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Chew Well. Swallow.

In Communication, education, encouragement, Griot, News, Self Improvement on November 25, 2021 at 3:15 am

Court cases being tried on national TV
 is not a part of entertainment history.

There are no teams and no sides to choose.
When someone in our society kills another, we all lose.

Ya’ know?
Always Chew Well before you Swallow.

Theres nothing celebratory about a trial, yo.
Court cases are divisive – do not insert nose.

Today I am in a spirited court of family and friends.  
I can’t tell where the love began and I certainly pray that it never ends.

Please take nothing for granted, especially your life.
Hug on your kids, your hubby, your wife…

Everything changes and everything stays the same.
Get your footing, go forward, and Heisman any resemblance of lame. 

Chew Well and Swallow at all times
Pick and choose inspiration to use; conversation, vibe or rhyme. 

Waiting for no one is the legacy of time.
Give thanks for your loved ones, the moon’s light and sun’s shine.

Why not? Then by all means, DO.
Happy Thanksgiving, beloved. Enjoy the view 

of life and calm.
Go on ahead and read a Psalm. 

Say a prayer of thanks before you eat.
Then Chew Well. Swallow. Reflect. Breathe.

I am most thankful for life, I am most thankful for you
I’m Qui
Chilling with fam over turkey and ham, at this calendar cue. 

I’m thankful for wisdom being good to go.
The process to digest: Chew Well. Swallow.

Thankfully Weak

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on November 23, 2017 at 4:51 am

20111122-092118.jpgYes. I have a thing for expressing THANKS out loud and in public, so Thank you very much. There! I said it again. 🤗 I rather like saying it. You should see the faces of those who I say it to after they’ve shared with me an “automatic random acts of kindness”, like holding the door, being courteous in traffic, picking up something that I dropped, etc. I’m never expecting others to help me out, so the first thought and words out of my mouth are “THANK YOU so very much”, followed by a fun & warm smile. Some people respond with a smile in kind, some simply say “you’re welcome”, and others look at me in surprise. As if my response was unwarranted or ingenious. I smile anyway, and I’ll wave at ya’ – if you keep looking. Life is good I take nothing for granted.


Thank you so much for dropping by our site 
and partaking in my Shakespearian-like Griot writes.

It takes a special kind of mind to comprehend this groove.<
thus I’m appreciative of you every time that you roll through.Ooo..

I’m writing in bars & quoting the news,<
haring the facts – as well as my views,and encouraging you to do the same too.<
You have no idea how much I dig hearing from you.

Ooo child I am thankful to have this moment in time -<
producing this write from my iPhone) – while on my kitchen grind.

A thankful heart and a good mind is what I have in tow.
A witty way to communicate is the seed I’m trying to sew.<
I think It’s growing – yo.

Happy Thanksgiving to you – may the week be rich in spirit.<
And if something great pops off, come post it – I’d love to hear it.

Be guilty of doing a good deed & reap the rewards of a ‘thanks’.<
It’s quite the feeling & spirit healing – better than cash in the bank.

Say ‘thank you’ when someone does something nice,<
And if they stare in disbelief – go ‘head and say it twice. lol!

I’m addicted to it – yo! I like giving it and receiving,
I’m Qui<
Enjoying this moment with thee. Thankfully Weak is my reasoning.

What are you thankful for?

I like the feeling…

In Communication, Griot, Sports, weightloss on November 24, 2016 at 6:40 pm

happy-thanksgiving-2016[NFL dibs]: The WIN goes to the COWBOYS again. #TheyDidIt.
Moms visited, dinner was gifted; tabled contents — we did #RidIt.

Are you still feeling thankful? I am. May the feeling remain.
There was a lot of food, I long chewed – therefore I carry no shame.

Are you still feeling thankful? Did you pack left overs for lunch?
I think the left overs we’ve taken up will go-on-to feed us a bunch.

We had sweet potato pie from Texas to go with the crumb apple and the pecan.dedric-overstuffed
Mom made the sweet potato pie and Cracker Barrel produced the last two pawns.

We ate most of dinners sum and then I worked out like I was in training.
The weather was perfect, good love was erect and the clouds pulled no raining.

Weight? I’m not into gaining, we had a party, a real rumba!
Friday morning will find me back on my grind: jam blocking ZUMBA.

Back on my grind making good memories and hosting good fam.
Back to not watching any type of news or giving a rats sham.

I am both grateful and thankful alike
that I have this artsy outlet of WRITE.

I am both happy and thankful indeed
that life is a gift and love is a seed.

At 6:40pm I have dipped off from the fam for a little literary fun
because I’m happy, I’m full and my COWBOYS WON!!

Congratulations COWBOYS! You are certainly looking better,
I’m Qui
that THANKFUL SHE for life, you and that 10-1 record!