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Happy Monday

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Did you wake up this morning? Then don’t tell me you’re not happy.
No time for frowns that aren’t upside down. Do a 180 – make it snappy!

I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again
life is temporary, so ENJOY it – my friend.

Utilize this fair day to execute a good plan.
Utilize your capacity weight to help another man.

Do it for no reason – Do it to PAY IT FORWARD.
Do it because it makes you feel good; positive pushing onward.

Happy Monday baby! I can’t wish it no other way.
It’s a present, don’t be irreverent – get out there and impact the day!

I woke up at 4:30am – todays schedule requires so much.
I woke up with you on my mind, I couldn’t wait to give you this hug:


I woke up thinking about opportunity; how to give it and how to take it.
I woke up to meditation — energy is real. I’ve no time to fake it.

I’m Happy on this Monday because I have all of you to connect with and share.
I’m Qui
Happy about a lot of things, but most happy for you – that you even care.

I’m rooting for you!
I’m rooting for us!


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Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

I was going to say HAPPY 4th of JULY
except for the enslaved in 1776 – that was a lie.

In 1777 the first public readings of the Declaration were read.
They made it annual thing so that History’s seam-to-memory would be fed.

And it stuck.
Here we are popping firecrackers from the back of the truck.

I’m kidding. I am not popping firecrackers from a truck’s bed.
I’m the adult up-in this cut and violation tickets cost bread.

And I’m cutting back on carbs anyway.
Let the calendar reflect BIG FUN today.

The jovial “we” should definitely celebrate,
as there are more than a few reasons to toast to the day.

Number one: you are alive. Number two: Jesus paid your sin cost.
Number three: you have your health and agility. Number four: today you are OFF.

You know something else that I’m happy about? Commercials were very few.
Not enticing the masses to spend seems to be the thing to do.


That is good news. Capitalism may be slimming up,
I’m Qui
an American
she, happy about the day and the prospect of more love.


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I am really feeling this:

In short, I woke up dancing this morning.
I sprung out of bed with very little yawning.

My mind spinning and spawning tales to convey in script.
The pages are filling, the details are ripped

and embellished with roots.
Ooo oui! I’m an excited she
whose pen is bearing fruit.

I had a script construction meeting Friday night
that did indeed leave me feeling dope & hype!
Oh my!

There was an Aquarius on board, a real pretty Ms.
She scribbled on my script – details that I’d missed.

Thank you, Ms. Aquarius.


I do appreciate your input and wisdom
and will be sure to re-connect for another red-line check
via your eye for television. check-mark

This morning I woke up feeling blessed.
I’m slow to rise – no pending stress.

Though I’ve got my hands full with a pen in one and a lap top in the other,
I’m Qui
and you can bet I’m thinking of thee, as I continue to script a real cool mother. 🙂
I do it like no other. xoxo

I’m on it and