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Why look at us, we made it to the weekend.
Here we are again, as stars in our universe; united kin.

We compose humanity; we are all only men.
The prefix “wo” is akin to your best-rib friend.

Remember our chronicled begin? I do love that bind.
He who chooses to chew on Proverbs will enjoy a fine dine.

Why eat Proverbs Rt Pt Arrow It’s always relevant, fulfilling and real.
It’s a light in the dark, a flint spark; a blueprint to our collective heal.

Hope has the mass appeal of a better feel and that is why we’re motivated to keeps trying,
I’m Qui
Communing with you is why I do what I do and that ain’t no lying.

Who are you and what are your intentions for the day?
• If you intend to make a positive impact, I suggest first ‘you pray.’


Give “im” the slip.


The Difference

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Let’s go over some things, let’s sew up last weeks dew.
We’re going to hit a couple of headlines – ok, maybe a few.

We found out Wilbur Ross didn’t cross his heart on not lying
or his little faux pas of being mega rich would have rendered him dying.

He isn’t dead. That whole over-inflated financial worth
was nothing more than the weight of gas per his overzealous girth.

Since then, he has re-iterated his million are far less thwarted.
Doing so calmed the DOJ’s brow — basically Wilbur farted.

Under pressure, he released the truth and now we know
he padded his finance bottom line to hype-up his hedge fund show.

What about Papadopolous? Was he administration fortified or just the skim?
I have no idea of his rhyme, reason or will. We’ve been seeing less of him.

What about this Russia thing? Perhaps it isn’t the headline of the mayhem flyer.
I mean, Frederica Wilson and I are still in the dark about what happened in Niger.

As it pertains to LaDavid Johnson and Myeshia, his lovely widow:
The FBI has yielded no investigation report, but the Washington Post did. Yo?

brotherly-love-he-aint-heavy.JPGWhat is that about? Furthermore what was periodically printed and duly read – – –
is that LaDavid was bound (hands in front) and shot in the back of the head.

Via newspaper reporting is how the Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson leanred of such.
LaDavid Johnson was a Sargent in the United States military. Where’s the brotherly love?

We’re just catching up. I wanted to make sure that you knew
that we’re keeping up with the headlines. Well at least a few.

Other than that, the day is anew and we are all charged to be positive chancers.
Let us go out in the name of humanity and administer love. It’s the total answer.

You are surrounded by politics and bad news, but politics and bad news are not you.
Stay abreast of nuclear news and divisive views then equivocally refuse.

Good energy is trying to surge in the face of mayhems dew,
I’m Qui
Moistened by the good in multiple hoods; that is the residual of me and you.

We are

the difference.

Beauty is in the heart of the expresser

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2015-flower-quiWhat’s in your heart and does it even matter?
It does indeed, so mind your feed via the contents of your chatter.

It is your right to be expressive – conversation is a take and a give
but your character will be shaped via your conversation and how you live.

It’s what humanity uses to measure: how you talk and how you walk.
If the two don’t measure up, your energy is generally side noted as ‘a squawk.’

Sharp are the eyes of the hawk and quick is the swim of the shark.
Predators live on fear but true leaders will thrive by heart.

Be smart and always see the good.
There’s beauty to be held in every neighborhood.

Do you see it? Appreciate it. Beauty is in our difference.
You don’t have to agree with me – just love me – after all we are kin.


Look at you and look at me, we have the same bones.
I see beauty in your existence – I’m on a “relative jones.”

It’s a huge wagon, come on and hop on! There’s more room than not.
I laugh, like you – I cry, like you. I need a hanky for my snot.

It’s about who you are and not what you’ve got.
It’s about your dome-piece being sexy and not your hair looking hot.

Beauty is in the heart of the expresser and I hope you see me now.
I’m about Humanity and Unity – any way and any how!

And POW! Via a griots lay I have revealed to you
what is in my heart. How I live; my truths.

My Aunts name is Ruth and on her I will not lie,
I’m Qui
Always expressive with thee. In your presence, beauty is nigh