his role as the one to make us behave.

Mom put the Christmas trees together, most bikes and helped us build the clubhouse
Dad lived near by, kept us in focus with one eye & reminded us he’d wear us out. 🙂
enforcement is what Dad’s are all about

I’ll never forget – it was Spring of my 12th grade year
I had acquired a grown fan – a male stalker was near.

I had to catch two city busses in the morning to get to school.
Having my own independence felt responsible and totally cool.

Until I was repetitiously spooked by a man who’d be waiting downtown @ my transfer
I was 17 he was about 10 years my senior; thus the independent me was scared.

The first week or two I played it off, like his following me to school was no bother
But after a month or so, I broke down and confessed being scared to my father.

Days following…nothing happened & nothing changed
I was duly being stalked by the man of strange. 😦

Though by weeks end the stalker felt bold
and approached my person – scared my soul!

I felt so alone, wearing a nervous smile – in pure fright
When I looked across the street to see flickering head lights.

I looked a little harder hoping someone…anyone would come and help
and before I knew it —standing between me and “the dim” — was my dad himself.

Dad jacked him up and greatly interupted the mans devious intentful flow
I continued my route until I graduated and I never saw “the dim” no ‘mo.
That’s what Dad’s are fo’…

Happy Fathers Day
to you – Please believe your kids will never forget
The moments when you were on it – saving them from a hell of sweat.

Wouldn’t want to go through much without you.

Because of you– LIFE has muscle, shade & is breezy.
Let this Sunday be a reflection of the things you do so easy.

Oooo Wee,
I’m a Daddy’s Girl.

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