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Good Morning Monday

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement, Video on December 31, 2018 at 5:25 am


Good Morning Monday. How are you doing?
What hast thou for our collective pursuing?

Perhaps something new, like a infants “coo-cooing,”
or perhaps something stronger, like the jo that you’re brewing?

Me? At the close of 2018, I’d say I’m quite poised for an upgrade to life’s scene.
I’m looking forward to 2019.
Expanding in all ways – always, has always been my thing.

I’m into it.
If you’re into it: WE CAN DO IT.

Let’s grow up and grow out.
Turn up and show out.
Show the youth what unity is about.
Speak encouragement and much less pout.

Whatever you want to do next, do pursue it.
I’m into all that is good in the global hood – Let’s do it.

Good Morning Monday. How are you today?
Let the universe move to our positive sway.

State what you want out of life and be mindful in your take.
Good morning kinfolk. 2018 is closing, are you awake?

Of course, you are.
Let 2019 find you being the star.

let's go.pngRadiate positivity, utilize wisdom and more prayer.
Do unto others as you’d have done unto you; i.e., pack fair.

If it isn’t easy- keep at it. Lean not unto under-handing folks.
Please know that karma is real and deals boomerangs to the throat.

You’ve gotta’ know this. Love will cure all and cease your yawning.
But only if you are awake. Wake up to love and Good Morning.

I don’t have to remind you that Monday marks things anew.
Though I would like to encourage you to enjoy being you.

You have made it to another day and so close to meeting a new year,
I’m Qui
Happy New Years Eve to thee. May 2019 yield you much more cheer.

Don’t forget to celebrate with me throughout the new year. You hear? 🙂



Today is Good

In News on March 30, 2018 at 5:32 am


Today is one of those days that you’ve been having a feeling about.
You know all things are possible still, you operate in a little doubt.

That’s become the norm – you’re not alone. Many are a kinsman to Disciple Thomas.
Remember Jesus Christ paid the price. It’s a much safer bet to doubt Nostrodomas. 🙂

I’m just saying today is Good Friday and I woke up like this.
I’m happy and feeling frisky; a little silly and a whole lot of giddy.
Get in my path if you’re looking for a big firm )))HUG((( and a kiss.

Feel this: Today is a good day for you to resurrect a good feeling.
Do something good for someone else and reap your own healing.

Hey! You heard me propel it.
Now read the “Feel this” statement again – this time like you felt it.
I’m trying to deal inspiration like Yolanda Renee King dealt it.

Please tell me that you tuned in to the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES movement last week?
Nine-year-old Yolanda is stock from MLK’s seed and there’s fire in her genes.

CHS Birthday Bonus PackAfter declaring “Enough is enough!” she commanded the crowd this statement to repeat:

Spread the word.
Have you heard all across the nation?
We are going to be a great generation.

Yessir, and ooo-wee. On a cold day in Washington, DC last week,
Ms. King showed up and showered the masses with unified heat.

God bless the USA and what we are collectively trying to do.
Today is a great day to get better; a good day to be a better you.

It’s Good Friday; a fly day. Good morning. Arise and shine!
I’m Qui
Happy to be on-the-up with thee, good company is hard to find.

College Christmas Break

In Communication, fitness, Griot, Networking on December 18, 2017 at 5:17 am

college-christmas-break.jpgI’m on it and I’m happy.
I pray it drags out and is not snappy.

I bought a new sleep number bed to help me sleep
because when I commit to school – you know I go deep.

I can’t read a book and not follow every foot note
of reference material that the co-author wrote.

You know when it comes to consuming knowledge – I just can’t resist.
I’m hard on research – like the knuckles of a tight fist.

This College Christmas Break will allow me indeed
to take off my glasses and ease up on “the read.”

I’m grateful for the day. I’m grateful for you.
I’m grateful for the season and the giving that we do.

Here it is Monday and we’re only 7-days out from December 25th,
I’m Qui
Just up from my number of sleep. This College Christmas Break biz is the jiz.

Hump This…

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 3, 2017 at 8:31 am

april2017-blonde-quiThis morning I woke up and I was happy about that.
I have a meeting at 10 that will equal a win and I am happy about that.

Lunch time will find me with a latte in hand, sitting on the patio where I now stand,
Mingling in good company with folks that I love; thanking my stars and my God up above.

I’m Humpin HAPPY over here – I’m so glad to be in good health.
I’llness sought me out, but my vitamin regimen helped keep me stealth.

I could use more physical activity in my life but there just aren’t enough hours in a day.
I walk about 30-minutes daily  then add on 30-minutes of elliptical play.

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I’m open to dancing and considering indoor hiking.
My mind is open and my body is hoping the opportunity will yield to its liking.

You see, I’m not an athlete, I’m a writer, a chic with a camera and tripod.
My nails may not be acrylic’d out nor is the gym etched in my bod. lol!

I’m a pretty active chic – I’m always on the go and hauling equipment with.
I usually show up to film the show, hi-5 the talent and throw in a few cool quips.

I’m the chic enjoying her day for everything that it is and everything that it is not.
I’m Qui
Staying inside for most of the day, because ol’ Phoenix is pretty hot.

Regardless of the outside temps- I’m Humpin HAPPY over here!
I bid you good energy that you’ll need for that #WIN that’s near.


Good Morning Monday

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on January 16, 2017 at 6:40 am

fresh-mondayGood Morning Monday, I love you and as soon as I opened my eyes
I was delighted to see you, excited to breathe – Ooo, so glad to be alive.

And so 4am came quick – it feels like I just laid down.
I remember lulling off with a smile and waking up with a frown.

No, I’m not mad it’s just that last night was a hard lay.
I mean, you should see my hair – a coiffed mane despair – I’m not Beyoncé.

But hey the day is young and I am happy.
My hair is un-permed, strong, soft and nappy.qui-nappy-happy

The sun is not yet up and already, I’m in pursuit to go.
I’ve drank my lemon water, now I’m working on my jo.

Oh! Today is poised to be a winner!
I do love Mondays – a natural beginner.

A straight-away kick-starter.
Corsets, strings and belts of garter,

Binds of goods; score well in barter.
Do your research, be efficient, work smarter.

Yes, things could be harder but only if you yield that way.
Put no energy into negativity on this beloved day.

Good Morning Monday! I’m so very glad to see you again!
I’m Qui
a naturally happy she – ready to embrace you; another begin.

Bring it in!

On THIS Monday Morning

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement, Sports on September 26, 2016 at 9:07 am

On THIS Monday Morning, I am doing the most.
Yep, I lost a bet — I’m making bacon and toast.

It was a good Sunday night and the Dallas Cowboys won.
I was tussling with logistics – I was having all of the fun.

We’re in between a move, as the end of the month does approach.
We’re focused on building an estate that will acreage encroach

at least a .5-mile radius around my erected structure.
The custom builder I’m courting is an architectural MOTHER! 🙂

Today I was up, yet again, at the crack of dawn,
working out, running logistic routes and getting my “move” on.

I was happy at the onset – I woke with no yawning.
On the real, I was happy about kicking it with you THIS Morning.

What have you got up, what’s your future looking like?
Gotta presentation today? Gonna grab the mic?

Gonna “show ’em what you’ve got;” gonna carry your weight?
I’m down with doing the most — but not too much on one plate.

Make it good for thee, all smiles and no mourning.
Give praise to the Creator On THIS Monday Morning.

YOUR LIFE is oober special and I’m sure that you know.
I’m Qui
Concurring with thee. I couldn’t resist saying so.  X O

On THIS Monday Morning
Make each move your best move.


Moves add up…

Sweet Sabbath

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 1, 2016 at 10:12 am

how-to-be-happyToday is the seventh day and I am thankful indeed.
For God has sewn within me the happiest seed.

Complete with a good heart and a kind soul.
He has gifted me with riches that far out weigh gold.

I am happy inside and out.
I write, I write and verse aloud.

I verse, I write and write about what I see.
I write a lot about YOU – I write a lot about WE.

You see, “WE” — now therein is the story.
On this Sweet Sabbath I give God all the glory

that we ever even met – you and I.
Our worlds are different, still together we are nigh

and I try to make sense of how it all happened…
it always goes back to a divine networking fashion.

I’m thriving with passion and life on this day.
I’m happy y’all, I’m happy and I couldn’t restrain to say.

Today is a Sweet Sabbath and I am thankful indeed.
I’m Qui
High off of goodness. It’s good and it’s free, let it be healing to thee. 😀

Awesome Christmas

In Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on December 27, 2015 at 5:13 am

Most establishments closed for Christmas where I live.
The employers were obviously feeling ‘the give’
and gave most of their employees the Christmas day off.
Now that’s corporate consideration – if properly taught.

I really can’t recall a recent Christmas of the past
where giving most folk the day off was ‘the going fad.’

I hope this year was more than a fad and more of an aced test.
Yes! Spending Christmas Day at home with your fam – will always be legacy best.

The family may get on your nerves, but you don’t have to take it.
Unlike working on Christmas, being unappreciated and having to fake it.

This Christmas was an Awesome Christmas my Texas fam came out to find
that the weather in Arizona is A-OK and boasted of clear skies and sunshine.

Ahhh. I do love this state of mine, but dare I act in remiss
about my love for the Lone Star state. Ol’ Texas – yes. I do miss.

However, today I call Chandler home. Today, (to me) is a gift.
Tri-15 has done its thing, in yielding an Awesome Christmas.

My end of the year wish is that all are well and charting to do better next year.
Just know I’ll always be here and lo, for your good strides I’ll always be happy & cheer!

Today is the first day of the last week of this year – whatever will you do with it?
I’m Qui
Post an Awesome Christmas and Oui! I think 2016 is going to be a #REEL hit!

Qui Kisses
I’ll see you in a bit…

Zion and New Science…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Science, Self Improvement on July 29, 2015 at 4:01 pm

His favorite thing that he’s looking forward to once the bandages are removed
will be to pick up his baby sister and to finally hold hands with her too.

What a feel good story and a technological promising move.
Docs have given little Zion two new hands. Medical Science is in an UP groove.

Talk about show and prove – I am surely happy today!
I’m Qui
Using my two hands to type this h a p p y convey! Yay!

News Peruse

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Politics on July 29, 2015 at 1:09 pm

NEWS PERUSE_GossipTodays take-away department
has a couple of deaths in its compartment:

Sandra Bland was killed while in jail for not using her vehicles signal
and Bobbi Kristina exited life via coma after months of no wiggle.

Bobbi was only 22 and will be missed by her loved ones like no other
what a daunting way she went – the exact exit of her beloved mother.

God bless her father, Bobby Brown needs all the strength in the world,
God took one and gave him another – Bobby just birthed a new baby girl.

Bodhi is only days old — may loved ones open up, embrace and cheer!
Please believe big sis Bobbi K. played her part in getting Bodhi here.

Bobbi K is now free from judgment and I pray her feelings of being loved are plenty
She just wanted to be with the one that loved her most, her beloved mother Whitney.

Soul mates are soul mates. We don’t have to agree or like the way,
but Bobbi and her sole Mommy are surely together today.

divider blk_south

Sandra Bland was on her way to accept a new job in Texas
and now her death is the news headline that connects us.Sandra-Bland-Bobbi-Kristina-2015

It’s sad, very sad that Sandra lost her LIFE
over a traffic stop that should have yielded a cite.

BLACK LIVES MATTER! What other race has this issue —
Pulled over for a minor cite results in death and sorrow tissues?

Sandra called a friend while in lockup and did indeed confir
that she really needs to be bailed out, because ‘they are trying to kill her.’

‘They?’ Who is ‘they’ and why was she booked into jail anyway?
A traffic stop invoked arrest and Sandra is dead today.

Yes it’s blue and downer news but I did not make this up.
My News Peruse is best produced when recalling more moments of love.

Who are ‘they,’ and why would they want to take Sandra’s life?
Why is living black attached to so much involuntary strife?

She just wanted to go to Prarie View and start her new job soon.
Instead she was buried 4-days ago shortly after noon.


Donald-TrumpBut death isn’t all that is in the news, politics is still in progress.
Donald Trump is doing the rock and the bump;  party headlining at its best!

If campaign running is a test –  Donald is doing pretty good.
I must admit he tickles me pink when his name rises in my hood.

Yes, folk in this red state are digging him and my repub family members relate as well.
I reckon there are some things Donald must be saying that other folks fear being shot to hell.

Like IMMIGRATION – Donald says he’s not ashamed to speak out loud 
about what other Americans think but fear exile from the social crowd.

Hm. America, all the world is listening. They see the numbers of support piled on for Mr. Trump.
To say we are an all-inclusive country is to have other countries respond, “kiss my rump.”

Our “all inclusive love messages” do not resound true.
We can’t be inclusive lovers but “hate on others” – as our truth.

Trump is proof that many other Americans feel the way that he feels
and agrees that talking tough is an entertaining approach for candidacy appeal.

Hot air blows up hill and I am entertained too.
However, unlike my other brothers I don’t call Trumps voice my truth.


Bernie-SandersI like a good show and the Republicans are putting on a good one.
But don’t count Bernie Sanders, in any way – for being outdone.

Oh yes, the democrats have their own rising side show:
Bernies messages ring true to the youth and are good-to-go.

I’m listening yo! and I’d love for free college tuition to become a intranational truth.
So out in droves the children go – Bernie is talking  the future to our youth.

It’s a good idea and a great platform to stand on.
So many are singing the chorus to the seasoned band leaders song.

But will the rest of the voting public find shiny gold
in a 73-year old candidate or will they think that he’s too old?


Qui-entertainment-dinner-party-adolescents-2015I had dinner guests (with kids) over last week and MSNBC was on.
One of the adolescents saw old man Bernie and reacted in alarm.

He said, “That old man wants to be president? I won’t hate… he can try.”
Unsure of the pressures the adolescent questioned – if the stress would make Mr. Sanders die.

The adolescent is not 18, so he will not weigh in on the vote.
But his questions are valid. I was glad that he spoke.

My 18-year old was in the room and she’ll be voting in 2016.
My 18-year old is digging Bernie and currently supports his ideal scene.

Media coverage clips tells us that she is not alone.
Bernie is gaining support and is going for the end zone.

Me? I’m just Perusing the News. I’m just kicking this hump day with you,
I’m Qui
Happy to love, feel, keep it real and do what I do.

This is another NEWS PERUSE.