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Tuesday Muse Day

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wake-upClick here to hear Rt Pt Arrow Qui AUDIO

That’s not an apple and I’m not Newton, but I’m up and at it.
Where’s the ball that is the days sum? I’m ready bat it.

The weekend was long and alas, I am refreshed indeed.
I did a lot of show watching and inhaled many script reads.

It’s a literary’s deed and I enjoy the route.
What is your weeks purposeful composition about?

Do tell, I pray of thee.
Me? I’m up to peruse manuscript reads.

They don’t stop.
Writing is essential, like Hip Hop.

You knew I was going to say that. Didn’t you?
I jam to a beat used more than concrete;
Griot renders yesterday “anew.”

Let’s you and I: top score it.
Opportunity is at hand? Let’s go for it.

Are you ready? It’s Day 2.
I’ve got my pen, what’chu want to do?

Do it and I will chronicle the resonation for current surface.
Legacy is to be recorded; how you utilize your purpose.

Do it. Today is the perfect Muse Day.
Monday came and went; welcome dear Tuesday.

Let work and play be our ruling force.
You can’t get to the party if you don’t have a horse.

Which one is your horse? Which skill do you posses in spades?
I’m Qui
a word-witty she and Tuesday is my Muse Day.

Purposeful excite is expressed through my writes.
I’m excited to write about you, shining your light.

This day is about me and you,
let’s use the exponential 2.


The number 5 is all the way live… especially with an exponent.

Gimme Some

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Give me some, because this -ish is all the way live.
I’ll take the full report and Five on the Black Hand Side:

Are you down to ride? Yesterday’s CD ROM was hot.
Mueller’s report is a bulky sport and it don’t stop.

Sounds like lyrics made for Hip Hop. Feels like we’re experiencing a growth spurt;
though after the report was made public it’s likely the CIC’s stomach hurt.

The heat is up and is duly on the back of some folks neck.
The Mueller report is alive; the administration is wrecked.

There were a bunch of Oh’s pointing to an X; lets just call the x variable Defendant One.
Gimme Some when the gander is done – I’m off to have a weekend of yum!

Bummed is what the news out of Washington, DC had been of late;
things started to shake last night and tomorrow is 420 Day.
Hip-hip hooray!

Exhale long.
Let your hair down; let nothing be wrong.

Drop the stress as common unity increases.
Tell your stressed out comrade to not to fall to pieces:


Today feels like it’s going to produce words that should be composed into a song.
Kinfolk, I’m just happy and pray that we can all prosper and get along.

I prayed that for yesterday, today and I’ve already prayed it for tomorrow.
I really hope the light is truly in view and behind us is the bulk of sorrow.

New Peruse? “Whatchu’ talkin’ about  Willis?” I ain’t been in the mood.
It’s hard on a Griot to keep singing the blues about a variable fool.

Lord help us all. Let us approach this day expecting a little fun.
I’m Qui
Dropping by to love on thee and to reciprocation I say, “Gimme Some.


Live LYTE – #Always

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mc-lyte-keep-on-keepin-onLana Michelle Moorer was not giving chase to Jesus Christ when she said, “I am the light! The L-Y-T-E,” she was making good music. It was still the early days of HIP HOP in the late 80’s and the music was full of message.

There were no ‘hoes to superman‘ and there was no one requesting anyone to ‘eat the booty like groceries.’ No – none of that. Those examples would be of: rap minus meaning not hip hop. And there’s nothing detrimentally wrong with message-less music, especially in a dance hall setting. One of my favorite places to dance hall is in Jamaica and the music is always banging as are the actions of the dancers on the floor with me. There’s unison hand clapping and hip jerking. I love it, but to be honest, I never understand the words of the songs because the Jamaican accent is authentically thick. So just the fact that I dig Jamaican dance hall music, goes to show that perhaps you don’t have to know all of the words  to jam a song, burn loads of calories and have fun. However, if the song is to last and be legacy worthy – it better have some type of message or you can bet soon it will be literally forgotten.

Lana Moorer was 16 when she entered the game, she had something to say and just a few months ago she was on the air saying something to HOT 97 about life and game longevity. If you’ve been living in the dark without the luminescence of LYTE, you really want to catch this:


Viva la LYTE!!!

light-bulb dividerlight-bulb dividerlight-bulb-short-divider

When I think about yesterday and how todays music meets,
I think about Hip Hop and the way they used to handle beefs.

It was all about the message – it was all about the words.
It was all about wisdom, like BLACKSTAR. Have you heard?

Life is short, no time to live in darkness.
Everything ain’t for you – some circumstances are heartless.

Life regenerates and needs the help of LIGHT to photosynthesize.
Music is good without words but MESSAGE elevates the rise.

Imagine that.
It’s the way of the Black.

A lyrical and intellectual snack.
MC Lyte has #ALWAYS been about that.

Life can be heavy – pick and choose your verbs,
I’m Qui
Living LYTE
on lyrics. Didn’t know? Now you’ve heard.

Obliging TBC – The Blank Channel

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TBC-The-Blank-ChannelThe television has been on, but I haven’t really been watching
Work is on my desk and the demand to produce isn’t stopping.

I’m good – in fact I love it, but I did want to mention, yo!
Trumps press conference clips are quite the comics quip – I saw the highlights on Morning Joe.

Surely you saw the displays of Trump last night and messy folk were fed.
I wanted to watch LHHA reunion, but fell for the ‘affair drop’ of Marco and Jeb.

Well Trump mentioned those two were ‘hugging and kissing.’
Comparing them to Christie and President O –  during Sandy’s “camaraderie digging.”

Trumps brashness is reeling but I really wasn’t trying to watch,
still the insults kept coming, the quips were cunning – it’s like he can’t stop.
Trump is acting like Hip Hop –-
“here’s another one… and it don’t stop!”


Diddy should be getting a check from the way Trump is jamming to his own beats.
Conservatives think he’s more of a win than sink – I think he’s all hot air and heat.

But entertaining television is fair – it has kept me from thinking about my empty home,
My youngest child is off to college and now the doting mommy is all-alone.

To all who have had a home full of kids and the last one is moving away,
I have it on good authority that the sadness is temporary and will not stay.

I’m far from depressed, it has only been 2-days and yo!
I’ve got to be honest when I say I’m entertained by Trumps jokes.
He’s dealing ‘em to the throat.

So I’m going to keep Morning Joe in my morning line up just to see who’s on deck.
I can’t believe a loud mouth tyrant is whom republicans want to LEAD US next.

The president can’t be rude to keep press conferences in check.
Donald gave a head nod and a muscle crossed the stage to flex.

dosxx-on-donald-trumpHe crossed Trumps podium in route to silence questions about the border.
Trump was highly dismissive of Jorge — he’s a renowned UNIVISION reporter.

If you don’t like what someone is saying you can’t have a bouncer kick them out.
FREE SPEECH is the first amendment and Obama didn’t kick Joe Wilson out!

If you want rude and brash – then don’t be whiney and pissy,
Go for the BIG GUY the OG rude politician Chris Christie.

At least he has experience in governing a state.
Trump is a rude player who plays only to get his way.
This isn’t a reality show – this is the USA.
My word and I do say…

Anyway I am duly entertained and I wouldn’t mind giving Trump a fist bump,
I’m Qui
And if it weren’t for he this day would be a pretty comic-less hump.

Pay Attention.

STRAIGHT OUTTA my life and onto the REEL screen…

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2015-funky-town-quiI literally lived through the NWA era. By the time my high school senior year [1989] rolled around NWA was all that K104.5 FM radio [Dallas/Fort Worth] would play during the noon day lunch and evening hours. And yes – the police were mad. It was a fierce era.

About Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dre, MC Wren, DOC, what was born, what they had to say and what they meant was laid out. It was fantastic and the movie production was spot on. Of course Dre and Ice Cube produced the joint and the authenticity of the article is transparent. I laughed, I cried, I put my hands up in the air – yes, I was jamming – it was real. I was fortunate to be catching a matinée run in the most amazing theater that included an automatic leather recliner for each guest and enough arm room on both sides to hold a plate and a glass of chardonnay. They didn’t sell Chardonnay, but I did have the nacho combo – it included a 52oz drink. I tipped out 3 times to the ladies room. Do not get the 52oz and drink unconsciously in the dark. Fortunately for me I remember the details of the era like yesterday so tip toeing out 3 times during quickening discussions was not to the detriment of my full experience.

I did learn a lot more about ICE CUBE than I knew in detail. I always knew Cube was the writer. I always loved that about him, but while we were living the era and O’Shea became an actor, series and film producer – I was both surprised and delighted. However, to see the details in the film surrounding how he ‘rose to those challenges’ was piece fitting and even bolder than I had ever imagined.  After seeing him face  and ultimately trample over Jerry, (their former manager) – I was again impressed with his vision and strength at such a young age. The historical layers that make up his character today is mad attractive. I’m looking at his dome piece again and I’m literally smiling.

What can I say about DR. DRE? Wow. This brother, right here! Been attractive and ain’t changing. I did, however hear a piece on MSNBC last night discussing Dre and domestic violence against a female VJ. The woman that brought this up was black and stated that she “wished this had been included in the film to shine a light on what happened and to show how Dre righted his wrongs and has evolved on domestic violence issues.” I knew nothing about that at all and the film did not reflect as much. The woman (on MSNBC) followed up with saying, ‘the omission of such information was clearly an artistic direction decision,’ and that she still enjoyed the film. So did I. Dre isn’t a business man without mistakes. I suppose in context, perhaps this unsavory bit of history 411 has the capacity to help Ray Rice and others who have slipped into the dark slope that domestic violence is. Dr. Dre certainly ‘rapped up’  any parallels between him and the sickness and has moved on to a much more gentle reflected life. No one is perfect and Dr. Dre is nonetheless brilliant still. God bless the VJ…

Eric “EAZY-E” Wright was a package of dynamite! My goodness did this film put the pieces together for me on his life. Eazy-E died of HIV and that little fact was a bomb shell when it hit the hip hop community. I should know, I was stunned where I stood (in real life) when he died.   I was floored the diagnosis was revealed. The film put a lot of stories into context for me; puzzled pieces that had long eluded me. Eazy was a money flipper. Eazy was a business man and now we know.

divider Abstract

I gathered it was unprotected sex that did Eazy-E in
but not a minute before he left us a blood-kin.

E stepped off where lil Eazy began and it’s history now.
The group was birthed and became a cash cow.

Management was dirty, like it often is.
I love Music Managers – but it is a dirty biz.

Ice Cube is a writing genius; he started as a kid.
He harbors no fear, with or with out peers – he’s the jiz!

I enjoyed the film to the -enth degree. I’m just a writer and this is my part,
I’m Qui
and I must say my emotions did sway when I saw TUPAC –  he was my heart.

The cast of male actors greatly resembled the real.
Go see STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON for your first-hand appeal.
It’s the REEL DEAL.

I-10 to see 88

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Friday morning I arose with spontaneity and rented an SUV then hit I-10 to see my 88-year old grand father.  About an hour and a half on the road and I look over the desert strip no-barrier median and see a large red truck, maybe a GMC, it was thick in body, flipped over on it’s side in opposite traffic, wheels still spinning. The traffic heading in the same eastward direction as the flipped-over truck, is desperately breaking and veering to avoid hitting the cars in front of them. I look back to the truck laying on its side and I see a man lying dead in the left hand lane on I-10 East just feet from the truck in the middle of the road. Someone pulled over and covered him with something from their car. We were in the middle of the desert, no exits or rests stops for mile. I was traveling west – in the opposite direction, I said a prayer and steadied the journey as several cars ahead of me pulled over to bear witness and assist.

We kept it moving.

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

4 hours later we are standing on Grand Daddy’s porch ringing the doorbell. He answered the door in fedora and ascot fashion. Shoes – sharp.  I was so underdressed in my sweats and bumble bee house shoes however, my bubbly spirit was fabulously on point.

We dined, we talked and stayed up after midnight.
Then we retreated to our bed quarters and slept real tight.

Early the next morning I arose before the sun came up
and dashed out of the house to fetch some donuts.

As each person woke up, I offered fresh donuts in the kitchen
and preceded to set my film camera up – because I was reel wishin.’

With my camera and mics in place on the utility table, TayLer Moore approaches me with inquiry, (TayLer was visiting my grandfather; he’s a member of FingaTip Productions, a neighboring music studio that is inspired by OG music). TayLer is 23, stands about 5’7, golden brown in his completion, a mildly ripped physique, a great set of eye brows and bright smile. He’s in love with hip hop…

Lo and behold, I filmed an interview
with TayLer aka Mundo F. Baby & The FTP crew.

The hip hop interview was impromptu and 88 was all in the background video bombing as he went for his second and third glazed donut. He also came up several times during the interview when we talked about musical inspiration. It turns out that my grandfather was one of the inspirations for FingaTip Productions (FTP) CEO, Mike Carter to get into the music business. Good music sparks creativity and my grandfather plays the piano and organ – both of which are in his home, in front of a large window for all to see & hear when passing by. He enthusiastically plays music that is highly reminiscent of his era. I often close my eyes and listen while imaging being thrown into an intimate jazz/blues bar scene from the early 1900’s. He plays by ear and forgets not a note. I filmed him in action. He’s quite a fascinating man.

He hears well, sees well, walks without a cane or assistance, takes NO MEDICATION, has great conversation and an awesome sense of humor. He’s 88.

The older we get our fragile body starts to break down…
I know that I am blessed to have my agile GrandDad around.

I shot historical footage with  my PANASONIC HVX on P2 cards and 2 other iPhones, (because I wanted b-roll footage). In total, I  shot about 53 minutes worth of reality action. I can’t wait to get it into Final Cut to edit. It was a good shoot.

We then hit 1-10 again on our way back to Chandler, A-Z
It was Dedric, Quoti, Tanner and me.

We saw no accidents and mastered a safe passage as well.
I hit I-10 to see 88, for a very brief spell.

No one lives forever, tho GrandDad makes it looks like ‘maybe.’
I’m Qui
A happy road trip  she, whose clearly, GrandDaddy’s baby.

Take nothing for granted in this fragile life
If you’ve got family living near – take a moment to drop by.

So I went to see the Doctor

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

It was Friday night and I was online researching “dancing”, in search of taking on a new physical activity. That’s when I came across DANCE DOCTORS in Gilbert, Arizona. I’m no dancer and the last time I took interest in a dance class was 1998. I joined a SWING DANCE CLASS and as fun as it was having my big behind thrown around the room by young men half my weight – I eventually forgot about our meetings and ended up forfeiting the benefits I could’ve reaped from the group.

So here we are 14 years later and I still have the bug. Surely Dance Doctors can help me conquer the crave via a ZUMBA class. Right? So I went for it. I sent them an email from their website and the instructor called me back within the hour.

The class only costs $7.00 for one hour of ZUMBA. I had $14 dollars on me and a 14 year old child riding shot gun. The class started at 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning – the kid and I showed up at 10:30. ‘Talk about anxious. Ten minutes later Stephanie, (the class instructor) shows up and promptly at 11 a.m. we were warming up our bodies preparing to be choreographed. Stephanie is young, hot and energetic – before we began I was praying for strength. lol!

We ZUMBA’d for 70 minutes non stop. No commercials – No pause button. There was also a student/instructor in the class named Debra. ‘Talk about Sexy. Between Stephanie and Debra I was trapped and resorted to dancing it out, trying to parallel their level of Zumba aerobic sexiness. Oh it was rough (the entry level of challenge), and when I looked up at the mirrored wall…I looked rough too. But guess what? I never stopped. I didn’t break. I didn’t sit out a dance. I went through the entire 70 minutes. Partly because I felt strongly about “If you want to look like Stephanie and Debra…45-55 minutes of dance will not cut it. WORK IT OUT QUI.” I was resilient. I came and I conquered. Of course I wore my body media arm band and once home I hooked it up to the MACBook Pro and saw that I burned 1000 calories. 1000 calories? Whoo Hoo! That is going to look great NOT going into my new pair of jeans. I left those calories with the Doctor – on the Dance room floor. I feel so sexy, so (on the road to being) sleek and so empowered today. Have you seen the doctor? I’ll see them again next Friday. Ay Caramba!

How are you shaping up for Spring? You know it’s around the corner…

Swing Dance, Salsa, Hip Hop or Rumba,
If you like to dance – go on & Try ZUMBA!

In the Mercedes with Fab

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Wood grain, black leather, and chrome — is standard inside of his mercedes ride. However it is the music and conversation that brands the moment:

Riding shot gun with Fab 5 Freddy down 5th Avenue and across town…
Reminds me that this brother gets around more than “BROWN“.

He plays the dopest joints and his conversation is always tight.
I’m usually keeping my composure while thinking, “this is the life”!

His a.m. route sounds like jazz and his evening route sounds like a party.
All that is missing is a venue, a top shelf bar and few pining shorties.
The ladies do love FabOooo Lordy.

Me too.
Not many can pull off all that he’s known to do.

Joint Preview:


December 2011

Click the pic.

So I’m thinking about my mentor in black;
Mercedes on stroll – jamming DaBrat.

Music marks the moment. Music always sets the tone.
And it’s always first class when you’re in the legends zone.

Yes! It’s grown music – yield yourself to it, kick back and relax your wig.
Because he’s branding the grown and sexy, I will duly jam it big! lol!

Take a swig of his vibe and jam the line up in stride,
I’m Qui
Reflecting on the ambiance that was thick in his mercedes ride.

Who are you riding with?

Jam the complete G-Shock Mix [44:44mins] by clicking here: F5F Joints


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FaceBook, WildStyle, Fab5Freddy & Charlie Ahearn

Whose FACE is in your social media BOOK? You do FACEBOOKdon’t you?

Sure you do. The place is filled with folks faces and status updates (many suited for personal diary pages), but overall it’s a recreational free fall of interesting faces in distant and near places. Facebook is perfect for getting “the message” out. Some posts may enlighten you while other posts may frighten you — am I right? I have a few family members that post anything that comes to mind, leaving the rest of the family feeling totally sure that NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE is ever on their mind and likewise we’re all wondering if they’d ever heard of the saying:

“It is better to be thought a fool – than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

Then there are those FACEBOOK’ers you can’t wait to hear from — for me, one of those V.I.P. persons would be Fab5Freddy. You know how I feel about the guy so I won’t go on and on about his ART FABULOUS’ity, but I will mention that had it not been for Mr. Brathwaite I would not have ever known of or personally met Charlie Ahearn. Charlie is a filmmaker and a REEL FaceBook delight. Charlie is also the WRITER/DIRECTOR of the historic (reasoning behind hip hop & graffiti) film “WILD STYLE” . Please tell me that you’ve seen the film WILD STYLE? Let’s reminisce::

WILD STYLE is one of my favorite pieces of reel history so imagine my excitement when Charlie Ahearn sent me a Facebook notification yesterday regarding the upcoming screening of “Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer & All City Short” and it read::

Back in the Days: REMIX

Part of BAMcinemaFest.

Thu, Jun 16—Sun, Jun 26, 2011

In conjunction with the world premiere of Charlie Ahearn’s documentary Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer and the June release of Jamel Shabazz’s latest book, Back in the Days: REMIX, published by powerHouse Books, BAMcinemaFest presents an exhibition of Shabazz’s photographs, some of which appear in the documentary.

Back in the Days documents the emerging hip-hop scene from 1980 to 1989—before it became what is today’s multi million-dollar multinational industry. Back in the days, gangs would battle not with guns, but by breakdancing. Back in the days, the streets—not corporate planning—set the standards for style. Back in the days, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, photographing everyday people hangin’ in Harlem, kickin’ it in Queens, and cold chillin’ in Brooklyn.

Jamel Shabazz has been documenting ‘urban life’ for over 30 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he picked up his first camera at the age of 15 and proceeded to record the world around him, drawing inspiration from the great James Van Der Zee, Gordon Parks, Robert Capa, Chester Higgins, and Eli Reed. He has published several monographs, including the bestselling photo documentary Back in the Days, and most recently, Seconds of My Life. Shabazz’s work has appeared in such publications as The Source, Vibe, Trace, British Elle, Jalouse, Dune, GQ, and French Vogue, as well as numerous group exhibitions.

Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer screens Sun, Jun 26 at 3:30pm and is followed by a book signing with Shabazz of his new book, Back in the Days: REMIX. Get tickets here.

— Natman Room

Nothing gets me going quicker than film spectating @ independent film productions. Unfortunately for me, I’m in TX and the event is going down in THE BIG APPLE, but that doesn’t restrict me from living vicariously through the writes, the research, or the historical insight that the film is sure to yield me. History tells me that Fab & Charlie do nothing for naught. I’m certain to hunt Shabazz’ new book & film down for purchase as soon as it’s available. Of course I already own an autographed copy of WILD STYLE. Next stop: Getting Jamel’s hancock on my show of support for his work, and getting his FACE in my BOOK.


I’m not much for random chatter out loud in a social forum,
I am much more for blogging and hogging my QE Magazine quorum.

I use FACEBOOK for its intended purposes indeed
to see whose talking straight & whose straight off the weed.

To see whose talking sense and whose talking dense.
FaceBook is the perfect outlet to vent — (at your global expense).

CNN is currently cruising FACEBOOK – incorporating “your thoughts” into “their views”.
CNN is also laughing at ignorance via FACEBOOK and doing so on LIVE NEWS…
and often times, the butt of the joke looks a lot like YOU.

Though there are a few diamonds in the pool that I relish each time they connect,
I’m Qui
to reside among Greats on social media sites, film screening events and everywhere else.

So what is your role in The BOOK of FACEs?
Are you airing your dirty laundry in social media places?

Of course not — that’s NOT YOUR FB status update on CNN is it?
I’d much rather see you star in a film that’s positive & independent.

SUPPORT:: The Film Screening of Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer & All City Short.

Click the link and be a positive sport:

Afrika Owes will soon “Cash In”

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Afrika Owes for thug life crimes???

And noshe didn’t win the lottery.

I learned of Afrika’s tale on BlackVoices & I was sobered. Naturally, I had to pass it on. It seems that RAP has birthed some pretty daunting realities for the kids that were raised on countless stories of “coming up in the hood – slanging dope for financial good”. Many took it to heart — and our countrys prisons are bursting at the seams with young African American adults who thought it was a good idea to: play thug.

Next to reside in the joint – Meet: AFRIKA OWES. It’s not a stage name nor is her story unique, but it sure is a huge and sad loss for a race of people to be losing IVY LEAGUE potentials to “the street game” that Jay Z has glorified and makes billions off of.

BlackVoices publishes the details in this scenario of adolescent hell:

Boyce Watkins, PhD recently spoke to a group of aspiring college students in a group called “Black Achievers.” He said, The group invited me to speak, because I talk regularly about the value of education as well as confronting the structural obstacles that make it difficult for our kids to find success.

One thing I brought to the table that the students and their parents might not have expected, though, is the need for us to confront the destructive elements of hip-hop culture, which teach our good kids that “keeping it real” is something that should be done at all costs, even when it causes them to lose their lives.

The reason I brought this issue to the forefront of the discussion was because of young women like Afrika Owes (pictured).

Afrika is a 17-year-old who was once headed to an Ivy League school, but rather than going to anyone’s university, she may be spending most of her adult life in prison.

Afrika was recently arrested for being part of a drug ring controlled by her boyfriend, who allegedly ran the operation from the penitentiary. “Head shots only,” he would reportedly tell her from behind bars as he detailed how he wanted people to be executed.

“She loves him,” a source said in court, “and she’s prepared to adjust her Ivy League dreams around him.”

According to police, Owes and her boyfriend were part of the 137th Street Crew, a gang in Harlem that is being charged with selling crack and other drugs in the community. They were not only charged with dealing drugs, but also with bringing in young women to carry their weapons for them. The men allegedly ran the drug operation from Rikers Island prison.

“She’s a good girl,” said Karen Owes. “This may be what’s happening right now, but we’re going to get through this …She’s well-liked and well-loved.”

Afrika is hardly the kind of young woman you’d expect to be involved in any kind of illegal activity. She’d won a poetry contest and a scholarship to Deerfield Academy, a prestigious prep-school with a tuition cost of $43,800 per year. She was also a vocal member of the school’s Black Student Coalition.

“She was a highly ambitious girl,” said prep school pal Lotanna Uzo. “Everybody knew who she was. Everybody liked her … always had a smile on her face.”

The indictment, which is 51 pages, presents Afrika in a Bonnie and Clyde role with her boyfriend, Jaquan “Jay Cash” Layne.

Crazy right? Read the remainder of Afrika’s story HERE.

We blamed Boo-Boo’s moma when he went to jail
for raising him in a ghetto, crime infested hood hell.

Who knew we’d be in jeopardy for negating a mention
to the parents of the Ivy league potential who’s now bound for prison?

I’d hate to shallowly think that RAP MUSIC influences all bad –
But is it not true that our society is responsible for glorifying fads?

HIP HOP is not a fad – though it does glorify the nightmare that urban radio is;
Airwaves fancy pushing gutter trash for palm greasing cash – but have no spins for Will.

Wise Hip Hop exists though not supporting it — is the going phenomina.
I know I speak the truth. Ask Mos Def, Jasiri X, Talib and Common.

Afrika Owes is no different from your cousin who was caught selling;
such aspirations pending
could’ve been winning –
though todays headlines are opposite telling.

Why is the thug life so compelling?
Why are Tupac & Biggie eternally resting?

What kind of game did they build – what kind of game did they help sell?
It is our fascination with “the high life” that is sending our children to an early hell.

I ask you — because Afrika Owes is indeed our futures truths,
I’m Qui

and that trash called radio rap – needs to be re-written or perhaps rebuked.

������� So…..what we ‘gone do�������