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Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

Good morning feelgood feeling. Please make yourself at home.
I’ve got yesterdays Supreme Justice Confirmation at the front of my dome.

Congratulations, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson.
I’ve been waiting all of my life to see a woman like you in action.

This was no easy achievement, Senator Corey Booker reminded us of that.
I think the world of you, brown girl, and I’m proud to have your back.

Someone asked me ‘why was I happy, and what does it mean to me
for a Black woman to be on the Supreme Court? It’s not like she’ll judge a case for me.’

First of all, I have not ever been to court in any kind of situation
that would cause me to be “judged upon” – so they missed me with that relation.

Though, just to be clear and I do want to be
I rooted for Justice Jackson because she represents me.

I look at her face and I see my own.
We are a product of our ancestors and the love that they’ve sown

into this good soil, that is the U.S. of A.
Perhaps when she dissents I’ll feel comforted by the weigh.

I am indeed happy today and I hope to celebrate with you.
‘Another reason to toast some good H2o and jam’ a little ICE CUBE:

Yay-yay! Do Your Thang fami-lay and Justices alike,
I’m Qui
Glad to be here to see, witness, chronicle, and Griot write.

Monday Morning Goodness

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Life is fragile. The full experience is true.
Good Morning Monday, I love you.

Find joy in the ordinary; whatever that means to you.
Is it family and friends, your job that yields ends, or that cup of jo – pressed or brewed?

There’s goodness all around us. Please see it on your plate.
Did you wake up with your life? That’s goodness in your face.

Time is non-refundable and no day is promised to us,
I’m Qui
Happy to commune with thee on another day poised for goodness and love.

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One thing that I am not into is fear.
God is real and I hold His word dear.

So, while the impeachment show dominated all screens –
I kept my mind focused on the one true King.

I did. I really did.
And the view of satellite news hit the bin.

Shame so deep; senators whose faces should be hid.
I will study them not. “A better life,” is my bid.

Honey child/beloved kid: please don’t get caught up
in between the clutches of folks kissing other folks butt’s.

No balls and all nuts. I have been keeping tabs
on the game of “hockey with our democracy” and the constitutional jabs.

Republicans, dear Republicans what do you stand to win
by supporting ‘no support for yourself’ and an admin that isn’t your friend?

Most of its roster ends up behind bars.
That type of cameo paints no one a star.
Oh no, child. Not by far.

Take a deep breath and think about your life.
Are you refreshed or stressed when you open your eyes

in the morning? To be alive is a blessing
please don’t spend it “status-quo” stressing.

Time is non-refundable and no one knows when they will die.
One thing I don’t do is wait; I stay in search of my best life.

I think about you and I and I’m inspired to write.
I turn the television off for more attuned insight.

So how’s it going with you? Are you feeling alright?
I’m finally turning-in
from last nights editing gig –
‘and don’t want the sun to catch my eyes.alice-in-wonderland-curtsey-bow.gif

I just didn’t want to turn-in before checking in with you
and say: “this week of impeach – I’m happy to bid adieu.”

As for our future and what it may hold —
I encourage us all to be vigilant and vote.

I enjoyed-not the senators show
and I am aware that we can change it with our vote.

So let’s do it; keeping this moment in mind.
Utilize your DVR and often rewind.

Reality was unkind. Please give all concerns to God. He rocks.
A man’s expand is limited to land and will always be in a box

if he intends to harm and/or oppress.
I’m always asking you to pray, now I’m asking you to not stress.

This moment is only a test.
Serious about your spirituality? Then be your best.

Energy is real.
Isolate it or become physically ill.

Consider using this weekend to disconnect and unplug,
surround yourself with good people and give them a hug.

When you kneel to pray, ask God to fill-up your cup
with the fruits of the spirit and a double-dose of love.

Don’t forget to request of God in all of His givin’
that He bless you and I with an abundance of wisdom.

You deserve it. I believe that I do, too.
I’m Qui
Have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget that I love you.

Control the narrative of this story by taking daily notes
and paint a clear picture when next you go to the poll.