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Advice to Black Boys

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I’m a bit of a story teller, it’s what a GRIOT does. Thus I thought this next post would be an appropriate read for anyone who is curious about the things a young black male must know in order to survive in America — as told by a young father to his young son:

My only son turned five years old last week. He is a handsome, articulate, energetic, intelligent, fun-loving and gentle young man. He is the apple of my eye!

There’s only one problem; he is Black.
And as his father, I am challenged to do for him what generations of African American fathers have had to do for their sons for far too long in this country; I must inform him that because of his unique blend of gender and pigmentation, there are a different set of rules with which he must contend while growing up.

Nineteen years ago, on a frigid December night in Waco, Texas, what was intended to be a quick stop at the convenience store turned into a two-hour lesson on the racial history of America. A teenager, I was wearing a large jacket with a hood. As I readied myself to exit the car, my grandfather, with whom we were visiting for the holidays, proclaimed, “Take that hood off your head before you go in that store or they will blow your brains out!” Such sudden outbursts were uncharacteristic for my rather mild-mannered grandfather. I found his proclamation of the possibility of my abrupt and violent demise rather upsetting. And it was difficult for me to comprehend. I was simply going to buy some sodas, a rather non-hostile action in my opinion.

For what felt more like an eternity than two hours, my grandfather, grandmother, mother, and uncle awakened me to some troubling realities:

1) That my dark skin, then embracing a 5-foot-10-inch, 13-year-old frame, was a considerable threat for some people, and

2) that some people would not be patient enough to judge me based on the content of my character but rather would be fixated on the color of my skin, and that the color of my skin, viewed through the lens of their own prejudices, meant that I was the physical embodiment of their greatest fear (a big, Black man), fears reinforced daily by mass media. Ever since that fateful December night, I have lived life in full view of these realities.

Having added over five inches and one hundred pounds to that 13-year-old frame over the years, when riding in elevators, I have learned to give quick and easy smiles to disarm my fellow passengers and to ensure them that they are not in any imminent danger. I am mindful of my tone and the inflection of my voice when in conversation in mixed groups as I have learned that I am not afforded the same terms of conversation as others.
For if I slightly raise my voice, instead of describing me as passionate, some will label me an angry Black man.

Like countless generations of Black men, I have been followed in stores and stopped by police so many times without cause that I am pleasantly surprised when it does not happen.

Now, I, a latter generation Gen-Xer, must pass down to my post-Millennial son some of the rules of engagement for a Black man in this society:
1) If the police stop you make sure you stop in a well-lit area and don’t make any sudden moves. In fact, verbally broadcast your actions (i.e., Officer, I am now reaching into the glove compartment for my registration).
2) Always get the receipt after making a purchase, no matter how small, so no one can falsely accuse you of theft later.
3) It doesn’t matter if the white kids are doing it. Your punishment will always be much more severe if you are caught doing the same. This is also true for adulthood.

I must inform my son that even if he were blessed to graduate from an Ivy League law school with high honors, having served as the editor of that prestigious school’s law review, and go on to be elected the President of the United States of America, even then, some people will consider him to be unqualified for the job and question whether he is a “true” American on account of his Blackness.

I will tell him about James Byrd, Jr., the fake drug scandal of Dallas, the Tulia drug busts, and other contemporary instances of societal racism in our home State of Texas, even as previous generations of Black fathers have spoken to their sons of Emmett Till, the Tuskegee Experiment, and COINTELPRO.

And yes, I will tell him about Troy Anthony Davis. I will tell him that even in the face of compelling doubt surrounding his conviction, the cries of other nations, or the pleas of former U.S. Presidents and Nobel Laureates to spare his life, poison can be injected into his veins, for in the eyes of some, he is considered to be an animal that must be put down at all costs.

I will take part in this familiar, yet painful, ritual, for as the Apostle Paul articulated to his sons and daughters in the faith, I would not want my son to be “uninformed…about the troubles we [have] experienced” in this country (2 Corinthians 1:8).

Then I will tell my son, “Go and change the world!”

Like. 234..A Painful (Yet Familiar) Ritual
Michael W. Waters.Founder and Pastor, Joy Tabernacle A.M.E. Church,,
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Historical Future ART Mash

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Merging TIME into ART

Yep! That’s the best I can do to with the headline of this article: “Historical Future ART Mash”. For these are the words that roll off of my lips when I think of Fab 5 Freddy and his works.

Aside from being my mentor on a myriad of subjects, Fab5Freddy is a living legend documented in hundreds of art gallery databases including The Library of Congress. How proud am I of his accomplishments to our American, Pop, Hip Hop, and intellectual culture? 😀

Have you ever seen this man out of character or out-of-order? If you said “NO” – some would argue with you on that — and their immediate case in point would be Fab’s recent glitzy exhibition that appears to glorify violence (boxing) and sex (strippers on poles), [Crystal Punch Exhibition @ The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas]. However, it is clear that those who would make such an argument do not live in the real world. For sex, violence, water and love is what this country runs on. So please don’t insult my intelligence.😉

Click iMAGE to Enlarge

Do you watch THE BORGAIS? Do you watch the WORLD NEWS? Well consider Fab 5 Freddy to be guilty (once again) of Time capsuling albeit on cotton canvas’ & print.

Click IMAGE to Enlarge

The Huffington Post has a great photo line up about the same event. NETWORKING WORKS! I told ya’:
Click here to read the highlight feed @ ••► “ART in the Streets”: Bring Fire to MOCA.

Sharp, FAB 5 FREDDY and Futura in Los Angeles last week

ART NET Magazine also ran into Fab5 (at some point) during the week,
and gave literal props to the legends work in their piece on : “ART in The Street”.

Though one of my favorite pieces – written this time last week
was the one mentioning F5F’s expansive legacy – on HYPEBEAST.

You can catch Fab’s thoughts on “ART in the Streets” via youtube or vimeo.
Of course if you’re into “the audio thing” – peep KCRW & I AM RADIO.

If you’re wondering what the future will look like? Take a good look at today.
Yesterdays graffiti is alive and well in museum swells; human nature doesn’t sway.

Fab is a story teller capturing moments in time.
Fab got his famous mention for writing BLONDIE that line.

Look how he’s evolved – PURPOSE queries solved. He’s a vet @ what he’s doing.
I’ve always said, life is a lot like sex and Mr. Brathwaite is Fabulously screwing.

Ooo Wee I WORD PLAY with thee – but somehow you know that it’s true.
I’m Qui
GOOD FRIDAY to thee and by all means, make it a HAPPY EASTER too.

360 degrees of Cooper in Egypt

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Anderson C. receiving beads in 'The E'

Yep! 10 blows to the head
is what’s being said
has happened on the streets
to Anderson C. in ‘The E‘.

Who doesn’t love Andersons bravery! I dig him the most.
You can get the skinny on ‘how it went down’ on Huffington Post.

So I know what you’re thinking, “Who hit Cooper up side his nog?”
It was none other than the ol’ Pro-Mubarak Mob.
Goal figure. lol! 🙂

Don’t say what you would have done had it happened to you
Until you see the scores of mob angry dudes in the video view:

Anderson Cooper beaten up in Egypt Feb 2011 during Protest

God bless AC and the unity of the people in The E’,
I’m Qui
Glad to be in the USA
where there’s good ol’ democracy. [*wink]

The Economy’s LAME – Whose to BLAME?

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The way I see it is…The President IS NOT SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for our united understanding or our voting turn out/results. WE the people gather our own individual understandings (and/or relate to a party collective). WE the people vote based on our understandings (and/or party affiliation +/-). Based on the voting results casted by WE the people, a politician whose stand is reflective of what “the people” VOTED for – is then appointed into the position. The appointed official then takes the views of “the voting public” with him to represent them on Capitol Hill.

The President is like Congress’ Supervisor. Indeed he is “commander in chief”, “the president”, “the leader of the free world”, but he’s not a dictator. The voting voice weighs heavily with him. President Obama was voted in by: WE the people. He stands for the people and the good of the country. In fact, he ran on CHANGE (for the people in 2008), and vowed to get middle class America back on its feet. We celebrated the idea of someone “looking out for the common man”, rather than looking out for the rich, (like GW Bush did over the last decade).

The President must find it increasingly frustrating that WE the people VOTED him in to change things and then VOTED in a band of party opposers to hinder him from doing so.

How CONFUSED are WE the people?

That’s like getting into your new car and putting one foot on the gas and the other on the break then complaining that the car won’t go. WE voted the president in to work for us. WE voted for the party that will oppose him, (whats worst — some of us didn’t MID TERM VOTE @ all), and WE wonder WHY nothing is getting done.

SIMPLE, however, it makes no sense at all.

So The Economy is LAME — Whose to to BLAME?

WE the people
should be at the top of the steeple.

What kind of dung are WE on –
further weakening what’s left of the strong?

This reads like a bad TWILIGHT script:
Bella wants to be ‘vampire bitten’ AND ‘dog kissed’.
(what a CONFUSED little twit)

Do you want to move up & forward or continue to decline over time?
WE the people desperately need to be on one accord, the same vibe.

For UNITY we should strive – anything else is uncivilized.
Imagine how our home front looks in a foreign country’s eyes…

The Wiki Leaks debacle has been executed and is still breaking coveted ground.
The whole purpose of the classified leak is to bring America down.

WE the people are divided on how we collectively feel
today it is your choice – tomorrow we’ll pray Gods will.

You think times are bad now? Oh mole – be still.
Come up out of the dark & lets unite on ‘the hill‘.

The HUFFINGTON POST is good for disclosing
a lot of information WE should COLLECTIVELY be knowing.

A lot of folks aren’t interested in watching the media’s lows. Stand strong. Your position is hot.
So I hit the wires, with griot fire – to educate the News-Follower-NOT.
Magazine relations are the best tool I’ve got. 🙂

Entertaining, Informative and a whole lot bolder,
I’m Qui
and WE the people have put this LAME on our own shoulders.

Let’s shake it off.
Education & Unity is a better than fair cost.


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RALLYING from Texas

Whether it’s for education or gaining a knowledgeable lick
I dig rallying for good positive forces and of course for good politics.

Bill Folham said it best on the site of The Huffington Post
Voting for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY this midterm – will yield you the most.

Peep the HPost bullet points piece and Bills knowledge of relative facts.
He went so far as to list 10 REASONS WHY you should Vote & VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Every party has it’s political rhetoric. Every party is in search of a CONNECT.
Every party has an attentive and supportive group: I’m with Stewart vs. Glen Beck.

Oh what the heck – I’m for THE GOOD of the American people and our collective moving ahead.
We may live in different households in different states, but we’re all in the same lumpy bed.

Even the President seemed to be digging Saturdays Sanity Rally
He mentioned it here in this video to a select student body tally.
quite the winning touch in the trenches of educational ally…

HAPPINESS is another cause I get excited and jitted up to rally for–
so what on Earth has happened to my: “ARE WE THERE YET” score?

I’m excited for the relative TV series to start again.
It was a comical reflection of me and my kin.

I wish the DALLAS COWBOYS would have rallied for the cause and given their fans a good win.
The 2011 SUPERBOWL will be at the new stadium in Arlington, and the COWBOYS can’t even get in.
…to be so down – is a pride seekers sin.

The TEXAS RANGERS have the right idea and are rallying around a new begin.
New to the WORLD SERIES view – They’re on coarse to take a few wins.
I’d certainly love for them to win it all in the historical end.

The baseball game starts in an hour – please believe the countdown is on (with no pause),
I’m Qui
Pushing everything that is good – I can’t help RALLYING for THE CAUSE

Tonights finale BASEBALL SCORE was ‘Ranger Danger’ hollow.
San Francisco’s [4] to Texas’ zip [0] — was a horrible TRICK to swallow. lol! 🙂


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Meet CHIGOZIEN and NO — he’s not the old dude on the porch in the headline picture. Chig is a friend of mine (we actually met online) and he’s written a remarkable short film (that I love) and couldn’t resist sharing with you: The Shadows. It’s a modern spin on an old tale that was biblically told. It’s short, factual based and to the point in less than 30 minutes. This guy is hot! He’s wise and he’s on fire. Keep your eye on him. He’s destined for ‘the silver’ — screen that is.

Congrats! Congrats! To Nick & Mariah’s ‘new baby fat’. YEP! Mariah is preggers and I couldn’t be more happier for a more awesome couple. Their skills keep us grinning – so the baby’s DNA should be winning. Right? I wonder if lil Bobbi Christina could… um…is she showcasing any kind of talent yet? Well maybe dual star DNA doesn’t guarantee a talented forerunner, though Will and Jada Smith sure make it look easy. Don’t they?

So TUESDAY is the big day – let UNITY be invoked.
Tuesday is the big day you go out and MID TERM VOTE.
Are you still involved in the “political saga”?
Or were just playing when you voted for Obama.

Boast the latter— and I’m going to tell your great grandmama.
They went through hell for us to be involved in such political dramas.
This is not the time to be complacent and choke.

In fact

1. You don’t want a future of economic crashes and bubbles.
2. You want health insurance.
3. We cannot afford 2+ years of gridlock in Congress.
4. You want American education to get better.
5. You want the Internet to remain a free and level playing field.
6. You want leaders who aren’t afraid to pass unpopular legislation when necessary.
7. You hate the deficit.
8. You care about the earth.
9. You don’t want a future in which elections can be purchased by the highest bidder.

Let’s be honest. No politician can promise to make private companies hire again. Whenever we climb out of a recession, hiring new workers is always the last thing companies do, and we’re simply not there yet. So what can our government do in the meantime? When companies refused to hire new workers after the 1929 crash, FDR hired them himself, putting unemployed Americans to work building bridges and highways. It was a success. Between 1933 and 1940, he cut unemployment nearly in half. Today, the Democrats are the party fighting to devote more funds to repairing roads, rails, and runways, and modernizing our energy grid. Republicans complain that this will increase our debt, but that’s false in the long term. We can either deal with our infrastructure problems today or put them off until tomorrow. [–Bill Folman, Huffington Post]

Need I say more?
I’m Qui
on a HOT NEWS score.
Please believe I’ll be back with more after we ROCK THE MIDTERM VOTE!!!