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Oh, Happy Day!

In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on January 30, 2019 at 4:24 am

oh-happy-day_smiley-face.jpgI am one y sister this morning.
Yesterday was the last day that TMJ reigned at dawning.

I’ve researched more than my migraine could stand
with a laptop, 2 leads on and a tens unit in my hand.

A migraine lasted for more than a week; it wouldn’t let up.
Every day felt like a hangover; I was annoyed by every touch.

I was really in a bind and I’d really had enough.
Yesterday’s migraine reigned long and tough

until I learned how to properly stretch my muscles.
Smoothing my SCM, Masseter, and Suboccipitals was a tussle.

They were years tight.
I almost cried – I thought I might.

Okay, I did. WHAT? I’m just a girl
and TMJ doesn’t fit the frame of my happy-go-lucky world.

I massaged my muscles in between tens treatments and further learned
that if you don’t move the lead-pads every 20-minutes you could get burned.

Yep. I burned my shoulders a little bit —
but my muscles are more relaxed, so the process was hit.

Today I am grateful. Today I did pray
when I woke up and realized that I felt great!

Oh, Happy Day!

What about you? How’s your vantage view?
Is the family good? How about your hood?
I really missed vibing with you.

Please tell me that you haven’t been watching the news?
What’s the point? We, the people are the joint;
Not politicians.
Me & you.

So what’s up? What are we going to do?
Are you free for lunch? I’ve enough for two.

Let’s sit and make plans for tomorrow, quick.
Let’s be mindful of what we take in – bad ingredients make us sick.

So cut back on the news and read a newspaper.
Cut back on the flower if you can vapor.

Um, I thought you might want to know that too.
Of course when it comes to homeopathic stuff – I got you, Boo! 😛

Today I hump lightly in jest and in love.
Today I’m giving you and good health a big hug.


I’m so touchy-feely.
The human touch is oh so healing.

Hug me and I’ll hug your back – I’m up for a squeeze today.
I’m Qui
with no TMJ about me, singing  Oh, Happy Day!

Thank you for stopping my way.
I mean it, I love you, and have a fantastic day!

Sleep thief – after my teeth!

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, Self Improvement on May 25, 2015 at 8:28 am

the-teeth-grinderSound asleep, quiet, and way past the twilight
I’m awaken by the sound, “crash, boom, pound!” —
it duly disturbs the still of my night.

I see nothing at the opened slant of my heavy eye.
The noise wained quickly – was it a car passing by?

Drifting back off to sleep, I ride the dreams that carry
then I see flutters of yesterdays rutters — it’s ye old Tooth Fairy.

But she is a flickering and fleeting blur,
though as the night noises rile up, the tooth assaults occur.

At one point, I was in so much pain that I could not sleep,
I started to feel like George Washington and opt to lose my teeth.

Just take ’em Lord Jesus! 🙂

But I’m no adolescent, my gums aren’t reproducing but permanent and otherwise mellow.
The perpetrator, my late night invader is that rigid grinding fellow.

Do you know him? Go-getters peg him best
as that dude who loves to ride your enameled vibe during times of stress.

He doesn’t want your teeth, he just wants to make the sound
of your top and lower teeth, in a ridge-to-ridge beef
doing ‘the San Andreas ground.’

Not a Clipse brother but I’m grinding and I’m doing so at night.
I wear a guard brace, between the gapped space to lessen the damage of fight.

Most of the time I sleep soundly, but as late at once a month
I awake to noise from my face, the guard is caught up in the crunch.

It sounds like there’s a thief in the house though no one is disturbed but me.
In my deepest sleep, I’m trying to retreat to alert my he that there may be a thief.

I awake to find a deep slumbering he and a home that it quiet,
I also am aware that my guard is mangled but fair – having survived the bone riot.

My God the pain that follows and lingers for days
and interrupts my daily broadcast of encouraging sun rays.

This bloody grinding has become a monthly phase.
No fairy visit or financial raise,

there is no corrective measure for this cousin to TMJ.
So I try to sleep harder and forget not to put the guard in place.

Thief! Thief! I declare thief!
I’m grinding so loud that I’m loosing good sleep.

Thief! Thief! Of charges – I count two.
Lack of sleep and grinding is something I shouldn’t do.

The oral surgeon understands and he offers a suspension-like mouth guard,
looks like DuPont manufactures it, and it would absorb the grind – good Lord.

There is another option, but far from it whilst I roam,
Doc says they could break and reset the structure of my jaw bone.

You better get on from here. Ooo child,
Doc said, it may or may not ‘change my smile.’

Hm. That suspension guard is looking better, durable and strong,
Doc said it will yield me help and only costs 1149 bones.
Now I’m on a fundraising jones. lol! 🙂

Life is good. I laugh and live for the write,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday morning to thee – to grind less is my plight.

It get’s better and better with each ray of the suns light.
Let me get my homeopathic‘ness on. Knowledge for a pain-free life.
ISO the silver lining via binded herbal writes.