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It isn’t EASTER time but

In Communication, Griot, News, Qui Audio Byte, Self Improvement on January 6, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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I’m wishing you a GOOD FRIDAY, and it’s only the first Friday of the year.
I pray this new years beginning yields you lots of good cheer.

I’m happy on today, because I’ve got my life, my health and strength.
I’m happy on today because I can duly afford the rent.

I’m happy today because my children are in good health too.
I’m happy today because I’m kicking it with you. Ooo!

And so — it is GOOD FRIDAY after all.
Get up quickly if you stumble and fall.

Be like Herman Cain and his resistant 999…
Walk about in bliss – like all is well & fine.
(even if its only in his –and your– sublime).

It isn’t EASTER time but anytime is a good time to have a GOOD FRIDAY,
I’m Qui
That blissfully happy she – encouraging you to make this one a HIGH DAY.

Qui Loves Ya!

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A diverse RANT

In Griot, News, Politics, TV Shows on October 12, 2011 at 2:54 pm

Boy oh! Boy oh! Herman Cain is riding the polls
#Occupy protestors keep “the streets” on swoll,
and hyping up Rick Perry has alas run cold.

Politics is fun and so I’m keeping up,
BoFA still wants 5 – and I ain’t got enough.
Cain’s 999 plan is sketchy, raw & rough,
and Dylan McDermott looks good in the buff.

You haven’t seen FX‘s American Horror Story?
The old PRACTICE legal – sports his birthday glory.
Glued to the tube I pretend he’s doing it just for me. lol.:)

The Young & The Restless is constantly new
Sophia’s bun in the oven is finally due
The daddy’s are pending – a choice between two.

She slept with two brothers, (what a scandalous appeal).
The father is either Malcolm Winters or his big brother Neil.
A classic remake of Lily’s scripted life — fiction real.
I love those soaps with the gritty LAVA feel.

Nothing is as dirty or filthy as how Wall Street plays it
We need a soap opera to parallel how they lay it.
I’d like to work on the writing team that will script the “say it”.

I’d be open and honest – holding no punches with me.
I’d be more blunt that NJ’s Chris Christie,
and more addictive than those donuts made by Kreme Krispy.

Boy oh! Boy oh!
I’m enjoying the surge in ‘the price of gold’,
because I’ve got jewelry to sell – truth be told,
and mortgage rates are pleasantly on the low.

I feel good about it yo! I feel good about the day!
I’m Qui
On a diverse rant – A Griotted Soap Box “SAY”.