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On THIS MONDAY MORNING: I’m a few hours in from my hiatus/vacation.
I took a short road trip Saturday – for a little self preservation.

It’s a good thing that I did — I needed every ounce of rested up strength
to come back home and sort through unnecessary familial bull-schtick!

I won’t bore you with the details. Trust all that you need to know
Is that destructions path wasn’t limited to good ol’ Tokyo.

In fact, Tokyo bore the least of the brunt of the recent earthquake and tsunami,
then I had to come home and bear the brunt of my beloved partners Mommy.

She’s something like the plant dubbed “Mother In Laws Tongue
and I would very much like to leave her unwatered dry sword in the sun.

…the thought isn’t very nice or fun…
But when it comes to stress– I DON’T TAKE NONE

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: I will leave drought provocation behind,
and duly get my head together for SPRING BREAKS new shine!

Economics are still crazy, and the prospect of general betterment is low,
so I’ll stick to my kind – hammering out reel grinds – and chronicle the time as we go.

Wild fires have raced through Oklahoma and dried its moisture up,
and New Jersey’s received buckets of rain that have produced an early Spring flood.
Because Hawaii & San Francisco’s (post disaster) wetness— just wasn’t enough.

Oh yes – I know I sound melancholy, though to be honest: I’m in a good mood.
There’s nothing that I like to do more than to to drop REAL NOTES through GRIOT food.

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: incase you were feeling a little short of ‘crazy views’:
we’ve got La jibber mouth Michele Bachmann back in the news.

She’s doing no new damage – just the same old misguided rhetoric as before.
Michelle is still out there twisting up our countrys historical & documented scores.

Ghadafi is on his job (so early in the week), fighting to take back LYBIA’s control.
He shouldn’t deny the peoples outcry: “YOUR DICTATORSHIP is OLD”!
Ghadafi: ☛ ☛ the people want you to go!!

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: (there's no time for yawning) WE have got to do even better,
I’m Qui
Feeling the winds breeze from the icy headlines of our early Spring & opting for a sweater.

This Monday Morning does yield A NEW START.

A.M. Nookie

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She’s HORNY again

The 8.9 Earthquake that rocked JAPAN @ 3am – this morning,
is on its way to swamp Hawaii & disrupt San Fran’s yawning.
just in time for the suns dawning.

The thing that concerns me – because I’ve been to Hawaii before,
is that a lot of good folk are HOMELESS & live on the shore.

Not bums – they’re WORKING natives who can’t afford housing,
yet their outlooks don’t sulk – for THEY LIVE IN MAUI.

But imagine getting mother natures news in your tent through a radio view.
Or what’s worse — waking up w/ Poseidon — a surfers horror hue.

This is the headline of our early Friday morning flow,
I’m Qui
And I had to drop in & share that with ya’ – before I go.

Before I go? You ask– Where on Earth am I going?
I’m off to school – with my kid: A day of “parent showing“. lol!

Happy Friday babies! Ride the waves of good times and fond pleasures.
Today is a good day to do it – because opportunity doesn’t last forever.
However Tokyo’s earthquake proof structures have proved to be quite clever.

**3/14/11 UPDATE ** Japan’s recent earthquake status has been officially totaled as a 9.0 on the richter instead of the 8.9 that was originally reported.