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Memorial Tutorial

In Communication, Griot, News on May 23, 2020 at 5:30 pm


The celebratory reason behind Memorial Day is pretty simple info:
The hype is about honoring soldiers who died in battle, so

Let’s do it big.
Had they not died, you may not have that wig.

Wig? Yes. It’s the applications that is your “status quo” life:
Your career, your home, cars, kids and your beautiful wife.

You know?
Things would look different if soldiers hadn’t died, yo.

Don’t even get me started on battles you weren’t even born to endure…
There are dates that chronicle monumental memories you ought to honor to your core.

There are soldiers who died for your very rights
to bear arms inside of the capitol building ; a constitutional plight.


Remember those who made it possible to reside in “the land of the free.”
This weekend focus on their contributions; the depth of their memories.

Tell your familiar youth historical stories; rack up some legacy love.
Throw in a mention of “the Creator;” tell them that someone’s watching above.

Let them know that they, nor yourself — are alone in life’s emotion of seas.
This Memorial Day do celebrate.  Your ancestors are guardians to thee.

And to all of the surviving warriors, who went out to battle and came home again,
you’re a national hero every where that you go; every American need ‘call you a friend.

O’ patriot to the end — I’m talking about me and my love for you,
I’m Qui
Happy Memorial Day, Soldier! Life would not be as great in the states without you.

Please accept this Griot Salute.
Appreciation across this nation?

We got you.

APPRECIATEis what we do.


Legendary Exits Re-visited

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Music, Networking, News, TV Shows on September 24, 2017 at 3:40 pm

Biggie & Tupac are still gone.
They left a gang of music & prophetic quotes to carry on.

Not just in one or two — but in many songs
Though in a  few we’ve got two that will explore some of the wrongs

that went along and may have co-facilitated the icons earthly exits;
Therefore WHO SHOT BIGGIE & TUPAC was destined to be broadcasted.

It’s going down on FOX and will be hosted by Soledad O’Brien and Ice-T.
I’m Qui
Rest assured this vibe will include recollects from  Fab5 during this re-examining of history.

Have a seat & tune in. We shall see…

Like Pompeii

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on November 17, 2011 at 11:16 pm

20111117-220253.jpgThe rise & the fall of ol’ Herman Cain
gives way to Newt & his poll numbers gain.

In second place – Mitt Romney religiously reigns;
Followed by the limp sexual harassments of Herman Cain.

All publicity isn’t good publicity & his once strong lead has gone astray.
Leaving me to think: he never wanted to be President anyway.

Not the way he’s behaved. Alas Newt is up to bat!
The new flavor in an old chamber of republican flats.

Splat! There’s plenty of egg to go around,
so Newt is on the rise like Pompeii –> to get down.

More scrutiny & closer looks – folks digging like there’s gold.
But Newt’s not concerned with that – he’s buying into “the polls “.

Drinking the cool aid?
Rule #1. You’re forbade.

Never get so caught up that you fail to see:
You’re the flavour of the month in the RNC.

The rise and the fall of so many –so quick,
And still no opportunity to “poll rise” for Mitt?
Ain’t that a glitch!

Pompeii was built therefore it could fall.
Ol’ Mitt’s party support hasn’t been built at all.

Michele Bachmann knows about the rise and fall of Pompeii.
She used to be the Republicans sweetheart and sunny ray.
Ahhhh back in the (not so distant) day.

Anyway for everything that goes up, it must come down.
At its due is: gas prices by the barrels and the pounds.

Or so I hope.
These gas prices ain’t no joke.

If they rise then they can fall & since Pompeii – ain’t too much changed,
I’m Qui
Watching history repeat itself – its latest victim: Mr. Herman Cain. lol!