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Who moved my cheese

In Book, Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on November 11, 2016 at 10:39 am

who-moved-my-cheese-coverHave you read the book? It’s the cutest little thing.
It’ll help you overcome any recent hurdle scenes.

It’s a book about 4 principles working as members of 2 teams.
A team of humans and a team of mice, both looking for their cheese.

If you have read the story then you know the plot well,
Hem & Haw and Sniff & Scurrry have an awesome moral tale.

They are per their names – Sniff & Scurry rarely wastes time.
When the scientist moves the cheese they are quick to get on “the find.”

That’s so unlike the other team. Cheese moving? They don’t like it at all!
The disbelief of the vanishing cheese is a stall-of-an-anchor for Hem & Haw.

They spent day after day
searching the last place that the cheese was laid.
Sniff & Scurry duly wasted no time
in locating a new “Cheese Find.”

The book is a short read;
The moral of it aims a necessary feed.

When your regular routine is interrupted – ‘never mind it.
Don’t Hem & Haw about what’s gone – get up, get busy and find it.

Your happiness is your cheese. It’s wrapped in a peaceful bow.
Wake up this morning and after yawning – go out looking to & fro.

If it’s not where you saw it last, don’t cry about it – please!
I’m Qui
A Sniff & Scurry she, always happy to go out and locate my cheese.
Always Happy about the positive and progressive WE‼️


I found #MyCheese near  MOUNTAIN A in Tempe, AZ…. #Happiness  #Meditate