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dope-bday-qui-2016What is it?
Is it a feeling, is it a drug?
Is it addictable, like my )))HUGS(((?

These shoulders shrug, I think it’s an emotion.
I feel dope when I meditate; when I give praise in devotion.

I feel dope when you feel me. I love to connect.
Sometimes dope is vindication after being unjustly vexed.

Dope is your DNA. Look at your hair, skin and nails.
Stay healthy, be fit, shoot “antagony” to hell.

Dope is that good feeling, you want to inhale
when the Doc comes back and says your diagnostic is swell.

I’m on a HIGH. I stay high. I live for the life of it — with no choke.
I’m unlimited in my charted quests; I don’t scare easy. It’s DOPE to VOTE!

There’s always hope in my mind and there’s always room to grow.
Dope is ditching negativity and sticking with those who meet your lobes.

This method is effective MORE than the strongest smoke.
I dig the “intellectual relate” – I give and receive; No choke.

I don’t cough either– I say what I mean,
I’m Qui
and this is a HIGH DAY for me. DOPE is all about me.
Oooo Weee!

If you see me in the streets
throw a shout-out to me.
and that is

H A P P Y with LIFE

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H A P P Y with LIFE! I am just so.
What provoked this feeling?
–I really don’t know.

It’s not the state of the economy or congress at all.
Still LIFE and I are having a ball.

I feel like a teenager at the mall
with my daddy’s black card in tow.
I feel like DaDa on front street — I’m putting on a show.
Making shiny 10’s look like 20’s.
lol! You know? 🙂

I’m so H A P P Y with LIFE — and CNN does not fit into the picture this time.
In fact one could say (in an honest way) that “the lack of” is behind my shine.

I gave up on the news. I’ve given up on the political pundit sayers.
I’ve given up on bureaucracy and all of it’s colorful players.

I’ve freed my hair of any oily and slimy residue
regarding “the country’s bail out that almost didn’t go through“.

I let it go. I didn’t need another woah and life is only what you make it.
I’ll have no man rearrange my plan – then I step up and take it
with a melancholy smile – trying to bear and fake it.

Instead, I awake daily to make tiny additions to my big picture dream,
Authoring each move that I make and always clear in what I mean.

It’s working y’all.
I’m having a ball.

I’m happy, I’m happy. I’m dancing a jig.
Kind of like the one that COOL JOE once did.
I’m dancing a jig.

The weekend is here – I’m absolutely in full swing
and I’m definitely on a HIGH… if you know what I mean.

I’m happy. I’m happy y’all. I’m H A P P Y with LIFE,
I’m Qui
Life is short
and there’s little time for strife.

Dance with me. Let us be happy together.
Let’s celebrate LIFE and forget this hell’ish weather. lol!
It’s 36 days of triple digit heat in Texas right now.
I’m happy! I’m happy! I’m going to dance it out anyhow.
Kisses and Ciao!

Turned on lately

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Turned on by life: Peoples perspectives and artistic passions;
80% proof vodkas, high end cameras and women fashions.

I’m on a mad dash and I’m persuing my purposeful grind.
Turned on often by those I meet that parallel me @ mind.
Muah! What an intriguing and treasure-full find.

I’m especially turned on when working – because I like “getting the shot”.
I’m happy with what my reflection reveals. I’m happy with what I’ve got.

I’m turned on by the dawn of a new day. I awake in the dark with bright eyes.
I then put my 10 toes on the stationery floor for a lil’ cardio exercise.
For it is from the zest of life that I reap my highs.

Lately I’ve been turned on by a couple of satellite scripted hues;
I’m heterosexual all-day-long, yet turned on by Latifahs views.
What about you?

Surely you’ve been spectating Queen Latifahs latest baby?
I’m certainly enamored with the hot new show: SINGLE LADIES.

Turned on…Turned on.
The inside scoop remains my jones.
Single brothers have it going on
though I’m heavily bias to the casted feme zone.
so far the writers have not gone wrong.

Turned on lately I am — by my skill, my will and my drive.
I’m also guilty of flirting on the go & sparingly giving ‘the eye’.
Ms. Qui is not shy.

Just easily aroused when a WIN is in sight…

I’m high! I’m high – from all of the film production nigh,
I’m Qui
Turned on lately
by a variety spread of the spices of life.
Therefore I’m versatile in the shoot, direct, produce and write.

THANK YOU for dropping by.
TURNED ON duly am I.



I just feel like

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I don’t want to think about nothing
that doesn’t yield me a “feel good” rubbing.

Feeling good is my dope.

Life is my high…my party…my rave
I’ll acknowledge no opposing vibes today.

Regis Philbin announced that he’s retiring from his show
so he won’t have to acknowledge network stress no ‘mo.

That Daddy-o Regis knows what’s up.
I’ve got a rug for the two of us to!

Dance with me!

I ain’t gone let what’s going on in Haiti make me ‘a concerned sport’.
Today I could care less that Baby Doc’ will have his day in court.

I’m being honest with you – I don’t care for much no ‘mo
Not even the rumor that more kids are wanted by J-LO.
Un-un. No sir, I don’t care no ‘mo. lol! 🙂
[this is turning into a side NEWS PERUSE sco‘]

Today I’m winning — and I’m happy about the fact.
I’m Qui
JAMMING IT OUT! – getting my carefree back.
Have you any glow sticks for me?

Animated Dance Electronica Girl

Should I Smoke Dope?

In Griot, News, TV Shows on June 27, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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Have you seen this BBC Special Documentary “SHOULD I SMOKE DOPE“? Journalist Nicky Taylor investigates a growing debate on the legalization of marijuana. She visits a coffee shop in Amsterdam that sells the drug legally and participates in the month long medical trial to find out its impact on a person’s mental state.

The verge splurge experiment was a month long gig
Nicky went to Amsterdam and got highyes she did. 🙂

She smoked so much dope and the array of bud was truly amazing.
The king hassan (mild) vs the Monica (strong/happy) “hash test” was crazy.

The mild hash made her mouth dry, but was comparable to glass of light wine
The stronger happier hash made her giddy and friendly with an uninhibited kind of shine.

Talk about a hard days work – Thank Goodness it wasn’t me
I do believe I’d still be in Amsterdam to this very day — ooo wee.

Research should not be rushed. I like to take my time in all I do…
Then again too much weed, will considerably slow you down.Ooooo.

I’m certainly a mover and a shaker – I don’t like to sit on my ash,
The last thing I need, (with the schedule I keep) is to NOT BE moving fast.

Once Nicky’s HIGH came down and she returned to her residential home
She concluded that being zooted for that long isn’t good for the dome.

I agree with the journalistic she – but is it so bad on an occassion?
I’m Qui
and I thought the hands on research was truly amazin’. 😉