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Closet Cases - Hosted by LLOYD BOSTON

HGTV has an awesome show called “CLOSET CASES” hosted by LLOYD BOSTON and it has nothing to with your sexual preference, however it has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR PRESENCE – period. Ladies Love Lloyd would be the perfect name for him if he were a rapper. lol! Lloyds specialty is ‘getting your wardrobe RIGHT. If your outward style screams exile — you might need LLOYD. lol.

I know I need Lloyd. I was watching Closet Cases this morning and saw him trash a dress that his subject had in her closet…it looked alot like my old prom dress – that I still have in my closet. Mind you I can’t wear it but the subject was currently utilizing hers in wardrobe rotation, (when the occasion called for). What “occassion” calls for a retro prom dress? All the same…my wardrobe is dusty and I’m not in denial. In fact I’m eager to shop and move forward. So I’m watching Lloyd do his thing and this brother has a lot of panache. I like his style, relative approach and delivery. I like his subtle but obvious way of cracking on bad taste with his eyes and facial expressions – clearly not needing to say a word.

Oprah already knows him. Sure! O has a thing for style.
Oh yes I did my research & they go back quite a while.

Ooo Child!
I’m shame to admit I’ve been so negligent.

I’m close to wearing skins, leaf shoes and accessories made of bone.
A fashionable slump is an easy come up, when life is good and you work from home.
Ahhhh. The Pro’s and Con’s of a Web Mastering Don. lol!
(I believe poor fashion was on the list — it should be)

I really don’t put a whole lot into shopping labels at big mall chain stores
I’m one that likes to just be me – if it’s comfy & protects me from the elements: I SCORE!

According to Lloyd (& A Tribe Called Quest): I shall not be so bland @ any point in time.
Thus I will clean out my closet, utilize a nice wallet and update my fashionable shine.
j/k Wishes are often verbalized through a writers (writst’ly) sublime… 😉

In the meantime I’ll be watching Lloyd instructing me on how to be visually pleasant,
I’m Qui
Diggin’ the view of HGTV — I guess my idea of comfort went out with the peasants. lol!